Down Under - Otamatone

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Zonies Coasters : I have no experience with an instrument outside a recoder. Should I buy an otamatone?

flash : can we change the australian nation anthem to this please

IneptOrange : You have no idea how long i've waited for this one.

Sebastian Albiston : Interviewer: "So, why should I hire you?" SullyG: *Pulls out otamatone*

mikahz : you were a god before this video but now you have transcended god

Toast and Jam Films : Ah yes! The unofficial Australian national anthem!

MrJunkman137 : As an Australian I give this the seal of approval

Jacob Cacho : *The anatomy of the otamatone intrigues me* 😉

Zuzu : I like how the videos keeps getting clever and clever in every new one. It almost felt like there's a plot or a storyline behind it. *You should make a movie with otamatones with your genius. I'm serious lol.*

Willyboi!! : *\[T]/ Praise the sun! Lord Sully has blessed us again! \[T]/*

Mint : My ears have been blessed with this gift from God.

Jacob Cacho : *What exactly is under an otamatone?* 😏

Lochie Westfall Games : Sovietone pls, ussr anthem!

galactic jay : I have a genuine addiction to this song I swear

pacmanzap : Is that what he thinks a vegemite sandwich looks like?

Blatz : Oh my...I've found some original content!

Cooperation Is Key : I can *not* handle your videos, dude, they absolutely crack me up. Your covers are already topnotch, but the music videos truly take them to the next level. I got way too excited to see you even included the flute player in the tree!

Seth Begley : The otamatone: Easy to play, hard to master


Olpirt : and just as I was looking for music to do chores to ,,,,, it's destiny

Nick_Master_1246 : 1:15 *V E G E M I T E S A N D W I C H*

ryan xie : should have released this on Australia day

Květoslav Bastard : Beds are burning next please!

Treyg Webb : It's 1:00 A.M. and now i won't sleep cause I'll just be listening to this.

LokiTheCat : why isn’t the video upside down?

Zak Shepherd : Otamatones are 40 Australian dollars plus shipping fees... Interesting fact

fornaxian : Oh my word, I need an otamotone head plush doll they are freaking adorable!

mister : *down under in my pants* What an original joke

Spatangoida : these actually keep getting better and better as time goes on, and i fucking love it.

Kat Hisaw : I get so happy when I see an Octamatone in the thumbnail

RealMelodyHope : Otama Toast Crunch. Glorious. You and your amazing visual effects make me laugh every time. How much time do you put into a single video on average? They're stunning.

Choco-Coco : It's almost Australia day! Thanks so much <33

Bobby Johnzo : *God has joined the server*

David Crimmins III : YES

Bananamangopeach 978 : *this should of been realised on Australia Day*

Aksel The Danish : **Insert horribly painful joke about the meme**

Honey Stars : Is no on going to mention how perfectly he mimicked the music video?

Stella Ella : Content 👌

DonnieDoo : Always 1 in the morning not that I’m complaining

JUMPIS craft : Pumped up kicks

Meme Thief : Me- cant play anything The guy she told me not to worry about-

Hayden Zohn : What's that other instrument at the beginning of the video?

Hobbling Wobbit : He's evolving

Nicholas Brown : What are those tiny little dancing otamatone people at the end!? I need one!!!

Terrance Jet : All the silliness of a puppet show, all the fun of a music video, and all the weirdness of the internet. Beautiful.

Pretentious Elizabeth : I don't know whether I'm more impressed that you recreated the music with Otamatones, or whether you put in the effort to make the music video to accompany it.

TyloniumTV : Sexualizing an everything is beaten by sexualizing an Otamatone

Jacob : The Otamatone people at the end give me life

Tyler Sweet : Because of Sully, I bought an otamatone

skeet yeet : 0/10 didn't do the bottle part with the otamatone