My cat poops funny

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My cat Raven has a funny way of pooping with one leg up


Alex Rodriguez : I think I'm done with the internet tonight.

Carrionite : how the hell did you potty train a cat

Alfa147GTA : All my life i´ve been waiting for this video and now I can finally die in peace.

Wedge Wizard : how did you train it to poop that way?

Juan Victor Cabrera : what am i doing with my life

Kimmy Kim : now that's a trained cat.

johndoejoey : so the cat had its front paws in the toilet bowl, took a shit... and went over and wiped them with your jeans...

Stephanie Zamora : MY CAT NEEDS TO KNOW THIS

Alex Stearns : i gotta poop now

Maria Atabay : ok why I hate my life

Sarmagophilis : "How'd you spend your evening?" Watching a cat poop on youtube...

mom : LOL HOT

LiveWire Media : Haha that was funny, are you a kiwi too ?

Rico05 : I have a cat too. How did you train to her/him? (My cat is a girl)

G Hay : not that impressive, missed out wiping which is like the most technical part

The Silly Magoo : This is so cute and funny XD

Ersh Man : solid form

krillinisagod : The only thing that would've made this a 10/10 is if it flushed.

Tahreem : LOL @ the plops...she's so cute.

yo favv.trinnn : this is just tryflin😂😂

NAlwaa : What! She can't flush? Lol if only my cat was this independent and clean

RightWingKing : BEST CAT EVVAAA!!!

Amber Matthews : Play back numbers _1

internationalicon : Your cat is a genius; mine only learned to pee there.

CookieCst Cst : “GOOD GUUURL”

Rico05 : 😂😂 She/he is very funny 😂😂 (not sarkazm.)

Kareem Serhane : This is a beautiful piece of art 10/10

Jennifer Miller : #Alex Rodriguez you're right definitely enough internet tonight!!Leave a like for him

CallingHeartRecords : Amazing!!

Maxim Osipov : It's just a cat the cat can't wipe

J.D. Makaveli : lolololololol

Halo Productions : what is my life. I'm showing this to my mom.

Rikkicoll : Why can't my new puppy do that! Lol!

Averie Lucas : I wish my cats could do that no more doing the litter for me

greenleaftreefrog : I am truly impressed.

Icantdolife : My life is quite literally a hellish facade.

Cuồng Spideypool : 0:02 "I must check if the water is clean or not! I don't poop in dirty water!"

Seq ' : Damnit Rowan

Pink Soul : The apocolips is coming the cats are taking over !!!! It's gonna be awsome!!!!! They can clean up our poop instead !!!

Wolf Ella : I wish my cat can do that but she hates our next door naybour a lot soo she poops in his garden 😁. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in there

WojtekFigurniak : Nice, GJ!

walrusXadventures : i always wished my dog could do that but i think its kinda creepy now

Sean Mikhail : smart cat

Adriana Guerra : that is so cool!!! how did you train her to do that!??

LewisThe Gamer : That's amazing

idontcare gamer : My cat needs to know this because my cat poop everywhere. Everyday

Shelbi Devine : your cat is wered

jo lynn polley : Hilarious! 💩

Kevin Acevedo : Áaaaaaaa que gracia jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja