My cat poops funny

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Alex Rodriguez : I think I'm done with the internet tonight.

Carrionite : how the hell did you potty train a cat

Alfa147GTA : All my life i´ve been waiting for this video and now I can finally die in peace.

Juan Victor Cabrera : what am i doing with my life

Wedge Wizard : how did you train it to poop that way?

Sarmagophilis : "How'd you spend your evening?" Watching a cat poop on youtube...

huh, that's unusual : now that's a trained cat.

Alex Stearns : i gotta poop now

Stephanie Zamora : MY CAT NEEDS TO KNOW THIS

Maria Atabay : ok why I hate my life

Tahreem : LOL @ the plops...she's so cute.

mom : LOL HOT

unsightly ayy : poop

Javier Dardón : Hey!! That is totally amazing!! Could you please teach me how you made your cat do that? I would love it!!!

Elijazfraz Elsassafraz : How is this funny everybody poops

The Silly Magoo : This is so cute and funny XD

Sean Mikhail : smart cat

Yung Sinatra : The only thing that would've made this a 10/10 is if it flushed.

c0penhagenman : poooooop

Corey Jenkins : lol

Beba Rod : 🐱💩

Cuồng Spideypool : 0:02 "I must check if the water is clean or not! I don't poop in dirty water!"

kiel talaro : My cat needs to know this because my cat poop everywhere. Everyday

CookieCst Cst : “GOOD GUUURL”

Lera the Wolf : Sick !!!

TheHauntedRaven AJ : Im on the wrong side of Youtube again,

Rico05 : I have a cat too. How did you train to her/him? (My cat is a girl)

Noah Nazir : Weird disgusting but so cute but still disgusting you didn’t have to post something so disgusting but I am still sharing it with my friends I know I have mixed feeling about this video

Александра Васильева : Я тоже хочу, чтоб моя кошка гадила в унитаз... но, у нас всё по-старинке... Кошачий латок.

Amber Matthews : Play back numbers _1

Wolf Ella : I wish my cat can do that but she hates our next door naybour a lot soo she poops in his garden 😁. Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in there

Leman Russ : the only example of a cat that is acceptably better than a dog. but most dogs are still superior to cats. most..

Trevor Newton : How do u train a animule to poop in a toilet prufe that cats are smarter than w

Isabella Soto : MY EYESSSSSSSS O_O 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

Gunter I love you so much pungenc May : My cat does that to but in the kitteylitter

TehJMastuh : Nice to know that cat was properly potty trained like a human!

artemisjackson1 : Poop 🐈🐈🐈 cat!!!

Noah Nazir : 🐈 💩

Pink Soul : The apocolips is coming the cats are taking over !!!! It's gonna be awsome!!!!! They can clean up our poop instead !!!

Averie Lucas : I wish my cats could do that no more doing the litter for me

Fartonaut : This crap is hilarious! *Badum tssssssssssssss... Cricket cricket cricket*

Corktail : went to part of internet where it shows a cat shitting

tanya bowe : At least you don't have to buy cat litter lol

Kade Matthees : What ????????????????????????????????????????????????

Unknown User : You b saving a lot money on litter

котя Grey : зачем показывать кашачее гавно

Sky ._. : this video ,ad me have to poop.......why did I post this

Jazmin Peters : Poopy nipple butthole xander

Tairyn Lowenberg : And I ended on this part of YouTube AGAIN

Thomas Bertelsen : Good cat.