The Smallest Bird you have ever seen

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Katie Luzadder : I feel like I just watched a Pixar movie.

E Wood : I can relate to that bird. About every ten minutes I’m searching the kitchen for something to shove in my gob!! I too have a face only a mother could love. ❤️ Awesome video.

Bree jordan : The music in this is enthralling

Veru Veru : Welcome to the crule world

Momonja : ᵇᶦʳᵇ

Messiah Black : I think this was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen..

Niko Lee : Hey!! Who's cutting onions😭

EVOLIAR 67 : What an amazing story! I would be horrified! Every time you took the top off of his makeshift baby bed I held my breath lol. I loved your video! You’ve done a remarkable job! Thank you so much for sharing!

The ClockWork Dungeoneer : Never say sorry to mosquitoes

pimp productions : I wish I had a father to take care of me like that

Daniel Gonzalez : How's your chicken doing? And Albert? :)

Hypnotic Poison : Wow, this story is so touching! It's so beautiful that you took the time and tried to keep the little bird safe and always fed,the extent to which you took this situation is remarkable and I think not many people would have succeeded in this like you did.Thank you for saving this little cutie pie and thank God people like you exist on Earth. ❤

jayant kumar sharma : Well done bro i think you worked hard to get this salute for your kind work.

Deepika Baroi : waooo..... very heart touching

THE INDIAN GIRL : how hard it must be to set it free ,after so many attachment and emotional days

TheDangerWolf : A smol birb

Real Echo : I think it's a eagle

INDIAN VINES SUJAL.S.SHARMA VINES : Super story of a little bird. Thanks for taking care if i was there i was not sure to keep it up or just live it as it is.

Mallika Mondol : I feel like I just watched a Pixar movie

Lynne Lipovsek : So kind but needed some soft stuff under it to keep cozy and stable , but ty so much for sharing !

Nati Whatever : Awww such a cutie. You saved a little Wren, he's one of the strictly protected species here in Germany, because their habitats of little backyards are dissappearing. In German they're literally called Fence-kings. :)

Peenut Cuber : He growed a heckin small birb

Kenny Johnson : great story at 3am

Rail : and then he died after 1 day outside, great.

Niraj Jha : U r doing really good work

UnPhayzable : Good thing roses have lice

Help in Tamil : wow.... hats for for the care & love U've showed to such a tiny life.......👍👏👏👍

roseann rose : Great work

Okikola 11 : This is so beautiful to me for some reason. Is there more of this? I do feel like I've just watched a Pixar movie. 😂 You really are an amazing person.

rukhsar Shaikh : Oh so difficult to leave any loving memories because we are bonded with sweet memories🌷🌷

1M view : Good job man you are great father🙏🙏

TheMightyAlex Vlogs : Who ever disliked should be ashamed

Black Kitty : 😍🐦😍😍😍❤

Josue Gil : I found this but thought it was a rock so i smashed it and then saw the yolk and felt bad

Diana Castro : I am left in tears of joy and hope for that bird😊😄

shaden zein : God bless your kindness man❤️

Smruti Ranjan Nayak : U really great yr I like

Guerrera de Cristo : Ke belleza de historia me conmovió hasta las lágrimas de ver cómo es mi Dios tan grande y maravilloso..❤

Denae painter : omg that is the cutest thing I have ever seen and i liked and subscribed and click the bell that was so nice to take care of that little biddy👏🙌👏🙌👏😘😘😂😂💩🐣🐦

Végéta Nos : Its like a chicken nugget

Homo Sapien : Real life hero

TamexStrange : That baby bird looks like my grandpa. Bald and desperately looking for food after a nap

Omkar Ratwadkar : bro you are such a good person .... i love your work....

Varun Verma : I feel like I just watched a 🐦

SquawkImABird : Oh I thought your balls were dropping :b

palemoonlight96 : Nature is wonderful, he immediately learned and associated the whistling of the human with the food that would come and opened his tiny mouth, so intelligent! ❤️ thanks for treating him so right<3

RocketPooch : 'Thank God the roses have lice' XD quote of 2018

Dogs are best Love animals : But other egg

kate love : Aawww so cute

Rolling Roxanne. : A Chick Called Albert who turned into A Flamingo Called Albert