The Smallest Bird you have ever seen

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Property of Mysterion : That bird will never forget you! :3

Frog : I felt like I was watching a movie, this was one of the most entertaining and heartwarming videos I've ever seen, you are truly amazing, keep up the good work

Fire line Fishing : God bless you

alex ricky : bless you. you are a real human


Beginner Life : Awesome video & you are good, carry on 😊👏 guys, welcome to my DIY channel 💗

John Nash : It has more hair than I have on my head

Rafie gaming : Did he says MAMA MAMA ??

Алтын Жумагалиева : Классс

kitty20678 : He is sooo cute You have given me faith in humanity again

Nara V. : Letting it go would have been one of the most bittersweet moments of my life

Lucy Duering : it was really cute my heart melted when I saw it

Art girl Any world : It’s so tiny and cute

Angela : you saved a life may god bless you and keep doing such wonderful work

Michele Zarate : When ur sooo hungry you can’t go ten minutes without food

Kayla Brede : Bless you 💖

Chrislynn Ross : I love birds so I cried when you said that it wasn't responding when you tried to feed it. And then I started smiling when I found out the little birdie was ok. Gosh I love birds. ☺️🌸I wish I could've held a tiny bird like that.

Лематра-Ямо : Очень трогательно, спасибо! :-)

JACK GAMES : Esse foi o vídeo mais fofo do mundo # a.d.r

Maya Medrano : I found a nest like that in my back yard saw three eggs then my cousin cracked them😱😔😞

wtfwc : Amazing thanks for the being an an awesome human. !

renjith sari : God bless you

irmelin dinesen : I Always get so emotional watching your videos, you are a lifesaver! I hope I can be like you one day❤

Frank es : i love you videos but wheres albert?

itzbebop : my god that is the ugliest scariest cutest most adorable thing i've ever seen in my life......God Bless your Soul Sir.

dat calculation tho : Good job, really!

SunflowerTheBunBunBunny : Even smaller than a king quail chick! Congratulations :)

Tattletail CZ a Mama CZ : So cute

Miška_Greenday 21 : What kind of bird is it? So cute!!!☺♥

adam gates : Ur so nice

Porsche LK -Horses -Comedy -Vloging & More : OOOH my goodness!!!! how SWEET! I have a video where a bird flew into my daughters window and knocked itself out and we did what we could to revive him. He did recover and flew away. You can see if on my channel if you want. Great video thank you :)

Yah Squad : So cute

master crafts : Amazing🌝

Vaishnavi N Yerunkar : Oo So cute I wanna one of this

Emily C123 : well done i am so happy that you saved it but what happened to the other little egg ohh no

Nathen Kawaii : This makes me smile 😍😍 love videos like this..

Toto 562 : This story is something I wouldn't forget

Corgi Princess : Awe the poor bird, it was strong!

Macynzi Davis : So sad So cute

Robin Torres : SO CUTE!!!!

Cam Good : That was wonderful. Great job!

Vishanth Weerakkody : The bird is so cute! You are a very good person for helping this bird. Carry on

SKY ROBERTSON : narly cryed

محمد المارنز : الب

Hammy Lover : Omg I need help now!! I found two dove eggs today, the mother has been gone for at least 2 days. Hawks are very common where I live, and we think she may have gotten clipped by one. We can’t afford to buy an incubator, so I need some advice to help me take care of them. Please help!

Asia Hill : That little tuff of hair on his head was the cutest thing

Emma Dumoulin : Hay Albert ik vind het zo geweldig dat je dit doet! Blijf volhouden en ga zo door! PS ik weet dat je Nederlands bent😋

Devran _Gamers : nice man

7033giorgio : That was great you deserve a reward for saving and taking care of a bird

Nazwa Awalia : 😥😥😥