The Smallest Bird you have ever seen

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Warped Perception : Wow, makes you realize how hard mommy birds have to work ! Awesome story !

Bex : 5:27 “10 minutes later he was hungry again” Same

Adam c : the 17k dislikes were from mosquitoes...

Ants Thailand : 9:16 your neighbors look out their window and see a man trying to catch a ghost with a net

Fortnite Vids : That little bit of hair on its head 😂

Katie Luzadder : I feel like I just watched a Pixar movie.

Alice엘리스 : One mosquitoe a day keeps the weakness away

Deidara Anima : 1:45 God, for a moment I thought that was a microwave 😂

Hi : I actually started crying when I saw the little bird not responding

Fiona Murgatroyd : Just watched this with my 4yr old. She loved it...but we're now having conversations about the other egg. :-( But mostly we just loved all of this! :-)

Alexier Styles : U r an angel. Such a caring person u r . God bless u and may u hv a long life so that u continue this good work.

get that base : This video should win an Oscar, just look at the guy how much effort he has put up!!! Good job, you did a good deed and good deeds will happen to you!!! 😊

KÊNH CHIM CẢNH : I live in Vietnam, I have returned to many kinds of birds living in Vietnam, are happy to communicate with friends from other countries, visit the birds that I've filmed in the channel of me! ,wish you health and good luck!? ! !! ! ! !

Owen J Stephens : that was the best and saddest video of my life.

Plumpest Pigeon : The World needs more people like this man. ❤🐣❤

-SKY- of Wonderland : You're like the best bird dad ever!

Ashley Wright : 1 like 1 prayer 🙏 for the bird and the man

hkamal73 : Why does 17k people hate this

Amaresh Bharati : Salute u to save a great life May u see heaven after deathh

Oussama bouazza : That hair cut is bom

10 ON 10 : Wish there was a 'God Bless You' button in addition to the usual like button...

Susan Tenhor : Despite some missed shots, you have excellent filming skills. Great angles. I like how you used music and subtitles rather than talking. (Many people tend to talk and talk and talk... ruining moments, in my opinion.)

Simona Troisi : Nice job dude, heres some good Karma 👍💜


Rakesh Krishnan : Did it ever visited you after my friend?

Katelyn : Your videos put me through an emotional whirlwind

I’m Beautiful : That hair when it just came out of its egg tho 😂

8shta Modeerf : In my country is so common to sometimes find hummingbird nests on the ground. They are even tinier then this ones.

jakibros : When my boys were very young we rescued a lone duckling from a gas station parking lot. No mama duck or other ducklings around. We raised it and named it Charlie. Charlie was actually a female who we taught to fly and she joined a flock of wild ducks in the pond behind our house. Hopefully to live happily ever after. It's nice to see humanity still has some nice people in the world.

VongRak YT : That bird is so cute and nice 👍 Thank you that u have save its life No one can do that in my country I hope my country will have a people like u! By the way I hope them don’t shoot the wild animal 🦒!

Nara V : Letting it go would have been one of the most bittersweet moments of my life

Cookie : "goodbye little friend, see you around" me : T-T T-T T-T

bishal saikia : God bless you man . you so good man . thanks . thanks.

Nicole Martin : Idk if you’ve taken care of lovebirds but they have the same sized eggs😍it’s so adorable

workingears : Oh I loved it! I enjoyed every minute of your video! Thanks!

Property of Mysterion : That bird will never forget you! :3

Cole is A meme : I know how hard it is to raise baby birds. Last year during winter my friend and I found a fallen birds nest with two newborn chicks in them. A few feet away from the nest was the dead mama bird.. We both felt bad and took care of the baby birds. We fed them worms and they were growing fast! They were a few weeks away from being able to fly but they were slowing down. One of them died and soon after so did the other. I didn’t find out until I got back home from school and I was like a nightmare.. I just held them both in my hands and cried. This video reminded me of them and makes me sad 😔

jayden yang : I feel bad and I going to cry it looks cute and I want it and I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭

Família Euclides de Souza : You are a dad

Shuja Ahmed : 11:16 what is that black thing under his head It can be his wings but doesn’t looks like it : Awesome video. You had me really worried about the little guy.

Lemur Blue Animations : 4:02 when I first read that I thought it said “I wanted to eat it” and I was like WTF man that ain’t funny!!! Then I read it again and was like OH Thank goodness!!!😂

xXEzeriaXx : Did you know that dislike stands for 'dis i like' 😃😂💖

The Amazing Guy : 5:48 I’ve been in this situation and it’s heartbreaking

Mackenzie Mayo : smol

Nati Whatever : Awww such a cutie. You saved a little Wren, he's one of the strictly protected species here in Germany, because their habitats of little backyards are dissappearing. In German they're literally called Fence-kings. :)

Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem : What bird species is he?

Judy Johnson : You are marvelous For taking care of God's creation , We ALL supposed to take care of them as much land as it is I'm talking mostly about the big ones that are locked up on Display at the zoos, do so Bad,,, they need freedom to move, not 👀👀👀👀 They need to be watched in their own habitat like this place that used to have called Lion Country Safari not in cages not in cages not in cages!!!

Adinda o. Marzouk : when watching this i was crying when you say good bye and you did very good job for that bird that was it life

Shuja Ahmed : 10:56 the head looks sooo weird no ofense