The Smallest Bird you have ever seen

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Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats : So glad this had a happy ending!

Sadaf Jamal : I love the way he opens up his mouth all the time when he wants FOOD

shimer9911 plays roblox : Who ever disliked has no heart for the birds

VoidError_Ninja : It look like small raw chiken

Phantom Lord : I have saved three baby birds 🐦

Wolf Hybrid : I had no idea this got on trending

Karukami : So heartwarming

SulaimanBasal : Hey man ! How is Albert?! Can u give us some updates?!

Heităru YT : I cried a little

RoseHeartLove1 MSP : So nice of you to take care of those tiny bird. :) You are caring. :3

Savix : Dats a beutiful bird, and your a hero

Spiritual Guidance from Necole XO : Baby bird:daddy feed me please Dad:ok I’ll feed you besides your my only child also 😍 Baby bird:ok dad I love you 😘 to but aren’t you forgetting something Dad:oh like what child? Baby bird:DAD it’s so obvious Dad:umm what is so obvious? Baby bird:AHHHH I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE I JUST NEED FOOOOOOOODD!!,

Maya Tiwari : This human is a god.... God bless you man 😊

LeRandom : He looks like my math teacher

hey guys : Wish there was 'God bless You' button in addition to the usual like button...

tHe BiggEsT nErDyNeRD : I hope he'll survive...😅

Daniel Lopez : What happened to Albert?

Muffiny Bear149 : When r u gonna upload.It's been 3 months?

Wu Ruby : Make new videos plz !!! 😯 Where did you go? 🤔

Bianca Vega : I loved the birds afro 😍😂

Daniel Gonzalez : How's your chicken doing? And Albert? :)

Spiritual Guidance from Necole XO : Congrats 🎈🎊🎉🍾 you are a father

Spiritual Guidance from Necole XO : Ohh I have an idea 💡 you should name him tush or tooty

Spiritual Guidance from Necole XO : Ohh 😮 you can’t give up on child hood now

XxCAROLGAMINGxX 8 : I was crying for the whole video

UnPhayzable : Good thing roses have lice

asilacute gt : Awwwww its so cuteeeeeee

SUGAR_ _DADDY : Hey, nice haircut! 😂😂🐥🐣

Spiritual Guidance from Necole XO : He’s like feed me or... I’ll DIE😿🤒🤮🤢🤧🤕😪🤥😰😓😰😨😱😥😭😢😩😫🙁☹️😣😔☹️😕😇😇😇😇😇😇

Crazy4devils : BirB

UnPhayzable : 9:33 Man, he must really hate bushes

ankit balbudhe : It makes my day bro... you are a good human.... Thanks

wilfredo vercida : i have a Bird like that but we didn't know how to take care of it we feeded it in and in the next morning died ididn't know how :(

Floradawn Galvin : If you love someone let them free, if they really love you they'll come back

Megan Wilkinson : 7:30 why am I laughing so hard rn

10 ON 10 : Wish there was a 'God Bless You' button in addition to the usual like button...

EYE of ENDER : Where did you go?

Ali Tokhaime : 10 minutes later .... the birb got eaten by a giant hawk

Carolann Doran : We need more people like that good job bud not easy to do

Hexpresso : this man is god

Randy Douglas : You are amazing! The dedication it took to do this is incredible! God bless you!

Scott Mats : Like seriously why would people dislike I'll be like 😡😡😩😩

Emma Kay : Oh man, this was really an emotional roller coaster!

It’s Yasss Jacklyn! Graphic : God bless him.

Casual Human : 11:30 Me in the morning, not wanting to believe it isn’t the weekend.

dat calculation tho : Good job, really!

Ismail the youtuber : Glad to see happy ending

Ava Byrd : When the baby bird hatched i started screaming ITS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!!!!!

faisal rahman : That's good that you helped him

shadow fredbon gamer : Where are the videos it's been 4 months