The Smallest Bird you have ever seen

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-SKY- of Wonderland : You're like the best bird dad ever!

I'm Fine - R : Oh my god, you are a good person

Me 4 Tech : You Have Strong Heart, You Let (Him) Go😐😘😘 After That Much Connection

Mumbo Jumbo De Runter : That bird has the most awesome haircut

Mario Ibrahim : I am so thankful that there are people in this world that really care about such small things, like saving and raising up a baby bird.

Katie Luzadder : I feel like I just watched a Pixar movie.

YYC Designz Custom RC Creations : What you did is nothing short of amazing, incredible, what words does one use to express the hift of life!? You Sir renew my faith in humanity & deserve much more than mere comments on a absolutely excellent video could ever give.

Matt G : 7:33 didn't realise just how tiny it was until you put in your hand, wow.... Nice video :)

Hailey Etchells : I was crying when you missed one of the feeding rounds it's just so small and I hope the bird is healthy and alive

Feathered Friends : 1:33 It's reminds me from some scene in Jurassic Park first movie 😂👍

UnPhayzable : Good thing roses have lice

AylaJoJo : Oml....the bit of grey fuzz on the birds head is so cute!!

lambiepie : And thanks for the good music. Have you ever tried to find out what kind of bird it was?

Koko Peralta : “Not all superheroes wear CAPES” some are just lived in a simple life but doing a huge responsibility in this world (sorry bad eng.) GREAT JOB

Sky Warp : Whats with the 14k dislikes? How can anyone dislike this!?🤔

Alexier Styles : U r an angel. Such a caring person u r . God bless u and may u hv a long life so that u continue this good work.

mypurplelephant : I could've sent you a million mosquitos from one swipe in Wisconsin!

Anonymous 99 : The mums of these birds don't even realise their heroes. The endeavours they go through to keep Their babies alive. OMG.

Nelson M : I love people like this.

Sirrenium rocketfingers : Uh weren't YOU supposed to chew the food first? Lol

HalloweenMyersFan 2004 : Without this light Rodger would die.

Susan Miller : amazing wonderful video thanks for saving this beautiful little bird thank god for caring people like you

Nellie Brown : This was a rollercoaster from start to finish

Cutie Cat5 : OMG ITS SP FLOOFY AS AN ADULT ((His feather pattern makes him look angry :p))

Sahar B.A senpai :3 : You did a great job really ,hope you all the happiness in your life ,inshallah <3

Property of Mysterion : That bird will never forget you! :3



manish sharma : The best video i ever watched ..very nice

P W : Jesus went away and prepares a special place in our Father's kingdom for you brother. God bless you .

Mỹ Mỹ Dương : this should be the best video of the year he should earn an award applause ;)

Rif ShA : U don't know how much I respect u for doing this 😭

elamrous 98 : the cutest bird ever

Marlon Beltran : What a lovely footage. For someone who also loves birds, this video made me cry and smile at the same time. Godbless you! :)

Warped Perception : Wow, makes you realize how hard mommy birds have to work ! Awesome story !

Lightning Fan : Nice lunch box 📦

gre shashi : Fantastic Fantastic fantastic Fantastic fantastic Fantastic fantastic Fantastic fantastic Fantastic fantastic Fantastic fantastic Fantastic fantastic that's a really really a bird please hatch it. god bless you

Senthil Nathan M : Amazing Video. Tiny.... so tiny Bird hatched and grown and flown away healthily. May almighty blessed him to save the bird. I wonder how come 14 K (as on 10 oct 2018) people disliked it, may be they are predators who have missed a tiny feast.

Gaming with Don : Because of such people like you still the world is not being destroyed am I right?

Wolf Hybrid : I wouldn't be able to set it free I would grow too attached

Inside Clan : I was crying I have a heart for animals I thought he was not with us anymore it hurts when u grow around cats animals u just then always have a heart for animals

Safta Bracha : Wow !!!! You must have been so tired. What a miracle. That was not an easy one. You did something so special there you are not even aware of it . May you be blessed big time. Nothing is by chance or by accident. There was something ordained for you to do. And you fulfilled it perfectly. Wether you believe it or not. Thanks for sharing. 💖

Mystic Bluelight : U love care patience and compassion is simply amazing and admirable. Thanks for sharing and god bless you 🙏✊

jay18 R : The love, and the way you care for animals is a talent. This is a gift from God. God bless you. : Awesome video. You had me really worried about the little guy.

Rajendra Singh Chundawat : Very nice work by you big brother. God bless you always.

sahil garg : How someone dislike this video!!! You are great man with soft heart. Hatsoff brother

Rui Duarte Adao : You deserve an award - "The World's Biggest Heart Award".

lambiepie : That was some lucky bird to be saved by you. Great work and caring. You're right about your neighbors possibly thinking that you were certifiable.

Savix : Dats a beutiful bird, and your a hero