Ren And Stimpy - CALL THE POLICE

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george lopes : A kids show everybody

Coilin Corey : A kid friendly version of saying "End me..."

Jordan Johnson : are they referring to condoms?? 😂

Lori P : *me as a kid:* Hahaha! This is so random and weird!! He's probably keeping that poor walrus hostage! *me as an adult:* THE THINGS HE IS PROBABLY DOING WITH THAT WALRUS...that delivery still cracks me up though. I'm going to hell.

JazzAgeNomad : The best part of this is that Mr. Horse has hooves. THERE ARE NO FINGERS IN THOSE RUBBER GLOVES HOW IS HE HOLDING THE WALRUS

Tiffany-Chan123 : When I learned about John K's sexual allegations.

SR Brant : Bojack fell from grace _hard._


Jeanzee : I think the horse was raping that walrus

Sweet Dandy : "Did my wife send you?"

Joker : This was so edgy. Can't believe it was on a kids' network.

LaughingVampire : This is even creepier given what the creator has been accused of

George Texstel : This was really a surrealistic moment in radical cartooning. Come to think of it, the first 2 seasons had quite a few of those!

nerfman6s2ndacc : I love how the glove fingers gripped the walrus

Zenertia : I love how they used both the Alfred Hitchcock Presents theme and the Night of the Living Dead credits as the background music of this scene

The Guardian King : John K's young female protges while he was grooming them for sex.

VaciliNikoMavich : That...escalated rather quickly...

Piobairesicago : Dark. Very very dark.

dontcallmewave : Pretty sure that music is from night of the living dead end credits.

Alex Gracias : the horse reminds me of Nicholas cage

trevin norman : i cant stop watching this "call the policeeee"

SemiJuggalo : Now that I'm an adult, this isn't nearly as funny as I thought it was, as a kid. O_O

wileyk209zback : A famous moment from the good old days of Ren and Stimpy, when it was produced by Spumco...

Maximus0451 : "I need an adult!"

The Playinghand Show : How did the joke go past me all these years?

Coolz : Is nobody going to ask how he is holding the walrus?

carkome : Y'know. FOR KIDS

Benton Brown : Poor walrus

619Strikerx : that was creepy

Young Adult : Call the police? Sorry Ms Rice, Ms Byrd, the statue of limitations has passed!!! Nyuk nyuk nyuk...

Darkus O'Neil : What even was this show

lemmingscanfly5 : Sometimes when someone asks me if I need anything from the store I say rubber walrus protectors.

tmc515 : Cartoon history!

9813 : That walrus was actually a human tusk and ren and stimpy in same universe confirmed

Cayque Sales : He is wearing gloves so he doesn't touch repulsive things

Doctor Professor : How could anyone dislike this work of art

A. O'Connell : When you're a teenage girl in contact with John K:

12ft Narcoleptic Panda : Bojack's work before he made it big with Horsen' Around was weird.

Jason Haskin : How the hell did this get past the censors back in the 90s? xD

Moses Toliver : This show was hilarious! Can't believe my parents let me watch this

Chompy the Beast : Walrus: Call the Police...! Ron Howard: They didn't.

David Noriega : How the HELL did this slip past the censores?!

Adam S : he asked him for a gimp suit

Nehema1000 : That walrus has literally seen shit.

superbroly64DS : this is looney tunes on crack

Dami-O : The sudden music change makes it all the more creepy.

Voodoo Man : Just couldn't stop fingering that 9 key....mesmerizing.

SuperSuck64 : Man, they'd never get away with this nowadays.

BioHazard4234 : I bet he makes a great horse condom

lelcetz : oh god nope. nopenopenopeonpeoneponponephne