Ren And Stimpy - CALL THE POLICE

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george lopes : A kids show everybody

Jordan Johnson : are they referring to condoms?? 😂

Coilin Corey : A kid friendly version of saying "End me..."

Lori P : *me as a kid:* Hahaha! This is so random and weird!! He's probably keeping that poor walrus hostage! *me as an adult:* THE THINGS HE IS PROBABLY DOING WITH THAT WALRUS...that delivery still cracks me up though. I'm going to hell.

Tiffany-Chan123 : When I learned about John K's sexual allegations.

JazzAgeNomad : The best part of this is that Mr. Horse has hooves. THERE ARE NO FINGERS IN THOSE RUBBER GLOVES HOW IS HE HOLDING THE WALRUS


LaughingVampire : This is even creepier given what the creator has been accused of

Jeanzee : I think the horse was raping that walrus

SR Brant : Bojack fell from grace _hard._

Joker : This was so edgy. Can't believe it was on a kids' network.

George Texstel : This was really a surrealistic moment in radical cartooning. Come to think of it, the first 2 seasons had quite a few of those!

The Playinghand Show : How did the joke go past me all these years?

nerfman6s2ndacc : I love how the glove fingers gripped the walrus

Alex Gracias : the horse reminds me of Nicholas cage

VaciliNikoMavich : That...escalated rather quickly...

trevin norman : i cant stop watching this "call the policeeee"

dontcallmewave : Pretty sure that music is from night of the living dead end credits.

The Guardian Queen : John K's young female protges while he was grooming them for sex.

Piobairesicago : Dark. Very very dark.

SemiJuggalo : Now that I'm an adult, this isn't nearly as funny as I thought it was, as a kid. O_O

Maximus0451 : "I need an adult!"

wileyk209zback : A famous moment from the good old days of Ren and Stimpy, when it was produced by Spumco...

Coolz : Is nobody going to ask how he is holding the walrus?

Darkus O'Neil : What even was this show

619Strikerx : that was creepy

Benton Brown : Poor walrus

Chompy the Beast : Walrus: Call the Police...! Ron Howard: They didn't.

cark : Y'know. FOR KIDS

lemmingscanfly5 : Sometimes when someone asks me if I need anything from the store I say rubber walrus protectors.

David Noriega : How the HELL did this slip past the censores?!

Doctor Professor : How could anyone dislike this work of art

Cayque Sales : He is wearing gloves so he doesn't touch repulsive things

SegaCDboy21 : this is looney tunes on crack

tmc515 : Cartoon history!

A. O'Connell : When you're a teenage girl in contact with John K:

Young Adult : Call the police? Sorry Ms Rice, Ms Byrd, the statue of limitations has passed!!! Nyuk nyuk nyuk...

Jason Haskin : How the hell did this get past the censors back in the 90s? xD

MrUnidyne : The stock music at the end of this clip was used in the opening and closing credits of "Night of the Living Dead".

SuperSuck64 : Man, they'd never get away with this nowadays.

12ft Narcoleptic Panda : Bojack's work before he made it big with Horsen' Around was weird.

Damien : The sudden music change makes it all the more creepy.

Justin Y. : Holy crap this went from 10 to 100 very fast

Moses Toliver : This show was hilarious! Can't believe my parents let me watch this

Kitana Kojima : By far one of the most disturbing moments on this show. Ever.

Adam S : he asked him for a gimp suit

airlockengage : Kids have no idea what's going on because they haven't had enough life experience to understand this, so they just laugh at the randomness of it. So many folks forget what it's like to be a kid, that they don't know what you know. They know little, and what they don't know, they imagine. This is perfectly fine for a kids' show, really, they don't get it. God I miss the 90's. The last decade when we let kids be kids without micromanaging their lives and acting like a faint breeze would knock them over.

lelcetz : oh god nope. nopenopenopeonpeoneponponephne

BioHazard4234 : I bet he makes a great horse condom

KillerFreya : So... Nipples, huh?