Clown college

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Queef : The pants getting wrapped around the pedal still makes me lose my shit like it did 22 years ago.

Harry Hyder-Wilson : 'I don't think any of us expected him to say that'

tailuigi : Originally in the series, Krusty would have been revealed to really be Homer - thus making the person Bart admired most the same person he respected least. This is why their builds and overall designs are identical.

lwnf360 : "It's a great piece of buffonery if you pull it off. But if you blow it, you'll look like a fool"

Hans Landa : I love how Homer daydreams about himself dreaming about himself eating a sandwich, when he's got tonnes of food in front of him

bridgecross : There are more clever lines in this 4 minute clip than in the last 10 years of the Simpsons.

Links Fraulein : "They are supposed to be baggy pants! _Baggy_!" The weird thing is that Homer isn't really any fatter than Krusty...

Joe Byrne : 'Mom?" "I think I'll have some wine"

Caolan Robinson : "Burn that seat"

Potato Eternal : Tell me where you're from: Georgia Texas Uh, Brooklyn Russia New Hampshire Homer

BLUE QUARTS 1989 : "Got it!  no shock for me!  Hehehehe!"

Klamath 2046 : One of the blokes on fire is still smiling

David Haddad : Every gag is brilliant. Prime Simpsons was a thing of majesty

Ed Edison : "These Krusty-brand ballons are three bucks each. But get a cheap one then what happens? Goes off, takes out the eyeballs of every kid in the room. What's that gonna cost you. Hey Bill, what did that cost us?"

Joe Ritchie : 1:01 Hehehe Clowns are funny

jabber1990 : are Homer and Krusty both voiced by the same guy??

Melody Borg : "I don't think any of us expected him to say that"

Leonard Frank : Burn that seat 😂😂😂

The Stuport : "Ah...Burn that seat"....Priceless

windyearl : I'm seeing double! 4 Krustys!

starchboy71 : "This year give her English Muffins"

Schyderap : 0:50 - The Simpsons invented inception years before Nolan

Anthony Kernich : "those are supposed to be baggy pants, BAGGY!"

Martin Craw : Homer: got it. No shock for me. Hehehe. Krusty: oh yeah. Zaps Homer. Lol

OLOT : Season 4, 5 and 6 was its peak in my opinion. although the next tier would have to be 3, 7 and 8.

Pika Zilla : Originally, Homer was supposed to be Krusty, that's why they look so similar.

Adam U. : Funny how calm Lenny is about the fire

Jakethedog3275 : Seattle. HA HA STOP IT YOUR KILLING MEEEE. SEATTLE!!!!

Scott Krasman : Texas. Brooklyn. New Hampshire. HOMER

Commander Scout Of The 425th : "Now come and get your cat skins. I mean sheep skins"

ABZ7891 : 1:17 "Close encounters of the third kind" reference.

Z3ph7r : Homer has Pyrovision.

Jphile D : It's true: you *can't* eat Clown College....

Rock Sauron : I'll thank you not to refer to Princeton that way!

simon marshall : Homey the Clown

George Pitt : I just noticed Homer bought a giant sack of MSG as well 😂

The Clever Carbuncle : Lmaooo! The oldies were the best hehehe "the best in the west"

JavertRA : I remember as a kid being so surprised when Lisa said "bastardised"

Adam Gordon : That End part always has me in tears

Dopamine : I am too high for this

Tania Bams : The whole part right before Homer went to clown college had me on the floor.

shadow king13 : And do all the piddlin crap I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole HA!!

Enkarashaddam : looks like trump university. except krusty actually showed up

TranscendentLion : Apparently, Krusty was originally meant to be an alter ego of Homer.


Kilgrave 87 : Carnival music is now stuck in my head

Ron Obvious : Since we're now living in clown world, we should all be graduates of Krusty's Klown Kollege... Honk Honk.....thanks for the post

Noah Kelly : Homer deciding whether or not to go to clown college is hands down the best simpsons moment

Gabriel Schleifer : Oh god, that music is just perfect!! XD