Teen sounds like Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson has been reincarnated

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His name is @king51015 🔥


Crystal X Iceheart : lmao my boy Trevor was just trynna get in the school but they ain't open the door😂

CreepsMcPasta : I usually hate when I see ''x' sounds like 'y'' videos, but this is pretty spot on

Christopher G. : Why isn't this kid on an album yet?

Johnny Threefour : Needs more chamones

Alex Cinquegrana : Have I just watched the same video all over again?!?

CodeLethal Gaming : He hit that HEE-HEE Clean asf

Weirduniverse2 : Sony should get this kid into the studio and record some "previously unknown" MJ tracks ;)

Nova Aetas : Keep him away from drugs tbh

JunkSnore : Now this is a P.Y.T

ItsZak : That effortless Hee-Hee though!!😱

MJGodOfMusic1958 : Nice try MJ! We know it's you!😂

Young Sachi : Hope this goes viral. That's a voice that needs to be heard.

Milan Chudasama : Wow that's amazing!

ALEXMANIAC : God bless you and your voice!!

408 YhungbullZ : That Hee Hee was mad crisp

BillDownhill : Wish someone told that ho to stop grinding behind him. She's not even good at it either.

Omar Ramadan : Moonwalking is the only proof

Al Guien : See you on Ellen...

Dustin Daugherty : Why does it repeat ? Or does it? So confused

meme master : it just sounds like someone trying to sound like michael jackson

Stewart Griffin : Why twerk?

Мэйбл усатый кот : а гимн России слабо так спеть !?

crack hair : Damn

younge Cujoh : Oml. I love it

Jacob Magilicuty : Pay this kid already.

SSShino : Yooooooo 🤯

Agent 43 : Sing Billy Jean so i know its real

Margie Turner : Okay that is scary

czaryone : He sound like but he will never be like MJ

Bobby Lee : Only a black chick would be twerking in the background to MJ songs

SANAFABICH : Not really.

Tp M : Hes aiiiigh

Akiria Williams : No way i would wanna sound like tiny 😤😤😤😤

J. Ramsey : A song and a black girl's ass needing center stage go hand in hand in every instance don't they. Can they do anything else? Probably not.

jedajuz : when is the kiddy land opening?

DrZilla1 : Doesn't sound much like him at all tbh