iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!

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Layne Fable : The naming system is horrible

cherie bomb : **watches with my iphone5s** **checks wallet** yeah um im good :')

Vadim Rudolf : Still use my 5s for almost 4years 🤣😭

Rachitha De Soysa : A phone which doesn't play 1080p for 800 bucks in 2018, well done apple! I'm better off with my Nokia 7plus. She's trying too hard to make Apple look good, tough job.😂😂

trisram : I love how Justine throws around numbers like $999 and $799 as if they're good prices for a phone lol

It’s Smiley : These phones getting expensive like chill

Fadi F. : Justine... it’s a crap phone, just admitted it! a 750$ could get me a high tech laptop 16gb of ram .. 4gb gpu , a core i7 8th gen cpu with 2Tb hard drive .. Apple keep rising the prices because they noticed that stupid people spend that much just to be cool and look rich.. nothing else... it’s a ridiculous high prices for just a phone and people should really stop buying from Apple just to make them lowering the prices.. it’s a high quality phone true but it’s still all “made in china” not in mars for god sake 😑

2k18 Youtuber : They look the same they feel the same they are the same but a bit faster would you pay 1500$ for that?😂 The answer is yes white people will

JAVED SHAIKH : My dad's tell if you got 55 likes I will bought you a new 10s max

Ly'inda Broadnax : I really don’t understand when people say that the phone is so expensive. Are people really long to bet buy and buying the full price for the phone? I have the the iPhone plan with Verizon and I pay $45 a month for my phone.

Cuisine 228 : This phone are getting more and more expensive!!! I will need to get me a sugar daddy

h4rmony : i have a iphone7+ and it works perfectly fine lol

Yulissa Stevens : The picture quality is amazing now! And the storage! , the glass , the speed , the size , the speakers sound !! I mean you guys say it’s the same phone but I really don’t see it at all. I bet it’s really hard to make upgrades and I know they put in so much work Into this! I bet they have more ideas for the future we can’t get everything all at once guys! Can’t wait to get the iPhone Max shipped

Yusuf : It is pellucid that the vast majority of Apple consumers buy iPhones primarily predicated on the perceived social status associated with them. No rational person would compare the spec sheets of say, a Note 9, and objectively conclude that an iPhone's specs are superior.

angi rastelli : in loooove with the max version. i’ve the iphone x in black, and now i want max in gold color!!!!! omg

Selly Gouw : I'm an apple fan but honestly, all they've been doing is only modification, not innovation. Apple is just not the same without Steve Jobs :(

Sophia The Gymnast : I HAVE THE IPHONE 6! But I’m just grateful I even have a phone. :)

P&J reactions and reviews : Very happy with my iPhone 6 not worth to pay 1000 for a phone that will shatter when it hits the floor.no thanks.and great price? Are you drunk? Try living on a budget and let’s see what kind of phone you can actually afford.

She'Myia Malone : The r sounds cheap I'm getting the xs max for Christmas that's my only Christmas present to myself for a while 🤣🤣🤣

Sam TuBer : You just talked about an iPhone for 12 minutes. There is barely any new stuff. No wonder you're a YouTuber

Victor Abarca : 0:50 oh! Wow wow! I'm on iJustine video! Now I can die happy! It was great meeting you and taking that selfie! As I told you earlier today (or it was yesterday?) You are an inspiration for me, and you paved the road for other creators to start doing content on YouTube. Thank you Justine so much!

Dessi Lungley : apple worker: lets make another version of the iphone X and the only difference will be a bigger screen! other apple worker: yes, lets do that and call it the best iphone that we have ever put out! me: bruh

David Seeg : and here's VICTOR ABARCA batches haha.

Chelsea Nash : I’m getting silver in the 10 max

Karl Conrad : Yess! I think I make a sneak appearance at 1:31 - was def a bit star struck to say hi 🤩😅

Despacito 2 : Mom just got me the I... PHONE SIX!

Can I get 21 subs With no videos : Ima get the xr product red

Strawburry Gaming : iPhone X squad?

Wolfsbane : 👋🏼 here with my iphone 4 😂😂😂

Aaron Stone : who's watching this from a different planet..

BigTex182 : I always forget Justine is like 30. She looks so young I feel like she's in high school or a senior in college but nope

Vinay T : Name should be ijustine Xs ijustine Xs max ...iPhone shit lover

THIS IS SAM TV Samosboat : Isheep we know you are trying hard to make apple look great. but they honestly didn't do anything this year

KingPacman763 : I remember when I thought the iPhone 5 was expensive....

ChanelOlivia Xx : Honestly a new phone comes out every year and gets more and more expensive. It's just ridiculous!

Jenna Ezarik : Nice video jus!!! We all appreciate your hard work and no sleep

Fong-ying Cheetee : Go follow Unbox therapy. He’s real

Anil Dysp : Nahh I’ll stick with iphone 6s 😔

Monferaigne : Is she working for Apple? "This phone is so gorgeous" "I like this iphone" "I love this phone" And nothing more. If you are apple fan and don't want to know how crappy this phone is then watch this and let her mislead you.

Marie km :D : lol iPhone 6s 🤷🏻‍♀️

EnNombreDeLaCiencia ! : $749???? This is way too much for a featureless device! Why so expensive? I really love Apple, but I'm getting tired of the overpriced iPhones and the awful branding names. "iPhone Xs Max?? Seriously? Why not just call it the iPhone Pro 6.5, iPhone Pro 5.8 or just iPhone or iPhone C (meaning color)? All they need to do is to get rid of the numbers... Why? Just why? 🤦‍♂️

Anna Camarena : I NEED IT But... IM BROKE

Alex Rico : Is the Xs the same size as the iPhone 8plus?

Omar Lasanta iOmarDroid : First at all, you're so beautiful. I have the note9 and a google pixel 2 XL already. I ordered a 64GB Xs Max in white.

Jessica Ramirez : Everything’s greats just that I hate that you guys got rid of the button 💔

Gorkz : iPhone 6 Gang Where Y’all At?

John K Lindgren : *Drehbuch, Kamera, Ton und Schnitt- Super! Danke. Bangkok-Johnny*

Lov3 Manda : I really want the iPhone Xs Max 😂 I have the 8 Plus and I love it but yea :)

Marie km :D : I loveeee iPhones but I think the modt are too expensive! 😮

Patato Loic : I would deff buy that sexy thing.