iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr!

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Cuisine 228 : This phone are getting more and more expensive!!! I will need to get me a sugar daddy

Maryjade Delgado : Damn the phones are expensive as my rent... SMH

cherie bomb : **watches with my iphone5s** **checks wallet** yeah um im good :') edit: i cant work because i'm too young. but, anyways, i didn't expect this to get 1K likes. i'm not that person to care about likes tbh, but wow, i'm just surprised. thank you and have a great day ily❤️

KingPacman763 : I remember when I thought the iPhone 5 was expensive....

Faisal Vlogs : where are we! :)) 2016: No headphone jack 2017: No home button 2018: No 3D touch 2019: No speakers (they will be sold separately) 2020: No front facing camera (it will be sold separately for 399$) 2021: No headphones, charger and manual 2022: The IPhone now doesn't include a Cpu 2023: Ram and Cpu are sold separately 2024: No Iphone in the box 2025: The box contains only an apple sticker 2026: The box contains a half of an apple sticker 2027: Just a box 2028: Box now is upgraded and it's made of cardboard 2029: You just bought nothing! You are experiencing nothingness! 2030: - 2031: You just bought iPhone - 2032: 2033: The future of iPhone

Layne Fable : The naming system is horrible

Beautishka : damn Justine... pushing it much??? lol I wonder if apple sponsors this video

ChanelOlivia Xx : Honestly a new phone comes out every year and gets more and more expensive. It's just ridiculous!

Totoro Ghibli : She is an advertisement for apple products

Papon Pro : What Steve jobs vision was and what apple is selling right now 😪 R.I.P Steve R.I.P Apple

It’s Smiley : These phones getting expensive like chill

Himanshu Mishra : Justine did great job of licking Apple's ass..

Sam TuBer : You just talked about an iPhone for 12 minutes. There is barely any new stuff. No wonder you're a YouTuber

Angelina Nunez : Is it just me or am i just broke af for even an iphone8

Sanskar Agarwal : The most biased channel on YouTube🤬

Selly Gouw : I'm an apple fan but honestly, all they've been doing is only modification, not innovation. Apple is just not the same without Steve Jobs :(

Anil Dysp : Nahh I’ll stick with iphone 6s 😔

Zoey Uriarte : I’m going the IPhone X s max also I have a IPhone 7

Royce Leanzer : Apple's unofficial poster girl. Bland enthusiasm that fails to mask the real life truth of Apple products. Ridiculously priced considering what Apple offers for the price point.There's incredible technology being offered to people at significantly lower price points while here we have incremental upgrades being magnified to glory.

tobi as : I got the iPhone 8 Plus last year and I remember being really excited for my new phone but Apple keeps highering those prizes like damn I can’t spend a thousand dollars every autumn just to have the newest phone

Victor Abarca : 0:50 oh! Wow wow! I'm on iJustine video! Now I can die happy! It was great meeting you and taking that selfie! As I told you earlier today (or it was yesterday?) You are an inspiration for me, and you paved the road for other creators to start doing content on YouTube. Thank you Justine so much!

Kaden Steltenpohl : I have a samsung galaxy s8 and it is so terribly bad, I know people are going to attack me for this but I personally think that Apple is way better than Samsung, Apple phones don't have to deal with viruses and their apps randomly stopping.

Candida Feliz : *I absolutely love this phone !!>>>**ur2.pl/1250** I wasn’t planning on getting it but when I saw it in person and played with it my jaw dropped . Absolutely amazing !! Super easy to use . I thought I wouldn’t get used to not having the home button , the thought scared me but it’s super simple to go back home. The screen is huge! The battery life is super long . Super clear videos , and the pictures WOW Amazing!!!! I love it !!! Best purchase ive made!!*

THIS IS SAM TV Samosboat : Isheep we know you are trying hard to make apple look great. but they honestly didn't do anything this year

Mo0n Rose : Why do we need a new 3 iPhone 10s???

first name last name : Mom just got me the I... PHONE SIX!

Future Senator Karl Pilkington : Android > apple

B I : garbage for a lot of money, china made.........amoled is still behind those from samsung, lg or huawei, microsd still not present, dual sim....zero.....android 8.1 beats ios 12 in every aspect.im mobile developer so i know what im talking about.linux is better than micro unix kernel of apple.

eva taylor bailey : i still have the 6s, still can’t bring myself to give up the headphone jack

Tomato : Corporation pays hot shill to use her cutesy excitement as a cover for their outrageous greed.

BigTex182 : I always forget Justine is like 30. She looks so young I feel like she's in high school or a senior in college but nope

Astro10024 : It has the same screen resolution as the iPhone 4 OMG lol

Wina and time traveler : One of those 🍏 paid reviewer but she is horrible at reviewing

Chelsea Nash : I’m getting silver in the 10 max

iKika : I have iPhone se and i like it😊🇵🇹🇵🇹

Jenna Ezarik : Nice video jus!!! We all appreciate your hard work and no sleep

mY baG iS HeLLa THicK : I got my phone stolen and out of nowhere I got lots of phone ads 😐😑

Ali Irtaza Bhatti : this videos seems like its paid

Yes It's Me : Just came to see if this idiot got wet over this. Confirmed, she's a sell out.

Joseph Petro : Note 9 is better in every way

Rachitha De Soysa : A phone which doesn't play 1080p for 800 bucks in 2018, well done apple! I'm better off with my Nokia 7plus. She's trying too hard to make Apple look good, tough job.😂😂

Marie km :D : lol iPhone 6s 🤷🏻‍♀️

SkyePlayz : iPhone X squad?

Shinobu Sensui : The same shit but more expensive.

KC's Corner : These phones be getting thick! 😂

Yutaka Nohdomi : With 1100 dollars I better be able to take a picture of the lord

- ItzMeLuiz - : iJustine is the type of apple fan to own an android 😂

Daphne Marie : So many people are complaining about the pricing of the iPhones, but think in a marketer's shoes for a second: the brand has always positioned itself as a LUXURY brand, their target market has always been those who have and are willing to spend $1K+ for a product without much hesitation. They are not a brand that makes products for run of the mill people. Think a little. Yes the iPhone now a days is a social status, but that's because Apple has always been positioned as a brand of social status. Don't get mad or annoyed with Apple for following their branding through and through. If you don't want to spend $1K for a phone, then don't. Don't look down on those who want to spend $1K on a phone because their spending doesn't actually affect you.

Steve Graves : Very informative. Especially if they come out with a new IPhone mini. I still have the IPhone 4S because of this reason. I’m a man and don’t carry a purse and I work out in the field and I don’t need a desktop computer on the side of my hip. So Apple take the hint all ready. You are loosing tons of sales cause of the issue.

Ifollowmusic1 : Looks like my 7+ is going on it’s 4th year lol, so sad what Apple has become