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A Supercomposition of all major hollywood studio intros as one. Concept and editing by @moises.404 instagram / twitter Follow our live stream EYEPOP Produced by


Dan c : If THX was there you wouldn't hear anything else

Dum Dum : Should be called “The Future Disney Logo”

J-Brazen : Should've have faded into THX at that last part.

Rusiru Dishan : 'So, what film are you watching?' 'Yes'

Will never show my name, Youtube, just stop. : You're probably going to get multiple copyright strikes at once for this :P

Will End : "Avengers: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event of all time!" Youtube Recommendations:

Tűz Az Ismeretlen : Friend: What's your Favorite Studio? Me: *shows video* Friend: °-°

lilahdog 568 : You think that's scary? Imagine seeing this happen in real life

BillyBob BoBoss : Considering how Disney has almost collected all the studio stones, this is 2real4me

DogeNetwork Gaming & More! : The sound of all the Hollywood executives talking when you pirate a movie

Dream Bat : random guy: Infinity war is the most epic crossover event! Artist404: Hold my beer

Caesar : That moment you realize The Weinstein Company logo is in this.

SHY : Top 10 best Anime intros Top 10 Crossovers

Gus JaKa : If there's a movie with this studios.. that would be the best movie

mank demelord : Where is THX Earrape?

Ethan Haight : This footage was sent back in time from a movie made in mid-2020

Deranged Capital : Either the best movie known to man or a really good LSD trip

MaxN'Motion : 0:00 ok this sounds good 0:24 Ok *this is the apocalypse.*

Volantico : Marvel fanboys : "infinity war and Endgame is the Most anticipated crossover event in history" ART404 : *LITERALLY BUY ENTIRE HOLLYWOOD*

Felipe Trindade : I don't understand how even though this video is a complete mess, it's arranged in a way that still makes sense. Good job sir, you've managed to organize chaos

Zero zone : Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history. ART404: *_hold my beer._*

Milher Méndez : Mah Gad!... That was annoying 🤪 Just add Doritos and Mountain Dew to make it worst 😋

Cave Miner : 20th Century Fox intro is still the best.

DJ L3G3ND : now THAT would be a real time saver for the start of movies

Rob Burns : This will happen in the future on 2050 Because life is better than wars and battles

Beatriz MF : paramount, universal, lions gate, fox, dreamworks, columbia,tristar,warner bros, mira max , gravity, MGM, disney.

And the Machine : Introducing... DISNEY:THE SEQUEL

FacelessDragon : There! Are you happy now, CinemaSins?

Diana Maria Sasaran : Where is the dreamworks intro, you fools

Thatonefilmmaker : This video: Everyone in Hollywood:*dies of a copyright induced seizure*

Jonathan Leon : Which studio do you want? Me: EVERYTHING.

ShaneOfThrones : Imagine what they could achieve if they worked together.

chihuahuasarecute123 : I'm scared

Xander : If THX were there it would overpower everything else.

Baguette The bread : My question is Why is this in my recomended?

Fire : This is the most nostalgia experienced in 30 seconds

Joshua Fuller : This will be Disney’s new intro after they buy out the entire film industry

Donald J. Trump : Nobody: YouTube Algorithm:

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : *Master Skywalker, there too many of them. What are we gonna do?*

Este es DOGE : Youtube answer me : Why this is in my recommendations?

AgAug Gaming : When you teacher gives you a project to make a movie but the studio intro is different kinds of studios.

wifebeater69 : Now if the movie that plays after this intro isn't the best movie in the world, I don't know what is

Beatriz MF : lights on in 5 4 3 2 1 and 0

AndreJ HD : *I just bought my new speaker,played this video and my neighbour called the police. Edit: he got arrested!

Beatriz MF : fox studios is high note

LinxX : Basically what the class looks like during a kaboot game

TalesofHero : Give it a few months, and this can all be summed up with just Disney

Preston Endres Movies : Ugh it’s like trying to combine all your favorite foods in a smoothie but it ends up tasting terrible

Віктор l : I for one☝️ welcome the soon to be Disney overlords