Silver surfer: Hong Kong’s wave-riding grandma

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Hong Kong-born Wilma Komala started surfing over twenty years ago when she was already in her forties. She enjoyed the sport and related laid-back lifestyle so much that she moved to the city’s beachside village of Big Wave Bay. Today, the grandmother can be found riding the waves most weekdays. Wilma says that while Hong Kong may not have the best waves in the world, it’s enough to keep her happy, and it’s home.

Comments from Youtube

damon lin : she look much younger than most ppl ard her age. Dont stop exercising guys.

George Martinus : Even though she was born in HK, but her name sounds like South East Asian.

damon lin : May i know what is she doing at 0:41

Kingdom of BonBon : That grandma can surf while I sit here and watch some stuffs...

Brick Life : First