Every Easter Egg in Spider-Man (PS4)

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Jay Schanus : I died after you zoomed in on the last one...

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Fun fact: Before Spiders were invented Spiderman was simply called "Man."

Dorkly : Spider-Mobile DLC... confirmed?!! No, probably not.

Matt Gray : The hardest Easter Egg to find is Drax as he’s mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still, that he is invisible to the eye.

jay thosonmp : You forgot the one on the train where he tries to web it like in spiderman 2 but it doesnt work and he says "it worked last time"

greenhowie : The 3 chest hairs blew my mind - that's insane levels of commitment to a bit.

Renault 10 : you missed an easter egg where one of the backpack theres a card where peter explained "a blind man give this to me because im spiderman but how did he know im spiderman" that blind man is daredevil

silver rose : What about Stan Lee, he's the best Easter egg ever

Danny Bhattarai : What kind of awful person gets with someone's brother after a breakup with them. Good riddance I say.

H:ZDWatcher : You know, they weren't kidding when they said this was a game made for the fans, by fans. It really shows.

Γιάννης Γαρεφαλάκης : Damn, that proposal easter egg was a huge downer...

HeroOfGamers : 2:50 Brings back my memories when i used to do a side mission where you need to help a child get his balloon. My favorite easter egg so far...

thebahooplamaster : 0:17 Yes, looking at a rocket flying towards Spiderman’s butt is a very cool shot.

Kurogane Gaming : Seriously doubt this is every easter egg....

Yaeven : Of course this upload comes up right after watching the saddest easter egg in Spider Man.

Capivara Suprema : But, does he feel good in this game?

The ScoutCrab : You forgot "Pizza Time".

Anime_Fan : me: *Sees pewdiepie Easter eggs sad* Dorky: *shows all the Easters eggs* Me: woah

xxxTonyblackxxx : U forgot about Gta 4 Easter egg with Niko and Roman

AFKmuch : You missed one. In the Japanese dub of the game, there is a moment when Spiderman will refer to himself as an "emissary of hell" this is a reference to the Japanese Spider-Man TV show from the 60s

Kevin Diaz : She's now dating his brother - Translation, she was already banging his brother while they were dating and was trying to find a way to break it off while in the meantime he was clueless. Was his name Scotty?

M. Mirza : Everyone makes jokes how Electro can‘t have a nice suit. Have you guys ever played Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2? There‘s a great design for him.

Soulairus : There's a twin towers Easter egg as well where if you into the windows of a building you can see where they once were

Egg Benedict : That proposal story... Mega *oof.*

Mathias Hammer : thanos car

Forever Zero : On the bright side, I have more chest hair than Spider-Man.... That's something

Lamb2001-2004 - Games : I got a voice line about king t’challa getting bit by a radioactive panther which was pretty funny

DevilButt : Was the "will you marry me" one real? That's so savagely disrespectful dating the other brother after break up lol.

I dont get likes : Did nobody catch the Spiderman2 refrence when he was trying to stop the subway train the same way but failed and then said "that totally worked last time.?"

james evarts : spider-man is not a mutant

PlebNC : I'm surprised they didn't mention you can visit Ben Parker's grave or that you can find copies of the Daily Bugle that show off your recent exploits in the story and side missions.

Eddie Dickerson : There was also a GTA IV Easter egg in the game.

Adrian Huzaimi : How about the clock that shows the time when Gwen Stacy die

Pizzachu22 : Maddie apparently said that "this was not how she wanted to be proposed to".

Kevin Hemsing : I just watched pewnews before this, now I'm depressed.

One Gaming : It's pizza time!!!

Fleivor : uhn...what i'm going to say has nothing to do with the video but, when you guys going to release Peach's Revenge part 3? It has been 4 years...

Ken Hughes : There's a Deadpool easter egg, or "nod" depending on your preference, when Spider-Man casually walks in the streets with the civilians and a man says "You got some kind of skin condition under that suit or something?" Thought I point that out XD

Mr Bones : dorkly was bought out by viacom yesterday, dont trust this video!!!

OmegaCooper Gaming : There’s a prison hideout that has a walled off pizza shop, and if you stand right in front of the door, you hear the infamous pizza song from Spider-Man 2.

TouchedSpork3 RBLX : You missed the easter egg where when you get close to the pizzeria you can hear the Spider-Man 2 game pizza theme.

EchoTheWorld : Damn I love this game! Definitely Game of The Year 10/10

King Kehmi : Fun fact: Spider man is homeless..

YeeYee Yee : theres another one when hes stopping the train underground he webs the sides of the walls in efforts to stop the train but the web snaps then he said "WHAT it worked last time" refrencing to the toby mcguire spiderman (im not a good speller)

FoulerSquare28 : they forgot the gwen stace easter egg

akino darrell : 6:33 haha that's insane. I love it

Irradiated Rock : There is one Easter egg no one has said, the web blossom. It is the last resort maneuver in the movie The Last Starfighter. The experimental star fighter used the Death Blossom on which the ship spun on 3 axis firing high power laser cannons destroying all fighters in the vicinity. Old movie but still a good one.

Danny Benhur : Spider-Man 3 reference....LMAO

Maryam Aqil : Will you please also tell about tuomrader thing

Morgan Freeman : This wasn’t even every easter egg. There is also a venom easter egg that you didn’t include. And there are probably way more to discover.