Stranger Things (Main Theme) (Boyce Avenue acoustic cover) on Spotify & iTunes

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Boyce Avenue : See what Kelly Clarkson thinks about our cover of her song "Medicine" click here:

ESTÊVÃO : risos com esse povo falando "vocês" jurando que são duas pessoas

Bruno ALSC : Meu deusss, vcs são incríveis demais... sem palavras

Stephane Gurbuz : Brazilian comments in 3, 2, 1... 😂

Saindy Isabeli : soo good 😍💕 Cadê os BR?

Karla Silva : Melhor notificação ❤️❤️❤️ AMO! kd os BR?

wallace alves : o cara domina demaiss haushauhsua...... Boyceeeee UhuLlLlLl

João Pedro Nolêto : Excelente!🇧🇷

Daniele Pereira Conservani : Muito bom!!!!

Armando Freitas : Vocês são demais.

LukaNation : Me lembro a 4 anos atrás, Quase BR nenhum conhecia Boyce Avenue, agora só da nós aqui nos comentários uheuheeuh

GAMING FEVER : Love your Cover You are THE BEST

Manuella Passos : Stranger things + boyce =❤

Wannes : Can I get likes because I love Someone who can never be mine💔💔😔

Marcello Amoedo : Veiiiiiiii top!

Rogério Santos : Só dá Brasil nos comentários QUERO COVER DE RITMO MEXICANO

droll lucas : Cante uma musica em português

Vitor Carvalho : Amooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️ cade os brasikeurosssss

Ana Paula Bastos : Caraca me arrepiei 😍

Guilherme Jerônimo : Iae man kk

OneOfAKindSammy : One of them should have been edited to be upside down!


Manan Gaur : here before 100k views

ARC CHJ : you should do one of this but with the main soundtrack of the last of us! would be amazing!!

Stéfany Macedo : Perfecto

Allison Endonio Quijano : Hermoso!!!

Mahenintsoa Ratsimbajaona : Guys do a cover of Dusk till Dawn.

Augusto Gonzales : That awkward moment when you miss Alejandro's voice.

Reverse Gamer : Caraca mano incrível toque do meu celular agora é esse kkk

أحمد الديب : إنها تفوق الخيال أنا مصري ويطلق علي أحمد الضيب ومشهور زيكوا بالظبط إنها رائعه جدا جدا وشكرا .... ^^

gabrielle nunes : THIS IS SO AWESOME OMG I LOVE IT

Konstadinos-Sandy K : I love you guys....!!!!!!! i wish i could sing with you in one of your conserts :'(

Key Perez : The Best Cover 💙💖💘

L Lawliet : Alternate reality Cas and Dean

Cristiane Soares : Hey, I ❤️ U guys!

Neal Graf : You have always been my favorite place to find covers and honestly ive been wanting you to cover a certain song for a good while now. So if you ever care to take a crack at American Dream by Mtko i may just lose it. You rock :)

elizangela silva : caraca, que top viado ❤

vanebutterfly : Loved the lights in the background hahaha

R99 : Can u cover better love Hozier ?

Paulo Broseguini : Cadê os BR aqui nessa bagaça?

Cipher - The Unknown : I don't watch Stranger Things, but this was amazing!

Jake John : Wolves by Selena Gomez

Miriã Souza : Melhor coverrr everrrrrrr!!!!


savagers boys : omg i love this channel your really good songer

savagers boys : i like see you again better i like the girl

Syro Nightcore : *Thats a masterpiece <3*

Ezequias Lalles : Nossa é muito tooopppp

Paolo Rigotti : That's so awesome!

nobody survives even one bit : Please do cover perfect by Ed sheeran. I've been waiting for so long