How Speech Synthesizers Work

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cs188 : Were you inspired by the YTPs made of yourself and Techmoan for that prank call segment? Amazing.

Michael Opnv : Mattel Electronics presents: BEEEE SEAVONTEEN BAWLLMER.

Charlie Who : 14:24 Bonzi Buddy's Voice For The Commodore 64!

beetjuice music : This video will be used for tech history in the future.


llo100 : Good episode, but how do the later models actually work? I was kinda expecting this by the title...

Semeyaza : HELLO DOCTOR NAME CONTINUE YESTERDAY TOMORROW This is the correct test to use for a voice synthesizer. ;) Cheers

setsunasamachan : About the Intellivision speech synthesis, you forgot "B-17 Bomber" aka "Beee sevuhnteeen baaaaahmurrr" lol

X Gen : I prefer my speech synthesizers to speak fluent Klingon.

Steve 1000000 : Replace the car record with the see and say record! *Opens door* "The cow says moo!"

Papi Uuhmelmehahay : My brother had Sam and I made it rap Run DMC lyrics. We too made it cuss.

The Alterlion : 11:42 Why is he saying so many gay (according to JK Rowling) names?

dan fred : @15:32 "When we were 10 year old kids...the favorite thing we liked to do with them was to make them say dirty words." Yeah, when we were 10 we liked that...and then we stopped, and haven't liked it since. No way it's our favorite thing to do at 36. No, just when we were 10... right guys?

bluesSGL : Oh man, I recognize the SAM voice from the FAITH games

Pixel Puppy : Now, voice synthesizers can even sing! Hatsune Miku is the future!!!

i has a hotdog : Doesn’t Sam sound like the creep voices that play if you waited long enough on the original Xbox home screen

Colton Taylor : I love the intro music on your videos! who composed it?

danner253 : When I hear S.A.M. all I can hear is "Atari", you know the soundbyte

THX1138 : Gotta love the8bitguy Techmoan crossovers.

Bacon Hair - Lets plays! : Nice shirt, I sure do enjoy drinking slurm, by the company, Slurm from the show, Futurama.

Paul Lessard : I was waiting for ya to show S.A.M. as that's what I had, and there it was. Throwback city. =)

Chad Smith : The Navy originally devised computationally efficient rules for automatically converting plain English text to a sequence of phonetic commands for a speech synthesizer.

Cezr Zepeda : Oh hey, I have one of those little keyboards that you have on your wall in my attic. The one with the 4x4 pads in the golden yellow color. I used to use it to mess with my dad by playing sounds accordingly, as he walked by or did things.

Juan Saldana : " BEEEEE SEVUNTEEEEN BAWMERRR" -intellivoice

Amber The Cat : My dad had - and still has - an old Intellivision. He used to have the IntelliVoice cartridge but something was wrong with it. When he tried to run a game that supported the cartridge, it would say: " B-17 BOM- *_c u e d e m o n i c n o i s e s_* " (('demonic' noises, meaning it would make weird static-kind of noises. He said it scared the crud out of him.))

Wilhelm1892 : SAM is the same voice used in the FAITH series by Airdorf games.

Adam Wojcik : You have selected Microsoft Sam as the computer default voice

Dan Bench : Pitching Sam's voice up makes him sound like bonzi buddy

skeeter197140 : "Another visitor! Stay a while; stay forever!"

ChronicleDBZ : 14:23 Bonzi Buddy Commodore 64 edition

Fernando Martínez : I can't watch your videos anymore. Everytime I cry in nostalgia.

spinner669 : You missed the best speech synthesizer: The TI-99/4A

Leon Kernan : First you get him pressure washing records, now you're prank calling him... Poor Techmoan :-)

adequateautocrat : the pronunciation quirks around the 12 minute mark are why if you see quotes from Stephen Hawking that aren't corrected for spelling, some words are intentionally spelled incorrectly so the voice box he had would sound correct saying them.

Billy Te : Could you please credit the music you use in your videos? What was the background music played at 12:15?

Captain Moz : I love making synthesizers say the names of anime characters, it's hilarious.

FineFluffy : 14:30 This is nightmare fuel.

Rednax : Some of those speech synthesiser voices are nightmare fuel.

Marsel Music : 6:39 when you upload a video on march 9th but it says "march 19th"

verdatum : Ring-modulator was a common effect used. That said, my favorite computer voice was the truly vocoded sounds of Wendy Carlos' rendition of Beethoven's 9th symphony from A Clockwork Orange.

Antonio Tejada : Sorry, but the TI stuff was true speech synthesis. It did NOT play back recordings of words. It played series of speech sound commands. It just doesn’t have a “plain English”-to-speech-sound-commands converter. So the extra ROMs simply added these mappings. (And provided an extra revenue source.) It’s very similar to the VODER. One can think of the mappings of speech sound commands as being “sheet music” for the VODER player.

sky : I learned the history of speech synthesizers but i didn't really learn how they worked...?

Lasky Labs : Ah man, you don't have BEEE SEVENTEEEN BOOMMMBERRRRR!!! But bomb squad is fun tho.

MANDRAC : No "b17 baaamer"? No "MORTIS"? No " hola hola get$ aeiou"? Where are my memes damnit! I want my memes!

Avi Katscratch : Ah I remember my first Samsung galaxy phone and the first Samsung TTS version with S voice.

Vaughn Rhinehart : Im so happy you mentioned the VODER as I'm currently in the process of constructing a replica right now.

Ralesk Ne'vennoyx : I was hoping to see SAM/RECITER and wasn't disappointed :D

attackquack : You forgot the best one B 17 BOOOOOOOOMBBEEEERRRRRRRR

Ken Sommerville : Seems like I had a speech-addon for my TI 99/4a - but I don't remember if it was true speech synthesis or just prerecorded words.