Freddie Mercury Solo - Hungarian Rhapsody
Footage of Freddie Mercury on tour in Hungary Video quality is as if it were shot yesterday

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Taken From Bluray "Hungarian Rhapsody" Live In Budapest (July 27, 1986).


izaiaz12 : This looks like it was filmed in 2017, damn

UDINUS LUAS PARKIRANNYA : Watching this high quality video make me feel like watching Freddie in 2017. Damn.

rhoads' girl : The way Freddie looks at Mary, you can see the love he still had for her in his heart.

bored1980 : I can't believe the high quality of this video. It's from 1986 yet it could have been recorded yesterday in HD.

Hoseok's Wife : Freddie used to look so gentle and friendly, like that kind of person you feel good just by talking to them.

Balazs Adam Gulyas : WHY IT'S HD: That time it was very rare to shoot Concert films on 35mm (=big screen movie) films (they mostly used video tapes). However, the Hungarian crew managed to get 16(!) 35mm cameras for the show. The band's manager also saved a raw copy if it's "ever to be remastered". And, some years ago, it was :D Digitizing this type of film gets us a quality of at least 4K UHD.

Marcio Souza 335 : Lucky hungarians! Beautiful country.

ksa1818 : i was born in wrong generation (:

pillerdriver : no tattoo, no piercing, just music!

white orchid : Mary Austin so pretty in this video..

Soli Mehr : Mary seemed happy around him,always smiling. so did Dear Freddie...the way she looks at him, l love it!...they were both lucky to have each other

Natasha : Interview?...... Oh don’t be ridiculous.

Dan Uberman : This is an impressive quality video... feels like HD.

Jeremy : Some brilliant editing here. The shots of Freddie alone in the stadium are particularly striking. In his prime and just soaking up life. Love it.

Viktoria Vasas : I wish I was alive when this happened. Hungary is still so thankful for these legends performance in our little country❤️

chevalier michel : funny how some thinks technical progresses begin when their own existences :-) "ho ho so old video with so high quality" first it's not video - it's film. So the quality was very high since 1950 at least second there was good singers in this old dark ages :-))

T Sommers : I love the lovely way Mary was looking at Freddie when he was practicing. You could see the love, admiration and respect she has for him(naturally) such a beautiful relationship they had. She is the "Love of My Life" as Freddie would say! True love comes in many different combinations of relationships.

Mario I/O : Millenials which are surprised by the quality of the 35mm film. I feel old.

Tyco Parri : Find a woman who looks at you just like how Mary did at 1:40

Grimreaper57 : Even Freddie jokes about communism 😆 can this band get any better

Ana Lerma : "if you don't like queen please omit unlike for respect to us the fans that we have love to music!!!"

Meep Meep : My Dad had Elvis, i had Freddie ..... and i keep feeling sorry for my kid.

BenDizzy19 : Aw Freddie and Mary looks like a couple on vacation in Hungary. So cute!

Bob Jones : What a haunting capture of Freddie owning the space on his own.. no lights, no PA.. just Freddie in the moment..amazing.

Susan Orchard : Wish we could have him back..,.miss him so much that at times I cry. Remember when he passed away, i was 18. Cried then and I still cry now.

Lily-Kate Cotter : I've said it before and I'll say it again, I was born in the wrong generation.

NYTE : I wish i was born earlier to witness LEGENDS like this

Aubree Tarazon : 2:20 this literally gave me G O O S E B U M P S!!!! How cool is it to see him rehearse in an empty stage with that powerful voice of his & that beautiful echo... I would LOVE to have known what was going through his mind at that moment

romeo cruz : film is HD already.the problem is no HD scanner before.

João Fernando : Freddie: a Me: ok, the world is yours, take everything you want

xiDaban78 : So many fake laughs surrounding Freddie. I think he was beyond that. He would've prefered the people to be real with him

Gost AnGel : Кхм, Я как бы из 2019 года.

Silk Boxing : I never understood why Freddie walked around looking like an Atlantic Wolf Fish. He was worth 50 million

Stavros HD : Did anyone else notice the suit Freddie's wearing at 0:25, is that the same suit as he wore to the 1990 Brit Awards?

Armored CSGOplayer : I didn't get the joke at 1:19. Can somebody explain it to me? Does it have something with Hungary being a communist country at the time?

Squidly Squish : My god, that crowd of people is like my school cafeteria’s chicken nugget day

Jozen One 🎼Covers✔ : This is so HD. It seems like it was yesterday

Val G. : Freddie was just beautiful!! 😍💜 We Miss you Freddie! 💜🙌👼🙁

David Bohata : I have to stop watching these damned videos. I always got so angry I was not alive back then...!!!

Angela The Angel : He was a true frontman. So confident to do anything in front of hundreds and thousands--no, millions of ppl as they were also broadcasted live. All of them are such legends with true talent and passion

Diego Arango : Simplemente.... el mas grande de todos los tiempos.

Ty Wilson : The Quality freaking me out low key how is it this so good

T R I B E : My God how beautiful Mary was and still is!

Freddie : "Interview ? Oh don´t be ridiculous ! " - hahaha, gorgeous ! love Freddie so much !!!

Crystal McKinney : He had so much energy! Love this guy! Hope he sings to us in Heaven.

Toby : You have no idea how happy I get when I see knew videos of Freddie Mercury or Michael Jackson in this high quality!

Renan Alves : that HD quality gave me life i’m in love with him

ICE BERG : It's kind of unusual to see an HQ vid without phones sticking out in the air

Stein-Vidar Andersen : "Interview? Oh, don't be ridiculous!" :)