Freddie Mercury Solo - Hungarian Rhapsody
Footage of Freddie Mercury on tour in Hungary Video quality is as if it were shot yesterday

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Taken From Bluray "Hungarian Rhapsody" Live In Budapest (July 27, 1986).


izaiaz12 : This looks like it was filmed in 2017, damn

UDINUS LUAS PARKIRANNYA : Watching this high quality video make me feel like watching Freddie in 2017. Damn.

Chester McBasketball : I was able to meet freddy when they played wembley in '86, it was only for a few minutes an hour before they started setting up, it was early in the morning and me and my friend at the time had been roaming around since he worked maintenance there. Freddy was with a group of people i never did recognize, definitely wasnt brian or anyone, and we just casually went up to him at this table talking to these people. He turned around and said "A bit early are you?" and without hesitating he immediately shook our hands and asked us if we'd be at the show later. Meanwhile the posse is staring us down haha. We talked about the weather and i showed him a picture of my cat that i'd always carried around with me, he took the picture and said "Well after this i may just have to steal the little gal" and looked at me all serious with his sassy raised eyebrow, then started laughing. Asked him for an autograph and he said he didnt have a pen but said a quick hug would suffice, and suffice it did. I never got the picture of my cat back but i don't mind, i wish i could've told spock that Freddy Mercury stole his picture and called him a girl but he was a cat. I'll always remember that.

Hoseok's Wife : Freddie used to look so gentle and friendly, like that kind of person you feel good just by talking to them.

Dan Uberman : This is an impressive quality video... feels like HD.

rhoads' girl : The way Freddie looks at Mary, you can see the love he still had for her in his heart.

Balazs Adam Gulyas : WHY IT'S HD: That time it was very rare to shoot Concert films on 35mm (=big screen movie) films (they mostly used video tapes). However, the Hungarian crew managed to get 16(!) 35mm cameras for the show. The band's manager also saved a raw copy if it's "ever to be remastered". And, some years ago, it was :D Digitizing this type of film gets us a quality of at least 4K UHD.

white orchid : Mary Austin so pretty in this video..

Marcio Souza 335 : Lucky hungarians! Beautiful country.

pillerdriver : no tattoo, no piercing, just music!

ksa1818 : i was born in wrong generation (:

Soli Mehr : Mary seemed happy around him,always smiling. so did Dear Freddie...the way she looks at him, l love it!...they were both lucky to have each other

Jeremy : Some brilliant editing here. The shots of Freddie alone in the stadium are particularly striking. In his prime and just soaking up life. Love it.

Natasha : Interview?...... Oh don’t be ridiculous.

Viktoria Vasas : I wish I was alive when this happened. Hungary is still so thankful for these legends performance in our little country❤️

chevalier michel : funny how some thinks technical progresses begin when their own existences :-) "ho ho so old video with so high quality" first it's not video - it's film. So the quality was very high since 1950 at least second there was good singers in this old dark ages :-))

T Sommers : I love the lovely way Mary was looking at Freddie when he was practicing. You could see the love, admiration and respect she has for him(naturally) such a beautiful relationship they had. She is the "Love of My Life" as Freddie would say! True love comes in many different combinations of relationships.

Meep Meep : My Dad had Elvis, i had Freddie ..... and i keep feeling sorry for my kid.

Mario I/O : Millenials which are surprised by the quality of the 35mm film. I feel old.

Lily-Kate Cotter : I've said it before and I'll say it again, I was born in the wrong generation.

Ana Lerma : "if you don't like queen please omit unlike for respect to us the fans that we have love to music!!!"

Grimreaper57 : Even Freddie jokes about communism 😆 can this band get any better

Tyco Parri : Find a woman who looks at you just like how Mary did at 1:40

Bob Jones : What a haunting capture of Freddie owning the space on his own.. no lights, no PA.. just Freddie in the moment..amazing.

Susan Orchard : Wish we could have him back..,.miss him so much that at times I cry. Remember when he passed away, i was 18. Cried then and I still cry now.

Aubree Tarazon : 2:20 this literally gave me G O O S E B U M P S!!!! How cool is it to see him rehearse in an empty stage with that powerful voice of his & that beautiful echo... I would LOVE to have known what was going through his mind at that moment

BenDizzy19 : Aw Freddie and Mary looks like a couple on vacation in Hungary. So cute!

T R I B E : My God how beautiful Mary was and still is!

xiDaban78 : So many fake laughs surrounding Freddie. I think he was beyond that. He would've prefered the people to be real with him

romeo cruz : film is HD already.the problem is no HD scanner before.

Trixaone : Guys... "HD" is a value established for the spheres of digital video content. But it has nothing to do with the possible quality of "celluloid" film, since the native "resolution" of a film negative is much higher than just "HD 1080p" or something. Depending on the type of film they used (8mm, 16mm, 35mm etc.) you can expect a physical resolution from 2k, 4k or 8k - to speak in digital terms- if you make a digital transfer (bringing the analog footage on digital media). For example there is a 4K digital transfer from Gone With the Wind from 1939 existing. How would you think it is possible? right, its shot on analog film with a native "resoltiuon" far superior than digital HD dimensions.

Diego Arango : Simplemente.... el mas grande de todos los tiempos.

Toby : You have no idea how happy I get when I see knew videos of Freddie Mercury or Michael Jackson in this high quality!

Ewan ET : Greatest vocalist of all time no exaggeration

Shaun Bang : Seeing how youthful spirited and full of energy Freddie was just a few years before the virus completely sucked him dry of life is so saddening. Even though he himself said he lived a great life it’s a shame he and all those who passed during those times because the lack of medicine and knowledge of the HIV virus died really sucks especially seeing how people like Magic Johnson or Charlie sheen live healthy lives because there are good treatments now. Just knowing that Freddie could still be here if he had just stayed with us a few more years to be able to take advantage of the virus stoppers makes it even worse

Jozen One 🎼Covers✔ : This is so HD. It seems like it was yesterday

NYTE : I wish i was born earlier to witness LEGENDS like this

Crystal McKinney : He had so much energy! Love this guy! Hope he sings to us in Heaven.

Freddie : "Interview ? Oh don´t be ridiculous ! " - hahaha, gorgeous ! love Freddie so much !!!

Gost AnGel : Кхм, Я как бы из 2019 года.

Val G. : Freddie was just beautiful!! 😍💜 We Miss you Freddie! 💜🙌👼🙁

Silk Boxing : I never understood why Freddie walked around looking like an Atlantic Wolf Fish. He was worth 50 million

sAYTEX : Кто с NR? Посмотрим сколько нас

David Bohata : I have to stop watching these damned videos. I always got so angry I was not alive back then...!!!

Jrexx28 : I wish i was born in the 70s to witness Queen

Ty Wilson : The Quality freaking me out low key how is it this so good

PetrolHead Brasil : Oh, Freddie.... We miss you..... :'(

Liberty : They say film has over 5K lines of resolution. That is why old B&W footage shot on film can look so sharp. After this film was transferred to HD 1080p, it looks like it was shot with a Canon 5DMIII Hopefully they will do a 4k or 5k transfer and it would look even sharper.

Angela The Angel : Hungarian Rhapsody is actually a clasiscal piece 😂 sorry im just a classical music nerd