OKs Happy Hour Ep.85: 420 Cocktails and 420 3-Course Meal

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Kynsilok : I wish there was aftermath videos....

aniforprez : "i bet if stephen hawking had legs he would have died because of AIDS because he was banging so much" - OK's Happy Hour 2018

euphoriantremedy : "I put whiskey in it 2 times."

Alex Pithie : Another epic video guys! You two are the Turk and JD of youtube. Dennis at @13:00 glove on, knife in hand. the look of What on your face!

microphone1 : This is the greatest episode ive seen. keep it up <3

Ryan Kasyan : I. Love. This. Episode!

Derick Schultz : "I was gonna research that" until I got high... "I overcooked that salmon" because I got high... "I over poured that vanilla" because I was high... Because I was high, because I was high, because I was high 🎶🎶🤘😎

zackcraft : Gabe puked later in the evening

Russel Timms : Awesome.......!!!!!!!!!!!

xajten : #paddynotpatty

Rev James Jones : That fish you're eating use to be alive you addicts

Daniel Skon : All I need to know is when the Collector's Edition DVD set is coming out.

Tipgoifaf : Watching people smoke freely online is so weird. We're at the end of another prohibition, friends. Americans in 2100 will look at videos like this and relate to it just how like we relate to pictures of early 20th century cops dumping alcohol into gutters. Brilliant video. I literally sent this to my best friend who leans to the right telling him it's educational. Like you said, it's nothing more than two cool ass dudes having fun.

strongpowerthankyou : “It’ll get you there, baby” 😂 this is the quality content I signed up for

theskiesthelimit2 : I see my $5 is getting put to good use! I feel all my skin when I get high too. I feel you Dennis.

Presu Munu : Yes...... You guys wrapped the show like a burrito 😁😆

the konz : wanted to go sleep, but you guys gave me other plans. nice video as always. stay cool, guys!

Luke Preston : Oh man you guys were SHMEEKED

Shelley Severin : Holy crap that was a lot of mj. I can't believe you are still standing. Pop pop.

Nieieieee : this year when you end with the cooking next year you should do always weed

Money Dog : watching this hungry was a bad idea

Butter P : Man I'd love to party with these dudes.

Norm Richardson : Are you drinking Guinness DRAUGHT from the bloody can? Amateurs.

Gus Davis : Wrapped like a burrito

Alec McNeill : im so jealous of your fan mail send nudes


Jodi Donaldson : Hey that's just what I did on st patties day.

GilbertSJH : God I love this show. You need to release the aftermath!!

T Rex : dudes well done .

myDClife : 42000000

theSlowPrepper : I was thinking you guys must be in Cali or Colorado... yep Cali. Mellow on boys, mellow on.