No shadow at local Noon - Darwin Australia 25th October 2018

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Jesus Christ : checkmate Flat Earthers!

Eddy Steady : Ambient Occlusion -> Off Shadow Quality -> Low

XerRact : My dad works at NASA I can confirm this is fake he deleted the shadow folder from the main folder

Moug MeDuro : Fake, the shadows were paid actors...

Rand al Thor : Come on that's NASA psyops, they're build an artificial sun and set it right over Darwin....btw Darwin huh ? Coincidence, i don't think so ! Earth is a mexican tortilla, god's truth

Zac Mumblethunder : You don't fool us. That's fresh concrete, you concreted over the shadow!

LPKlette : LoL fAke "AuStRalIa" dOsNt ExiSt

Golden eye : Does anyone else notice he leaves his phone on that pole and walks away

Wholesome Lad : Looks like poor game rendering

Bubble Double : Lol he clearly just has shadows on low.

Sample Text : Every real flat earther knows Australia isn't real and anyone claiming to be Australian is just a paid actor.

rogamer 187 : when your pc too weak to run LIFE V1.3.6 so you install a mod that disables shadows

TheViperShow : Imagine walking in the parking spot and you see a guy recording a pole for minutes... xd

Mini frigo : FAKE! The video isn't upside down......

TwennyGee : This is FAR too complicated for flat earthers. I recommend you remake the video using smaller words and crayon drawings. Make sure you use only the three primary colors. Anything more will be confusing.

Internet Explorer 11 : Kids, now you know why you don't play at ultra low settings

Bitplex : 7:09 "if you're an australian flat earther, you need to give yourself an uppercut" hahaha that was gold. Btw wolfie we are too laid back to have many flat earthers in Australia. Few and far between I hope!!

Petrified You : *It’s because Australia is Upside down*

julsi : When he said ok google what’s the date my google home responded

Matt Hunt : Well there’s no such thing as Australia so this cannot be true

REVER : I just moved to Darwin, this video doesn't show just how hot it is here

Xaiano : easy proof earth isn't flat without any special tech 1) have a friend that lives far away or travels. Said friend travels to the tropic in june - you are in the northern hemisphere somewhere further north. At sunset, you see the sun setting in the north-west (check it, it does), but your friend, who you can call, sees the same sun directly above him. Yet he's to the south, so why isn't the sun to your south too? This is an impossible scenario on a flat earth - any configuration. 2) Watch ships sail beyond the horizon at the shoreline, then go up a building/cliff (only a few floors is needed) then you can see the same ship again, you're looking further over the curve of the earth. 3) Travel far to the south, you can get cruises to Antarctica in the summer - there you can see the sun for a full 24 hours, yet back in the northern hemisphere it's night - impossible with a flat earth. All can be done with no technical knowledge, no unusual equipment and you can see it with your own eyes. Bonus points - the horizon *IS* flat - the horizon is the limit of how far you can see, it is a distance from you in all directions, i.e. a circle. Circles are 2D shapes, they are flat, thus the horizon _on a sphere_ is flat.

Fritz : Clearly this is only because the NASA employees figured it was too hot to spend the day painting shadows onto the ground and went to the pub instead.

chuckcrunch1 : what has the world come to, that we need this explained

Dario .M : when you turn shadows to low in a videogame

Will Kinsey : Thats a weird glitch, whens the next patch update?

Brydant : These comments are just straight up woooosh bait

Cheeky Monkees : Just another in a long line of videos disproving the lie that is the flat earth supposition. Thank you for consistently and patiently telling the truth to the flat earth community.

nose_gnome : Simple solution, Australia doesn't exist XD

Haroun Sial : is this what the twilight zone looks like?

Universall : *DahWihn Awestrayliah.*

Brian Jepson : I always feel so bad for Wolfie, all alone in some lonely car park somewhere in Australia filming light pole shadows and talking to his smartphone. It’s a lonely life proving flat earthers wrong, but somebody’s got to do it! Great video again, Wolfie.

Steven Hickman : He has his camera on shadows off mode😎

Sudo Nym : Flat Earthers will never believe any evidence, because their minds are closed to anything other than their madness.

Soapy : "ok google why is this in my recommended?"

Hanson : Looks like a poorly rendered game.

CrystalFox13 : Come on, we all know Australia isnt real

Pizzantics : this is fake bc Australia doesn't exist

La Cosa Random : That's because u don't have minimun requeriments

Endertastic : The framerate still isn't good with shadows off... smh

Vegeta : Where are the drop bears?

Werhakon : meanwhile every foreigner coming to australia sees a man filming a some poles

He Ang pro_CTB : Just to stick it in, it has to be at *Darwin* airport.

RussianAssaultBear : get a new graphics card bro, if your gtx 280 cant run shadows.

Ataraxia : Police approaches: why are you filming around the airport sir? Uhh just filming shadows m8

Lemi Kadriaj : *the pole is a paid actor*

NoCopyrightMusic : Earth is flat, Harambe proved it.

Aléxis d’Almeida : If nasa can cgi everything, you think they can’t cgi this video? Is this a joke? this proves nothing. The earth is shampoo bottle confirmed.

Mugoletti : What makes me laugh much more than what flat answers you would actually get is that of all cities you took Darwin to debunk the flat earth. What is the other thing conspiracy theorists don't believe?

Alex Zuniga : Wait so the point of this entire video is just to prove that earth isn’t flat?