LDS Missionaries Try LSD for the First Time - {The Kloons}

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areamusicale : This is by far the most beardless video you've made.

samantha Barrett : God this is so fake lol

Alden21 : Having taken acid many many times, I can attest to this being fake. Funny video, but definitely fake.

Peter Fields : Is it bad that I feel like that normally without the benefit of LSD?

Nlsnowshow : Did they get excommunicated? Pray for there souls

Colby Tate : Fake

Dima Hich : lol this is so filmed

Potato : this is fake af

hootjohnson : "Like I'm made of air" lmfao!

illuminatedEntity : LSD is not for fun and games. It's a journey. That's why we call it tripping. It's mind expansion and conscious awareness. An airplane pilot files a flight plan before he takes off. Tripping should be the same. LSD is a spiritual experience. It reveals the secrets of the universe, or it can be a trip to hell. If one is not in tune with the universe, a guide and preperation would be advised. Drop out tune in and turn on.

Oscar Vargas : LMAO!!!! Sucking God's dick is his mission

Kharimi Nougat : I'd say those boys are about ready for the 300 mic session :)

HydraLord1221 : Why do people think drugs are a sin?? WTF?

Jiminy Glick : The Utah accents were awesome, but no temple garments. Even if it's a fake video , I wish I had dropped acid on my mission. One of my companions asked me to have sex with him. I didn't do that either.

chris guido : i can hear it in 3d hahaha

josue diaz : laaaaaaaaaaaameeeee

GunWalkyrie : I was so disapointed when I realized it is all fake at the end of the vid, when the child sucking a cock on the drawing suddenly appears... ok wait what the f*ck.

Alberto Hernandez : lol when the guy says 'Ive never even had coffee' then he says 'you have?' he had a look on his face like "I dont even know who you are anymore jerry" LOL

Aurili Zalikabo : I wouldnt do beer

Tiffani Schreiner : So completely fake! Missionaries go by their last names. These guys all have their first names on their fake nametags. Besides, these guys are too old. This is fake.

Jordi Danen : If you have a somewhat healthy mind...lsd is fine. As long as you make sure you are comfortable, have enough time, and just do it a few times a year. Its a great thing in my opinion.

Vida filosófica : Coffee is the best drug

Mohammad Tayyar : Lol i dont think they actually took lsd in the video

Mike Trix : I didn't realize it was fake until seeing his penis pic... The penis gave it away!!

Jake Smith : Lmao, you guy should do an episode of Muslims doing acid now

Noé Castel : They have no dilated pupils. And that's an unintended effect even in very low dosages of LSD. I found it very funny, maybe the scrip was done with journals of actual LSD experiences.

Zoltan Czako : Why people say fake? They have a lot of other video..... U on the internet..

Chris Johnson : This is great ... Go read the About me section maybe though

AWetNugget : for anyone wondering what the song they listen to is its Lights Out Work Out 2 by Niklas Ahlström

Savannah Buday : this made my day

Harley Quinn : well I'm currently tripping so watching this was hilarity for me!

Haxel0rd : It's clearly Fake, as otherwise that's how their pupils would look like (even if pointing light directly to it) ->

Sheila Jackson : TURN ON ,TUNE IN & DROP OUT

Mark Murray : Did acid just make him gay?!

PineappleLord : I am very interested in watching the full trip if available

TR1GGA187 : Definitely need the full version.... hahaha

Maureen Compoli : This is maybe perhaps the most existential Kloons so far. Well done. Again.

Helen Figueroa : The guy at the end when he revealed his drawing.i lost it. He said all sad when asked if he would want to do it. "I probably never will" lol!

damyan ski : they don't look like they are trippin

Indigo Blossoms : it's so funny, but as I watched this it made me tear up... they're just so happy, so chill, they just are. LSD is a beautiful thing, all psychedelics are, really. I'm so happy for them haha down to the dick drawing, and the revelations they felt. It was a good day for them.

Ilko Birov : "I would go with Allah" :D

IrishOtaku : it's as bad as marijuana :'D

Mycel : I always think you're on acid, so this is perfect. I actually suspect that you're wearing small pupil contact lenses here, because you for sure are on acid!

angeladq : Lol thats too much i don't want to go to Egypt

Under aged girl : This was funny to see. I used to be LDS and then I eventually started smoking weed. It made me leave the church bc I saw that I didn't need it in my life and it contradicted a lot in my life.

MoonK9 : Yeah, calling Bullshit on this one...

Spencer Corbin : Did that guy just come out of the closet

white gangsta : one of the best video you 've ever made,,,lsd is bad as marijuana lol,,,,,,,lmfao cofee and beer are psychedlics,,,,,,,,,,hairy airy and larry funny af

TheBrentina14 : Coming from a someone who was raised LDS/Mormon in Utah my whole life up until I was 16, and expanded my reality and consciousness. this video is hilarious and great whether it's real or not. LSD is a great tool to opening ones mind to the universe and the ability to see through the bull shit of religion. Words cannot express the realization of what "is" and that all things in existence are not based upon an institutional congression of a pitiful belief in action vs consequential reality bound by the restrictions of words of old men or "translated" words on plates of historical persons. The practices symbolize occultism, discrimination and restriction to extensions of the natural and instinctive understandings of human interaction as well as interpersonal beliefs based on acceptance and the influence of social expectations.

panda balls : Hey I don't know if those lovely Mormon guys get to see this but I watch the whole video and thank you for doing an experiment and for answering questions to broaden our Horizons. And for being lovely