LDS Missionaries Try LSD for the First Time - {The Kloons}

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areamusicale : This is by far the most beardless video you've made.

Hazel Grey : Guess who just got excommunicated??

Inked Skin Deep : I totally bought this until the blowjob picture.

Meghan Hughes : SON OF A FLIP!!!

irl madi : “you can hear it in 3d”

Nebzei : This is fake obviously you would of seen there pupils dilated which none of them are this is used for entertainment purposes

Kiarnii Miller : that's the sound of world peace

Kay Gow : *you can hear it in 3D*

Ivan Lemes : I don't undersatd, the third guy just realized that he's gay?

Matt Nobrega : These guys can't possibly be real missionaries. The fact that they tried lSD and said those things is gonna get them a one way ticket to hell. Welp enjoy the ride guys.

Hey You : at first I thought it was real LOL until the end

Patrick Beasley : someone just got sent home from their mission

Fat Unit : 5:10 was quite the plot twist

Divine Potato : i was stuck between not knowing if this was real or fake, the name and idea would seem fake but the video seemed so real but comments section saved me the confusion acting, reactions and expressions are all really well done

Candace Nicolai : I think like this while sober, there must be something wrong with me.

TheStoryofaGamer : 3:14 WHOA! My belly hurts to laugh ... so epic.

really regular : "I feel like I'm made of air " "I feel like I'm made of hair " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ryan Mercer : Haha, the name tags are way wrong but haha funny anyway

MODE : "Hairy Lary Greg" 😂

Eltern10 : Don't get my wrong but those 3 guys look completely brainwashed and plain, like they never had fun in their lives - which is probably true.

Naturally Unconventional : 4:59 PLOT TWIST

SaruCharmed : Some of this seems fake

TheOneAndOnly : “Just as bad as marihuana” LMAO weed aint that bad

EarlGrey : They say in the end that it's just a clickbait video. It's all fake.

Tobe Jonsson : These guys seem like they're pretending to be stoned not frying on LSD

ForcePlays : It actually took me a while to understand this was just a comedy clip instead of a real reaction video the first time I watched. They nail the reactions and effects really good :D

wutda fuc : anyone who’s ever done L knows these guys would just be on the floor not saying a word

tt 0sc : The quality content I signed up for

DINOLOVER6717 : Wait 🤔🤔 so lowkey was he saying he’s gay? Awww is this his come out moment 🤭 it was very strangely received lbs

Bogdan Shumenko : I think it’s fake

Dimitri Isov : 5:10 took an unexpected turn

Julie Maraccini : “As bad as marijuana” lmao

BreezyHD : Watching this baked asf

Lauren Mancuso : TURN THE BONES ON

samual williamson : Im ariving at a basement party in Egypt

Not Just Tube : "I looked it up and it said it was a schedule 1 which is like, as bad as marijuana" I larfed

NuKeRGG : Now whenever they go into a home.. "hello we are missionaries.. have you ever tried LSD? it's awesome"

Patricia Garcia : This is so fake. I have two grandson who are baptized as mormans. And I haven't seen them in over 2 years. The oldest drives,is 17 and has own car. They live 10 minutes away but he won't do anything that his mother doesn't know about. I don't know why I can't see them i.just know my son who is not a morman was always giving excuses why I couldn't see he is at work, he is leaving for work,he is tired from work etc. And I won't ask the wife. I love my son and my grandsons but if a religion can actually split a family I'm not okay with that. Stop preaching to others if you are living a lie. That is why I left my religion. It was nothing but hyprocrites. And wasn't the morman religion. A religion that rules your life is unacceptable. That is how I feel because I lived it. I won't ever let another religion run my life. So these 3 guys doing lsd on you tube is bull.

T Taco4Life : One easy word to say 6:03

monzterz559 call of duty : harry,larry,greg😂

Quniverse : Welcome to outer darkness you filthy heathens.

Life With Jazz : "you can hear it in 3D."

ahmet ali : Oçlar adamsın

Alex P Thorn : i havent decided if you really did it, theres some parts missing but very funny, not really laughing hard enough, i mean lsd is a belly laugh from start to finish, you can't stay sitting and i didn't even get a hint of anyone hallucinating...... which is the best part of lsd ;)

studnation18 : This was a very funny video but gotta dislike it because of the guy that said lsd is almost as bad as marijuana. Sorry not sorry lol you dont see lsd curing cancer and shit.

Austin Yipeo : “Guess it’s bad as marijuana” so not that bad😂

stevie jongh : why is coke so expensive?

wave 34 : LSD is not "as bad as marijuana". Some of the most intelligent scientists of the past century called LSD a wonderdrug. Who ever said that about marijuana? LSD is the most effective treatment for Depression and many more mental disorders. Dont get me wrong, Cannabis has strong healing effects. But i would rate LSD as more beneficial Overall for humanity and society. Plus LSD is far less dangerous as Cannabis (and Cannabis is not dangerous at all, if used responsibily)

wave 34 : The TRUTH about LSD: There is no substance that is more effective and curative for depression and other mental disorders than LSD. It shows you how beautiful the world is and how you could be as a human when you are not confronted with mental problems. It shows you gratitude and love for the world, your fellow human beings and yourself. It ensures that you see the world with different eyes even after the "trip". It makes you a better person. It is no wonder that some of the most intelligent individuals of the past century who once tried lsd were convinced of the healing power of LSD throughout their lives. Especially in microdoses. For Heinz Wurst who has no idea: LSD is not toxic, can not make dependent and otherwise harmless. Coffee is more dangerous than LSD. This is not my opinion, but that of scientists who have been researching LSD for decades. How come then that such a beautiful and healing substance is banned in our society, but the horror drug alcohol is legal and available in every shop? This question is more for the smarter among you and the answer says a lot about our society ....

Iago Gonçalves : Ze droguinha