LDS Missionaries Try LSD for the First Time - {The Kloons}

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areamusicale : This is by far the most beardless video you've made.

RCSparks Studio : Oh my Gosh, the Comments in this video from the LDS community are equally hilarious.

Rebecca Veenstra : Okay but I want to know how trippy psychedelic drugs would be if you were like blind or deaf

Majes en Moto : This is by far the BEST video you've made..

Sreekanth Narayanaswamy : This is like a dove commercial for lsd.

pinkANDblue : LMAO I thought this was all 110% real until the last dudes drawing. Holy christ this is great.

veeoneeye : Hard to say if any of them are actually mormon and also hard to say if they're actually trippin. dose can't be anything higher than 50ug if they're keeping composure that well... clickbaitted me well

Polish Boï : Next time do it for real

MelXYX : These dudes ain’t take anything. Their pupils are the same and can sit still for hours.

Alden21 : Having taken acid many many times, I can attest to this being fake. Funny video, but definitely fake.

TwoBaze : eating on acid, is one of the best things ever :D

Spencer Corbin : Did that guy just come out of the closet

ツLurnn : *you can hear it in 3d*

EY : They are sawing in the room next door and shooting lazers down the hallway

samantha Barrett : God this is so fake lol

Marta C : pupils aren't dilated?

ChrisJAHn Skylark : Fake Mormons

TheDoubleDinger : Coming from an Ex Mormon, this video made me laugh so hard.

louis mensinger : "I would go with Allah" Brilliant.

MellowTone Official : As an ex-Mormon this is a really funny concept!

MoonK9 : Yeah, calling Bullshit on this one...

Chade Fallstar : Acid can be a mind expanding, conscious altering experience when done in the right conditions. Certain people in positions of power should be made to try it, weed too.

Nigger from Nigeria : This was funny to see. I used to be LDS and then I eventually started smoking weed. It made me leave the church bc I saw that I didn't need it in my life and it contradicted a lot in my life.

David Blaze : If someone made me listen to EDM while on acid I would throw up and drown in my puke.

Yiran&Sam Heathcote : Super fake! too old to be missionaries

Michael Walker : these guys aren't Mormon

Neon Peon : Yeah, they are not on acid.... What a disappointment. On acid there is NO WAY to stop your pupils from growing like, 4x their normal size.

Peter Fields : Is it bad that I feel like that normally without the benefit of LSD?

Pedro Rocha : Congrats on your acting! Truly convincing haha

Cole Troxel : I tried shrooms and weed while I was still in the church. It really made me question it and eventually made me leave

Daniel Nicklas V : Did they do it for real? They are so good actors, you can't tell.

Dave Hughes : You should’ve worn magic garments to really sell it.

PREPFORIT : The original mormonii cult leader J. Smith was always trippin on magic mushrooms. So this was a great way to honour him 😆

Your Guitar Inspiration Guy : Always loved that part lmao, "I don't think it's real!" Hour later "Dude, don't talk to me." :Hides under stairs: Funny story. Was at Bonnaroo Music Festival in the summer of 02. Licked a sheet of acid, ate shrooms, did molly and no telling what else. So anyways, theres HUNDRED thousand people in the middle of Tennessee and I'm in line for something and I turn around and I see this dude I had not seen in 2 years and had only known for a couple months. He was introducing me to his GF at the time and I just could not compute. (Considering I lived in Tx) Needless to say, was quite awkward, but fun at the same time.

Goblin8093 : where is your beard ?!

Shaun Meldrum : Nice try but they're not real elders of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.

Greg Camp : FAKE

Snipja : Who tf are these virgins

Darllan Félix : Should not their pupils be dilated?

sihplak : Turn the bones on!

Exploration Station : Someone please tell me this is a skit.

Telly Vision : Idk if this vid was for real or not... but if it was, I just wanna say to the guy on the far right, no shame. You don’t have to be ashamed, just do you. You got a whole lgbt+ family out here waiting with open arms anytime you want us. We’re patient and accepting, and we’ll always be here. Peace ✌🏻

balenjoon : lmao their badges are fake af

Rish Inanna : This was so beautiful; I loved watching. I laughed, quite literally out loud, from joy. What sweet men! And here we all are, trying to figure it out.

Max Faleyev : As bad as marijuana? Alot of things that are 100% legal are worse than weed

Henrique T. de Camargo : I could swear to god I was on a Cut's video

Hope M : are they serving missionaries though?

Manuel Valencia : Please accept the subtitles so that the peoples of Latin America also enjoy

Korra Jean : loved this! Miss you guys soooooooo much!

Laura_Luv_Grace : He looks so weird without a beard 😂