Forklift causes whole warehouse to collapse
Forklift causes whole warehouse to collapse

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Dominos in warehouse - someone is fired


Indrid Cold : This is more a bad reflection on the construction of the shelving more than a bad reflection on the driver of the fork lift. That tiny tap should not have brought down anything at all.

Justo Juarez : Those racks were garbage Way too much weight and probably cheap

Edwin Holcombe : No way can that be blamed on the fork lift driver. That was going to come down sooner or later.

Ivan Soedjono : By the looks of how it bumped the rack, I think a sneeze could do the same damage.

Tyler Mankins : "So, why'd you leave your last job?"

swygster : Michael Scott: We’ll get somebody to clean that up. Daryl: We’re the ones that gotta clean that up!

OfficalBlooms : Warehouse: *exists* Forklift: I’m about to end this whole mans career

Paul Trekker62 : This is heartbreaking to watch but It looks like if you sneezed wrong on those shelves they are going over.

Boruto : Those isles should’ve been bolted tighter and stronger.

Bob Sebring : Wow! looks like one of the employee's was killed. The man directly in front of the fork lift didn't get away in time and the shelves toppled over him. It would be a miracle if he had survived.

bill bixby : DARKWING DUCK: ...Anybody got a broom?

DeathByRyax GG : Boss: yeah umm... you...are..f- Driver: *zooms out* Worker: *zooms out* Construction Workers: *zooms out*

Fallon Davis : Bad shelving. He barely touched it.

ItalianOrlando : Clean up on aisle 1,2,3,4,5 and 6

75joev : legend has it they still haven't uncovered him.

Messy Marv : They should nickname this guy THE DEMOLITION MAN.

Pepper Beckett : "La la la la🎶, Just strolling down the aisle. I'm just going to park right here." CRRASH!!!

French Cyndaquil : I don't know who's designed / tested these warehouse shelves but whoever that is they deserve a beating.

Julirayray : Dude would have been dead if this was an *Anvil Factory*

Peter McDonald : that didn't go well coffee break anyone Seriously though I hope the forklift driver didn't die I'm guessing it be kind of hard to breathe under all that inventory

S : Micheal: Glad that tornado missed us man I couldn’t imagine this warehouse crashing down Darryl: yea Ik where’s Carl? Carl: *Bump

TheAllaksion : Wonder how the shelves would react if there was an earthquake if a tiny forklift tapping a shelf causes the entire place to collapse.

robo painter : That company will now purchase the same shelving units that home depot uses. Or I hope so

yakipu0222 焼きプ : Let's just hope my mangas made it out ok.

Totatui Handi : I wonder how they restacking ALL OF THAT MESS...

Human_Guinea_ Pig_ : This gives “my whole world came crashing down on me” a whole new type of meaning 😆😂

Jean Pierre Wehry : *Warehouse insurance company has left the chat*

Ryann T : I always worry about that when I'm at costco. It's kinda scary when you look up the aisles

Hermann Fegelein : To show you the power of Forklift *0:30**-**1:02* I DESTROYED THIS WAREHOUSE!

Cate : Someone grab the dustpan and brush! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Demonic Akumi : Meh it was only half. The left side didn't fall at all. It's all good.

Martinj1417 : The shelves were overloaded. He barley bumped it.

Joe kingdom : I feel sorry for that folk lift driver 😘

Erik Beasley : Micheal scott: somebody needs to clean that up.... Warehouse workers: DAMNIT MICHEAL

Puga Chan : As expected from a flimsy chinaware products.

scribblebeck : I call clickbait, that wasn't the WHOLE warehouse.

Saibal Republic : Thank you YouTube for putting this in my recommendation, for unknown reasons.

Gigi Bliss : man imagine how long that took to clean😩 and I hope that guy is okay

RiSK Faded : Micheal Scott was driving the forklift.

georgina healy : Somebody is getting sacked for that? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Charles Pastore : makes ya scared to go to lowes home depot or sams warehouse now

FullMetal 112 : " Soooo....... am I fired?..."

A Guy from New Zealand : The moral of the story is Don't take short cuts 😂

Kronos : Towmotor didn't do anything the shelf was loaded beyond capacity and buckled

Bryan Christopher : I kept saying 'stop' in my mind, cause I feel like I had to pay all those damages.

Sam Willows : Well damn.. that sucks. Definition of a bad day. Those racks definitely weren’t made of steel.

Jeffrey Jimenez : Manager be like nobody leaving until everything is picked up

Phatkid : I feel kinda bad for the guy but I also feel kinda bad admitting that this is pretty satisfying.

blublur06 : "Bring Down The House jutsu"