Forklift causes whole warehouse to collapse

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Ben Mak : Cheap shelving, overloaded.

Sleeping Warrior : How the hell.....he...just touched it..... Why the hell did it do that?

V WorldWide : CEO: so guys I have just implemented a new type of shelf dirt cheap made from recycled Dominos, it is going to be Epic.

First Name : Rip to the guy in the bottom right corner 0:33


LanaDelRadio : Forklift fuel doesn't burn hot enough to to weaken steel like that.

Doc yang vlogs ASMR : *Sorry, but your package has been delayed by one year. Please contact costumer service for more info*

Similak Child : That guy on the bottom right was obviously crushed to death

escorpio118420 : "We're going to need you to pee in this cup."

Darren Ferguson : *mic turns on* "clean up on isle 6"

Sieger : Repair it with flex tape

Brian Tobias : Dude had 1 job.

Pasi Sallinen : wow, sturdy af. how about next time when building a ware house you actually follow the safety regulations.

J P : That was no ones fault that is an extreme accident waiting to happen weak shelving

zdragonforce : Did I just watch someone die?

Waheed Shirzay : Why nobody talk about the forklift driver? Who might have lost his life or badly injured

John-Del : "Guys, we need volunteers to do inventory this weekend.."

Robert Lembo : Funny, when I bump into the shelves at Home Depot with the forklift this doesn’t happen... 🤔

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : "I was thinking of quitting anyway"

A Drum Tsukumogami : *_T H A T ' S A L O T T A D A M A G E !_*

FullMetal 112 : " Soooo....... am I fired?..."

Tarun Macha : loss is balanced by money from views 😅😅

holloween wishes : Plot twist The forklift was a paid actor and the boxes in the warehouse contained cotton.

Justin Time : Time for drug test

Press Master 1 : Bottom right of the screen at the 0.48 mark you can see a guy in black escape certain death!! Crazy!!

AdventureSportFlashlights : More like under built shelving units cause Warehouse to collapse LOL!

Lock And Load : Ok Guy's, Listen up, tomorrow, everything "must go sale" 90% Off!!! Clean Up !isles 2 thru 17 !

MusicFerLife12 : The comments are hilarious. I also think it is a perfect demonstration why corporations cannot be allowed to design their own systems with no oversight. If you can graze one shelf and cause massive chain reaction it is not a safe system and never was. The real problem I see there is not one bad driver, but that the entire warehouse is a ticking time bomb so the company can absolutely maximize every last dime of profits. Neat and tidy looking, yet ready to fail at any time.. shelving system And driver I guess. I don't know if this is Ikea, but in Ikea warehouses the customers are back there all day too, picking out their own items.

:SARU: : : When Thanos snaps his fingers.

Kirk Douglas : Future highways with autonomous cars

FlamesAtGames : imagine being responsible for this


Justin Y. : when you build in Fortnite and someone shoots the bottom

iNeverHad Mercy : 0:31 "You're Fired 🔥🔥🔥🔥"

octavio moncada : I hope the cheese was ok.

Bimmer Won : They call that the “domino effect”

Nikodem klk : My first day in work.........

BS Catcher : Jenga!!!

furiouzzzz : Owner of that shithole should be in jail

The Wraith : *Later in the office* - "Yeah, after careful consideration we've decided to let you go. We just don't feel that you're compatible with our workplace environment and corporate image.

P La : Is the man still alive under all those boxes 📦

epayne6 : A million dollar video! Literally. 😂

augustusmd : now i know why they they put “FRAGILE” on those packages..

Chi chan : Hotel? *Trivago*

Petrus Suomalainen : The demolisher man joins the battle

sheldon jessup : Those shelves were overloaded, it was cheaply managed


XEZ : boss guilty 80 percent.......too much stuff on skinny structure .........even a tiny earthquake coud cause that collapse

lil oof : Why do I just wanna buy cheap shelving and do this in my own warehouse to prank a mate

Mr86753o9 : God damit Carl I told u not to drive in reverse