Forklift causes whole warehouse to collapse

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A Drum Tsukumogami : Just fix it with Flex Tape!

Lovetohatehatetolove : Don’t blame him blame the people who bought those shelves

beckblowbyblow : It's time for a Snickers.

riff724 riff724 : No products were harmed in this video and will be available soon in your area

Max : This is not in America

Brevard Smith : Luckily for them, they had on yellow shirts. Red shirts die all the time in these situations.

Zuper Zinja :

MyTheory : Dont blame the forklift. Those are some very poorly built shelves.

Ed Brown : I can't believe that wasn't a setup.

Niccolo Brogi : That folklift melted steel

Rodolfo Loredo : Must have been an Ikea warehouse with Ikea shelves.

Lamar34 : Oh he's fired fired

Bittermin31 : Well, he'll never have to work another day in his life... If he still has a life.

Obviousman : It appears like the racking was not bolted down to the floor correctly. In our warehouse, you could hit the rack harder than this driver, and nothing would happen.

Santhosh Stephen Christudas : Hope the ad revenue for this video can pay for all the damages

kris shipp : Drug test coming

Phantom_Knight : Yes we saw it was the fork life driver's fault but yet at the same time the company haves cheap shelves racks.

IT IZME_ : THIS WAS AN ACCIDENT JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN. Whether it was the forklift in one spot or a falling pallet in an other, this God damn place was not only designed by an idiot, but inspected by an even bigger jackass. ANYTHING could have brought that place down the way it was designed. Those rows should have been braced, either to the roof or by cross bars to each other. Not to mention hiring fools that operate forklifts like that.

flashclynes : To tidy this mess takes a MONTAGE !

Trenton Iocca : Did I Do That.

StumpSteph : Okay Youtube I watched it, Happy?

Mehdi : level up in angry birds

fairz animations : Woman drivers wait for it lol

Traci Anderson : Ummm STOP rofl... Kinda looks set up though 😜🙈🙉🙊

His Excellency angel Gabriel : You lied, Not entire warehouse collapsed. Any casualties? What is on the racks?

Mark Turnbull : Just read the fire men had to cut a hole in the roof and put a drone in to find him he was unhurt but took over 8 hours to get him out the cab on forklift saved him think the building was full of cheese you would have new were he was roughly if you looked at the cctv tape.

B G : He dead

wee lana : Is he even alive🤔🤔

100K Subscribers Without Any Videos : Oddly satisfying

Lyle Hwong : Oops!

Knightcore : When you put the last 2 cards on top of your card castle

Doreen Llamas : O he dead

MILK : Todd Howard, “ It just works...”

Chesus Jrist : I would blame the forklift operator, but that is really unfair here. Anyone can see this warehouse just wasn't up to whatever safety regulations should have been enforced. That is ridiculous. Hope that guy is alive.

chris kabler : Clean up in isle 3

blast head : Well there was that sign posted reading, "step outside if you are going to sneeze".

J Bravado : When you wanna go home early so you try to fake an injury but die in the process

Que Onda Canal : Huge warehouse thousands of products but cheap weak shelves. Chinese owned possibly.

Megan Schnarr : Duuuude thts sooo bad oh man hope no one was hurt

Bill Doe : Honey, I'm working late tonight. I have a little mess to clean up before I come home.

Petar Ivanovic : *"I still get paid tho..?"*

James Logan : *Spillage on aisles 2, 3, 4 and 5.*

jdubb82 music channel : Don't get high on the job

bob connor : BS

NoLie6 : This is partly a computer animation. You can see this!

gloknor : That warehouse contained crates of broken shelving and debris from another warehouse collapse .

EKGaming : Just an average day at a FedEx storage depot.

HelloIamBear : Most. expensive. dominos. set. Ever.

signstrade : Scam is fake

John Evans : Tame compared to the one where a guy gets caught up in a take-up reel. The impacts are so hard that the operator's panel above the reel is busted to pieces by the dude's spinning body. It is on Best Gore. This is bad and destroyed a lot of wine and cheese but no one was killed. There was a person dressed in black under the racks on the extreme bottom right that got out OK too.