Groucho Marx Classic - "Gonzalez-Gonzalez" - You Bet Your Life

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Groucho Marx classic where he swaps funny moments with a contestant. Full Clip.


Jinny Park : Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez was a comic genius. He is hilarious! LOL

The Artful Dodger : John Wayne saw this and had him cast in several of his movies. Pedro had a long career doing TV and film.

MondoBeno : Pedro is hilarious. His deadpan delivery is perfect.

OaktownABQ : "Two people in the act, and I get third billing!" LOL

David Sutton : He made Groucho actually laugh out loud while the crowd roars!

CaptainObvious123 : "Two people in the act and I get third place" LOL

John Bliss : Vote for Pedro

José Arturo : 🎵 *Alla en El Rancho Grande,ah You want it in English or Espanish?* 😅

darylmichael7 : Classic. I could have listened to Pedro another hour. He and Groucho make a great team.

Terrence Daugherty : "This is racist." Try having a sense of humor, it helps the serious go down. You go on Groucho's show and anything goes. That's his style of humor. To call Groucho racist is to know nothing of the Marx Brothers or Groucho himself.

sweiland75 : I suspect his English was better than what he let on and that's why he was able to top Groucho in being funny.

superfaces : Brilliant brilliant brilliant...comedy at its best! Pedro you make us all proud. Thank you Groucho.

Chip Griffiths : Better than anything on tv today.

poetcomic1 : Groucho loved him.  In South Texas there was STILL at that time Mexican theatrical vaudeville of which P.G.G. was a part.  Expert timing and even novelty dancing which was a Groucho  specialty as well.  One of the few times on the show you can see Groucho throw back his head and laugh totally.

Arthur Harrison : Ramiro Gonzalez-Gonzalez appeared in over 20 motion pictures.

J Smith : Pedro G was magnificent. No wonder this interview launched a successful acting career!

fg6971 : Wow. He is the funny hotel owner in one of my favorite movies, Rio Bravo from 1959. Pedro stole the show in this episode.

Jason Love : Love this! I hear Mr. Gonzalis was able to start a career in film from this. It is hilarious.

jessie james : Pedro was completely not self conscious at all...and absolutely funny

poetcomic1 : Pedro's grandson, Clifton Collins Jr. is one of the top character actors in Hollywood. He won special acclaim playing killer Perry Smith in the award winning film, Capote. Groucho loved Pedro and once said that he was his favorite guest of all time. Pedro was still doing South Texas Spanish Vaudeville gigs after WWII when vaudeville was long since dead elsewhere. Groucho, a veteran of vaudeville loved him for it. Pedro even did 'novelty' or funny dancing just as Groucho did himself.

bull419 : Pedro has a great sense of humor, it is custom in Latin countries and in Spain to take your mother's name after your father's name, so if they have the same last it sounds redundant but it's custom but Pedro makes up a great excuse for his name which might even be true, as a fellow Latino, this is very funny...!!!

Uncle Joe Stalin : Wow, 60 years too late but I'm so rooting for Sr Gonzalez Gonzalez to get his bean money!!!

Dave Erhardt : Politically correct people would call this racist. I wouldn't, I think we're beyond this, the man was just naturally funny. That's it.

MJ Sanchez : Pedro Gonzalez is from San Antonio, Tejas !!!!

hockeyrd99 : "That's nice billing.. two people in the act and I get third place"!

Mitch Gawlik : I don't know who's funnier, Groucho or Mr. Gonzalez-Gonzalez. Ms. O'Reilly was a good sport.

Julie Cullen : Best straight man ever

PowerNdust : This guy's hilarious! Brought up my mood :)

Victoria Odegaard : So hilarious! Pedro is a good counterpart for groucho

Jay Berry : Married 9 years,,,,that look ! I know it well hahahahaha

Michael A Herrejon : I personally met Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez before he passed away in 2006. He told me that he was residing in San Antonio at that time, but I will always cherish meeting him in my store. Thank you, Jesus for the appointed time. Amen

Frank Sadat : Groucho actually makes a great straight man here! They could've taken this act on the road! If I'm not mistaken, Pedro's grandson is actor Clifton Collins (Traffic).

Gary Slama : Pedro is awwwesome. So dry, just beautiful. These two coulda had some great scenes together. Lmao.

elgubero : This man is soooo funny and doesn’t even seem to know it!!! He’s got some moves too!!

ADAM ANTMAN : Groucho announced on a broadcast a couple of weeks later that NBC had received a lot of letters from viewers saying how much they had enjoyed seeing Pedro and that Groucho should help him enter showbiz. He got Pedro a contract with the William Morris agency. Pedro appeared in a number of movies and TV in the following decades - usually in Westerns - as comic relief. A real scene-stealer! Pedro spent the rest of his life in show business and lived to the age of 80.

Lee Mclaury : His name was Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez. 1925 - Feb. 26, 2006. His grandson is Clifton Collins Jr.

Fred Ferd : This guy has Groucho working as a Straight Man!! FUNNY!!!! I Wish the man the very best!

George Alderson : Mr Marx has the courtesy to allow time for the audiance to laugh and to applaud the guest and he joins in with them too rather than upstaging him as so many "seasoned professionals" are seen to do these days. What a splendid man he was.

Truth Hurtz : Neither one had heard of "Sodom and Gomorrah", wow.

Leon Allan Davis : The Mexican was a pro comedian...probably just starting out.. Groucho used his show to give young talent a start...

ACS Shap : It's like a Burns and Allen bit.

jjkhawaiian : Pedro was awesome! He had me in stitches the whole time. Best straight funny man ever. The Mexican Jerry Lewis, lol.

John Armstrong : Groucho gave young comedians a shot long before Carson, Steve Allen or Letterman

robert szvetics : he was in a few john wayne westerns wayne liked him when he saw this show

fliegeroh : 6:58 Groucho: "What would we call our act." Pedro: "Gonzalez-Gonzalez, and Marx" Groucho: "That's a nice billing. Two people in the act and I get third place."

Gerald N. : Pedro is such a nice innocent guy. I hope he lived a long happy life :)

Bob Ham : this is the same guy that was on Rio Brovo with John Wayne. 1959????

dave griego : "Gonzalez-Gonzalez" was born in a town of about 23 people in rural Texas. He was a functioning illiterate his whole life. He served in WWII, where he was a driver and did stand up for Spanish speaking troops. That was his only training before this show was recorded. Despite his short comings, he carved out a decent career in film and good life for himself and his family. Most of us will not reach the goals he achieved...

mrblowhard2u : Born Ramiro Gonzalez-Gonzalez in Aguilares, Texas to a Mexican American father and a Spanish mother, Gonzalez-Gonzalez grew up in a talent-filled home. His father was a trumpet player, and his mother was a dancer. His brother was actor Jose Gonzales-Gonzales (1922-2000).[1] He left school at the age of seven to join a family act called "Las Perlitas" that toured southwest Texas. As a result, he was functionally illiterate for all of his life. As a result of his illiteracy, he memorized scripts by having his wife read them to him. Gonzalez-Gonzalez married at the age of seventeen and served in World War II. After the war he performed stand-up comedy for Spanish-speaking audiences.[2] In 1953, he appeared on the Groucho Marx quiz show You Bet Your Life under the name Ramiro G. Gonzalez, where his banter with Marx attracted notice. Marx asked him: "What does the 'G' stand for?" to which he replied "Gonzalez", and explained that both his parents had been surnamed "Gonzalez" before being married. So Marx asked: "What does your wife call you: Ramiro or Gonzalez?" He replied "She calls me 'Pedro'", triggering audience laughter. After Gonzalez performed a 15-second comic dance to strong applause, Marx complimented his guest's comedic skill, saying: "Pedro, we could do a great act together. We could make a fortune in vaudeville, you and I. What -- what would we call our act, you know, if we went out together? 'The Two Hot Tamales'?" After Pedro deadpanned "Gonzalez-Gonzalez and Marx", Groucho made an aside: "That's a nice billing. Two people in the act, and I get third place in the place!" [3] John Wayne saw his appearance on the program and cast him as comic relief in a number of movies including Rio Bravo, The High and the Mighty and Hellfighters. He also made guest appearances in shows such as The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet, Gunsmoke and Wanted: Dead or Alive, as well as the Jerry Lewis film, Hook, Line & Sinker. Wayne also had Burt Kennedy write a TV series for Gonzalez-Gonzalez that was never made.[4] Gonzalez-Gonzalez played extra characters behind Mel Blanc in a number of Speedy Gonzales cartoons, including "A Taste of Catnip" and "Go Go Amigo," billed generally as Gonzalez Gonzalez. As a result of playing comic relief roles, he was accused of perpetuating negative stereotypes about Hispanic men. However, Edward James Olmos said of Gonzalez-Gonzalez at the time of his death that he "inspired every Latino actor."[5] He is the grandfather of actor Clifton Collins Jr.