mango thief

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Popjack : Pinned by Berd Quinton Reviews 1 hour ago One day some fool will call 91111 and that’s when we’re all doomed

Berd : hell yeah mangoes

LemmeGunVitalis : *_Mega Squid Police_*

Owen Van Der Karr : Top 10 characters that could beat thanos even with the infinity gauntlet on

Scatterdawn : 91111111111111 *sound of a cop yeeting the mf moon to earth*

Annoyingmuffin 66 : *not the mango police*

LENNOZ : I like how they both died anyway.

WhiteDraygon : _god _*_damn_*_ i love selling mangoes_

GunnZeug : 911 *1.*

Stupid Name : ——o—— |911111 | |111111 | |111111 | |111111 | |111111 | |111111 | |——0——| Edit:made it look more wide

Mr. MelonKitty : Wow. These are the crimes happening in America. And I thought I was safe from criminals.

Nomicro4u : Why did the *Berd* call the *Megapolice?* Because they have never let a *mango.*

Owgl Elite : I love selling mangoes. heheheh, yoink. hey what the hell, get back here you little squid piss. hehe, or else what or else i call the *_mega police_* you wouldnt _dare_ beep beep beep hehe thats what i thought beep oh holy shit big red berd punch thief, saves mango

SilentGamer : mangastic

Sky Wolf 191 : Would this be counted as abuse or justice?

Isabel Velasco : Top 10 most tragic anime deaths

Derp Chaos : Stealing mangos is a serious crime.

Monsterofice : Me: Yay, I love my new Plushie :D Big Bro: *takes it *Now he is Mine me: I will call The MOM Big Bro: U wouldn't dare. Me:..... Big Bro:Thats what i tho- Me:MOM LUCAS STOLE MY PLUSHIE Big bro: o Shi- Mom: 0:20

Slam Slayer : U should be selling cartoon network characters doing fortnite emotes

Yeet skrtskrt : Berd brutality

Eva ten Cate : Y O I N K

Natalie Alfera : If ur friend starts stealing ur fruit, you just gotta let that mango

Josh Nankivell : megapolice

cringe Factory : You little squid piss

Shadow Thief : I like watermelon too

Kittylover_sumehra Playzz : This is how I broke my phone buttons by karate chopping the numbers ;-;

Quinton Reviews : One day some fool will call 91111 and that’s when we’re all doomed

JakFroot 35 : 911... *1*

OctoCookie : 911-111-1111

Jonathan Lugo : Top ten people that can stop thanos even with the infinty gauntlet 1) mega police

Watermelon : Hey berd what do you use to add pictures on your videos?

Tulepeeker : Yoink

Byuntees : 피피 푸푸

The Shrock : I'm on my 11th time watching this vid

TANKMAN 9 : Make a sequel.

Waluigi : o shieett

why hello there. : Crime never goes unpunished.

PEE ON IT : Pee on it

Meme Daddy : 0:20 HHHRRRRNNNGGG!!!! *beat beat beat* That basically sums up every time I'm alone. Which is all the time. Help me.

The Channel Trashtalker : Mega criminals

Alex Luu : Don't skip legday

Nigrum Quercu : 91111111111111111111111 *(WORLD END SOUNDS IN THE BACKGROUND)*

Teddy Bear Gamers : Some day a fool will call the mangopolice that’s when we are doomed

Myka Mirage : 911 “That’s what I though-“ 1 “Holy shit-“

Le Doggo : Mango + thief = Mangoing

Darlinx x : Ejejeheh *y o i n k*

David Martinez : Mega police: DOSE MAH MANGOOOOOEEES

RestInPeaceAndrew RBLX : *Five stars*

Owlartwing : Hate when that happens

Blake Covgan : Oh heck!