mango thief

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Popjack : Pinned by Berd Quinton Reviews 1 hour ago One day some fool will call 91111 and that’s when we’re all doomed

Nomicro4u : Why did the *Berd* call the *Megapolice?* Because they have never let a *mango.*

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : *Don't you hate it when your mango gets yoinked*

macaroni and cheese : 911=polis 9111=mega polis 91111=galactic polis 911111=god dammit philbert

Myka Mirage : 911 “That’s what I though-“ 1 “Holy shit-“

SuperSonic1205 : 9= for 1 police 1= small size 11= regular size 111= *THE MEGA POLICE!!!!!*

Berd : hell yeah mangoes

NinjaMaster909 : So you either have 911 that doesn’t do crap, or you have 9111 that destroys everything in a one mile radius. Seems like a pretty good system going on here.

Jez3my : *Y O I N K*

Rio Snyder : my mango is to blow up, and act like i don't know nobody

Meme Daddy : 0:20 HHHRRRRNNNGGG!!!! *beat beat beat* That basically sums up every time I'm alone. Which is all the time. Help me.

LENNOZ : I like how they both died anyway.

Art call : Me: Yay, I love my new Plushie :D Big Bro: *takes it *Now he is Mine me: I will call The MOM Big Bro: U wouldn't dare. Me:..... Big Bro:Thats what i tho- Me:MOM LUCAS STOLE MY PLUSHIE Big bro: o Shi- Mom: 0:20

Dr. Ketchup : never call the *M E G A P O L I C E*

kyston boi 808 : *you lttile squid piss*

deathfireball28 DB : I can't tell if the thief is green with a black mask or black with a green outfit.

Quinton Reviews : One day some fool will call 91111 and that’s when we’re all doomed


Rednax : At least the mango wasn't harmed.

ToastyNarwhals : Mango + thief = Mangoing

Frisk Dreamurr The Human Christmas Tree : *911* *9111*

Natalie Alfera : If ur friend starts stealing ur fruit, you just gotta let that mango

ChaosyPlays : So no ones gonna question how the *Megapolice* turned the Berd into juice.

CubeTube : cUz nO oNe ExPeCtS tHe MeGa PoLiCe

Oh Yeah Mr Krabs : I broke the replay button

Mr. KisE : Dial 91111111111 for a manual reset of the universe, have a nice day!

The Derp Chaos : Stealing mangos is a serious crime.

Zoey da art queen : Amount of "heh's" from theif berd: 9

Javier Luna : Squid piss!

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : everybody gangsta until someone called the mega police

Stan D MyGround : I thought they said "the mango police".

Henru's second Channel now : 911 is a joke 9111 don't joke

Princess Prisilla : Squid piss is my new insult.


Fejf : I takes a sacrifice to get justice

Sandra Nip : mango stand? yoinked mega police? called berd? fabulous hotel? trivago

Lemon Lime : Father i crave mangos

Park Jimin : *shouldve called the asmr police*

Emily Collins : lol they both died XD

gingertoast : *god D A M N I love selling mangoes*

Brandon Reck : Hehe... *Y O I N K.*

something :/ : 0:04 yoooniink

Anh Tran : 91111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111=shaggy police

「Raman M」 : my mango... is to blow up

Chloe & Rosco Random! : *Berd has been demonetized for copyright of a mango.*

kaliyah : top 10 anime thiefs

McAwesomeKid 1324 : Thats one thicc mf birb

Australian Leprechaun : So the mega police are buffed men who comes in 1 second after being called and kills basically anyone there... Noice

[ All For One ][ ' BNHA ' Quirk - All For One ] : *squid* *piss*

[ERRORNAME] : what will happen if i call 922