Himalayas: a Trek to School in 360 video - BBC News

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Christine Thornhill : Watching this , and listening to their story is an inspiration. I can't imagine many children in this country taking this length of journey to school ........... Unless they were transported by car . As a consequence we have so little physical exercise during school years , little wonder obesity is escalating amongst the population , and education is little appreciated by many , so sad .

Hardik Thakkar : Wish these girls get all education they want in their life.

Sunil Thirukotiyur : Truly impressive, what a perseverance. Good luck girls.

Omprakash Bairagi : Very nice, encouraging efforts from these girls. Great effort BBC!

James Gladwin : Really impressive

Prof. Mahesh Kumar : Can not believe 360 deg rotation of video. Excellent....This technology has to come in classrooms...

PastowanyKaban : and moms here in UK drive their kids to school half a mile through the city in a 4x4 . . .

Robert W. : Seen 3D photos before, never seen this kind of film. Amazing 🤘

Mahmood Hussain : Amazing, excellent piece of documentary, we have similar area's in Parts of the disputed territory In KASHMIR, where children walk for hours to reach their schools... i wish these two sister best of luck in their lives.

Jordan 007 : This is india

gpgp01 : I'd say that adventure to school.

Udaya Bajracharya : 5:58 yes, nothing can stop you girls!

David Bond : Wow now that's dedication I hope you both get what you wish for

Bazaar66.com : This is great, more of this please BBC!

Mayank Rana : I used to read news about this village and the problems they are facing in local news paper This is my place and i have been there... India needs to do a lot of things in infrastructure and basic neccesites And i salute these girls for their efforts

Pete Williams : The BBC should make a full length documentary about this. Sure it would be interesting.

reaver414 : i LOVE these 360 videos they are so immersive thank you, will be sure to leave a like and subscribe

Philip Curnow : Brilliant use of 360 degree video, especially the opening shot.

Joe Mathews : Education is overrated. They should enjoy living in that beautiful village.

kimck10 : This is amazing and so true to what we saw traveling in the Himalayas. What an inspirational and amazing family!

cary bary : Stop wasting our tv license

Naomi Philippa Heredia : Truly amazing to find such spirit and determination in a community so deprived. This is the India I love and respect!

John Apps : What an inspiration to our young students-----brilliant

Max Blinkhorn : Well great content but where I am supposed to look!? I am missing the important bits as I effectively have my back to them at times.

Linda Elizabeth : Wow, as if time has stood still. Reminders of my upbringing, historical moments when innocent dreams meant personal sacrifice and dedication to studying but most importantly respect for my parents.

Alan Smith : Really impressed by the 360 degree photography option. Amazing scenery and helps to feel like one is really walking with the girls.

david dunlop : Truly amazing what some children have to do everyday to receive education. Wonder how many others have similar journeys!

Chris Birkby : The important side comment was when they asked their father to get them a room nearer the school. Is there a charity that can organise this?

Alison Jolley : Well done girls along with your parents for supporting you in your quest for an education. You will do well in life. Good to see this film.

Shantanukumar Maity : Education is Important in India.. it's compulsory for every Children.. We also crossed rivers in Rainy Days. We rural Area people know importance of Study. It's Adventurous to reach school.. Urban Area Students don't know this life, they only know how to sit inside VAN. We also studied with help of lantern flame in school days.. It's a awesome moment what we experienced.. Now I am a Scientist.

Electro Drives : I visited India for a few months a few years ago, and really loved the Himalayas. It strangely felt like home, to be surrounded by nature and down-to-earth people. Getting real nostalgic :'( Damn, i love India

James Grey : they need the education to train them to be slave workers

JUSTACHIPN : Do communities like this have Go Fund Me ??? I'd like to put this school on my Christmas list :) I see no books :(

3D-VR-360 VIDEOS : Never been in India. Watched in VR. It feels so real.. like being there.

Yippy Dingding : Sick sick sick bbc

Yippy Dingding : Will look and see

Yippy Dingding : The sick bbc

Yippy Dingding : For 45 years and said how great he was

Yippy Dingding : I bet there will be a rape case now

Yippy Dingding : Who else at the BBC was abuseing kids ?

Lady Beetle : Great

Coffee with Rohan : owww

ملوكة الحنينة : ممكن تشتركو في قناتي

Titan Crome : Please sub

XploreVR : Enjoyed this :-)

M T : very dangerous route to school

shadow pony : It more intresting to watch because in 360 view

Wen Gibbs : I do not agree with some of alot of the disloyalty trying to figure out and STOP2

Rafique Shah : It would have been better if it was normal video. watching 360 on smartphone is not a very good experience.

BHUVAN 0 : six hours a day... wow good marketing skills....BBC bravo a true British face....