Bird Imitates Zipper Noise - funny!!

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Paula Blox : Aw! That is so cute!


Alyssa Bullock : - _"Alright Kiwi, are you gonna do the zipper?"_ Kiwi: "Yes papa!" *Makes zipper noise*

meikoc : My cockatiel does that too! Whenever we are getting ready to leave and wearing our jackets and zipping up, he makes the zipper sound. So cute!

Team Strawberlitz : Just don't do that when I'm wearing jeans, I'll never know if they've unzipped themselves or not.

Apples and Cream : I'm supposed to be watching for people in my MAP. Screw that I'm watching a bird zip his way to popularity

mi.xao : How you told Kiwi "good bird"made me feel good too :)

speak to bird : A good birb!!!!

Sabrina Locke : Zip zip ❤️

Shawn Moran : When I lived in WA, I lived around a lot of fir trees. Tons of birds everywhere. Around the house I lived it, there would always be a few of them making the same noise as our security system.

Nightwish Wolfy : Omg it’s so cute 😂😂 I have this curtain with magnets on each side and it clicks together, it’s in my doorway to keep the birds in my room. My first parakeet started to mimic the sound of the magnets clicking, and sometimes he’ll be singing a little song and he will combine the clicking noises with his trill. It’s funny to listen to, lol

Annie Huang : Aww Kiwi is amazing, he imitates the zipper sound perfectly! Wonder what other noises he can imitate :)

Jennifer May : My female tries her best to do this. While her imitation isn't as good as Kiwi's, I still give her points for doing her best. She's a really cool bird. :)

M. Leighton : *I need a kiwi in my life and I don't just mean the fruit.*

LincolnTek : Kiwi is so patient waiting years for you to figure out the noise he was making LOL !

SpaceKikz : Amazing owner. The way he talks to his bird makes me so happy, i have a bird myself and i know how important is the way you talk to them even if they don't understand you! This bird is in great hands and will live a happy life, i can assure anyone watching this. 😀

Moon Palette : I laughed so hard, I'm totally teaching my bird this! //Edit// I taught my bird to zip and now it's his default noise 😂

NOT THE REAL Michael Jackson : In America it's called zipper. But here in Germany it's called a *REIßVERSCHLUSS* . It's like directly screaming in your face or some shit.


phil lester's hamster : I’ve just woke up and I’m watching this and it’s made my day. I can’t stop laughing. I love your birds so much!

Sprite S0da : I love your budgies they are such fun to have pets I used to have a white one and a blue one

inefekt69 : the fact you named an Australian bird 'Kiwi' makes my Aussie blood boil ;)

Cat Queen : Handsome little bird

Manni B. [OY] : This gon go viral

Melly Kidd : They make the sounds they like the most! And that imitation is very cute.

Blue Butterfly : Sounds just like a zipper! Amazing bird!

Red Rooster : I live in Western Australia, when I was a kid back in the 1950/60s there used to be flocks of budgies in the tens of thousands, they would take off into the air and block out the sun, there really was that many! Then Multinational gold mining corporations started using cyanide to extract the gold, it was cycled through open-air ponds that the budgies drank from. All they had to do was cover the cyanide ponds with netting, they knew that this cyanide poisoning was happening but the added expense of the netting was their only concern. Now you don't see any budgies in the wild, if it wasn't for people keeping them as pets they would be extinct now.

Natalie Byhre : Pure, wholesome entertainment

Satanism is Cancer : I do it with my keys. They like to hear it jingle.

kiwi 207 : My bird name is kiwi too its a green cheek conure

Alpaca Lama : I have the exact same bird and his name is kiwi, but he can't make zipper sounds.

Team Strawberlitz : Oh, how cute!!! Such a smart little bird

Saeed Khan : so cute, don't know who are the people who dislike this

Vera Voss : This is too precious

Lana Fitzgerald : How could you dislike this vid :D ... so cool!

Crystal SaysSo : Adorable!!!

indrajeet : You have the same cage as me

Ben Moak : Zippy floof

onetwo Y : OMG SO CUTE。。

unbelieBUBBLE : good birb

artisticallyGay {AG} : Bruh

Cole Williams : Haha what the heck I just barely found this channel and I have a parakeet named Kiwi

Sadie Eliza : Kiwi can speak zipper!? 😊🐦💚💙 His language is expanding. Such a smart keet.

Rasulbek Rakhimov : Zipper birb

Al M. : My budgie started doing zipper noises thanks to Kiwi

Lunar Gem : My bird does the same thing!

lins : Omg that’s so cute!!! Good job Kiwi!!! Don’t let Pixel replace you!!!

Bon-Bon Productions : I miss my parakeet 1 like 1 prayer for him

Unikitty Fan 2004 : Awww que tierno me hace acordarme del mio que era idéntico a ese y murió TnT Pero al menos ahora se que esta en un lugar mejor.. ^-^ Like

GeekIWG : Hilarious