Every time Agent smith says "Mr. Anderson"

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magmablock : Ms. Terander's son.

BTL Y-Wing : An old friend of mine had the last name of Anderson, so every time he was the last one to show up for any occasion one of us would always say "We've been expecting you, Mr. Anderson" while everyone else stayed quiet.

VanGogh34 : I like the part when he says Mr. Anderson

LegendaryOST : Mr. Analson

muffin8or : Missed her and her son.

Andrew Sands : Lol I had a teacher named mr Anderson so I came my last day dressed like Smith to mess with him

Al1001 : Heil Hydra Mr. Anderson

Tate Anderson : I feel important.

LightinStrykz : "I think I'm in the wrong fucking movie"

ShadowSonic2 : He really should have called Captain America "Mr Rogers"...

Blobulous : this would  be a great bonus round on cinema sins

Cheeki Breeki : He probably thinks that Misteranderson is his name.

Hatake Kakashi : purpose purpose pursupurp.....PURPOSE..

Darth Spock : My favorite part was when he said Mr. Anderson. But for real tho, my favorite Mr. Anderson is 0:21

sendveetch : *Smith*: Surprised to see me? *Neo*: Yes. *Smith*: Good! Then you're aware of it. *Neo*: No. *Me*: :-D

N G : It is purpose that purpose purpose purpose.

SuperIby : "Remember... I am Morpheus" LMFAO

Harrison Laine : Fuck Agent Coulson. Agent Smith is the guy.

TheWLX : Now think of Agent Smith with his Elrond hair ;)

Amore Accensus : I think the best part was when he said 'Mr. Anderson'

Stay Alive : Remember... I am Morpheous.

Tkieron : Anybody know the name of Keanu Reeves character in the Matrix?

TacticsTechniques&Procedures : Remember the purpose porpoise purposes our purposes for a purpose.

NlGGERbonquiqui F'nStaxx : the most respectful agent of all time

MrInconvenience : Mr. Anderson... Mr. AnderSON... MR. ANDERSON!

rossoneri : Miss Teranderson

Hermann Samuelsen : As you can see... Mr. Anderson

Karone456 : I had a teacher name Mr Anderson and Someone said "Mr. Anderson" Now I find it funny XD

Joel Heydt : Miss Darude Andersandstorm

J158n : Cookies need love like everything does

Stovakhiin : Mr. Prime Mr. Frodo Mr. America Mr. Creedy

easterislehead : remember... I am Morpheus

Stephanie H : Without purpose... we would not purpose.

gunitakon : dont get bored again...

iKillerZombie : Miss Duh And Her Son

Emperor Films : After one minute it sounded like "Misderandrsun".

Blaze Anderson : When your last name is "Anderson"

maxoume le zouave : Lord Elrond

H : Mister Anderson Misdersanderson MISS DERRANERSON

Halit Erdoğan : after this video: My mom:what do you want for dinner me:mr. anderson mom:what? me:mr. anderson mom:?!?!

ReviewKombatUSA : love the one @ 0:19

MrNoosphere : Remember....... I am Morpheus. Yeah I'd be accepting pills from this guy after that.

GalacticJack544 : Exactly 40 times.

lebin Payne : damn you got almost 1 million views from your boredom


john gleason : One of the coolest villains of all time.

Agent Smith From The Matrix : You are a docile apathetic consumer

Master Insight : Agent Smith: 'Surprised to see me?' Neo: 'Yeah' Agent Smith: 'Well good, then you are aware of it' Neo: 'No' =)

Nyc4YT : welcome to rivendell XDDDDDDD

Dunkler Krieger : hahahah LMAO love the scene when he said: ,,Mister Anderson'' haha