Every time Agent smith says "Mr. Anderson"

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Mr. Anderson : Lol love it, gets me every time

Mathew Bradshaw : WB gon' be kicking your ass Mr. Anderson :D

flutter shy : Mr Flander's son!


Tom Wilderbuer : I like the part where he says "Mister Anderson"

Devil : purpose? eventually it starts to sound like herpes

Delirious Luna : Mr anil son

daddy : This movie was ahead of its time

Wyvern LeoNardo : Matrix,On Steroids(Mr.Anderson Drug)

Karvin : I was at a Toyota dealership and I heard a voice just like Agent smith's. I thought HOLY SHIT THE MATRIX IS REAL.

Totally Barack Obama : Mitaaarrr Andersooonn

ImperialOneWithThe Force : 0:24

TGShadow : n e o

TrexX : Mr.who?

Peter : What did he say again?

Mordecai Stone : Mist DerAnder sin

PhantomMatrix : Anyone with a last name Anderson this will be on repeat everyday!

Piotr Tarasov : Mis - ter- ANDERSON!! *Lightning strikes behind my window*

Ginrummy25 : hahaha ! love it

TazerGlen : Take a shot everytime he says Mr. Anderson

Mac attack zach : Miiissssttttteeerrrrr Aaaannnnnndddeeerrrrrrrrssssooooonnnnnn

Faviere : Lol

Daniella Valadez : He seriously should've called Frodo "Mr. Baggins."

PAPILLON584 : All the people called smith sucks. .

Rich Lawson : My mates just had a lad called Neo. This is going on his Facebook wall!

Agent Smith : Mr. Anderson...

Dojotr : As we both know, without purpose we would not purpose.

Nick H : Mr. Anderson, so good to see you...

Maciej Szczyblewski : Mr ANDERSON XD

prestige200 : my favorite is 0:19

M. G. : remember...i am morpheus.

T1000 : Porpoise

htf5555 : 0:11 I just love this. That sound of disappointment is perfect.

JH Lee : Smith : I'm looking for a gift. Guy : Piss off. Smith : ... ㅠ_ㅠ

DrOlvierPL : you are terminated

Tsar Alester : 0:37-0:45 Me: Bane, do me a favour please, *GERARA HERE*

Evil : Mr. Baggins...

tripleduper : - I'm looking for a gift. - Piss off Nice edit

James Patrick Martin : Who came here from New2Torah?

Gnar : my last name is anderson ad i had a social studies teacher who was mr smith, needless to say he literally hated me for no reason even though i talked to no one in class and was just a plain loner.


김누구 : mr. anal son??

Graeme Williams : 1:02 Every time Agent Smith says "purpose"

navylaks2 : You forgot one after he shot neo in the hallway in the first one he say's goodby Mr Anderson.

王兆陽 : Wtf is that mr Anderson mr Anderson mr Anderson Neo

Chris Heath : What a relief when he said " Remember- I am Morpheus".

The legend 27 : Anderson Mr.

KnightfallPro : my favorite part was when he said "Mr Anderson". XD

Jess Caron : Quality content.

Present, the Jack Russell : Annoying! LoL