Howard Takes A Call From A Serial Killer

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Antman Jones Jr : It’s Toby, the Scranton Strangler!

SavageKult : Who else scrolling through the comments while listening

John the Rapper : This is an interview from 1997. No one is breaking the case.

Brandon : Dude starts masterbating when he finds out he’s talking to Howard

the arabian falcon : Howard : dude your serial killer The serial killer : yea Howard : wow cool

majestic microbes : “Oh you didn’t kill any prostitutes?” “No, I never said my name was Ed.” “Oh.” 🤭

Ramon Tragedy : This is very dark. Why recommend this to me YouTube??!.

Brakathor : Having worked in sales most of my life, in my opinion the caller is absolutely a fake. Embellishment tells you a lot about the authenticity of any statement. You can tell the guy is a fairly quick thinker, but throughout the entire conversation he's continually adapting his story. He mostly never opens up with the full description. He always leads into it with sometimes mutually conflicting 2 bit answers. As such, almost all of his statements sound like embellishments. Example: he'll say "Yeah I killed a few with a hammer... actually most of them." That's an example of where you would typically NEVER hesitate in making a definitive statement. When you fillet a fish, do you use a paring knife or a butcher's knife? Your answer here SHOULD be definitive. This is the perfect example of how the best liars keep their story as close to the truth as possible, because when lying off the cuff about being a serial killer, he obviously does not have much truth to base it on.

Farida Farag : Am I the only one that realizes that that dude is masturbating during this interview?

Johnny English : This guy is beating off through the whole video

uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝʇoɹ ǝuop ᴉ zlol : Is this Ed? No this isn't Ed. You haven't killed any prostitutes? No, I never said my name was Ed.

Larrypint : Howard sounds more like a narcissistic sociopathic serial killer then the serial killer.

Amby Cakes : “Is this Ed?” “ NO! THIS IS PATRICK!”

slorollintrain208 : at least he always paid the girls. what a honorable fella.

Alfred E. Neuman : I don't trust people who listen Howard Stern

Rabidcolombian : I love how they skip the theatrics (OMG, a serial killer called in!) and just went right into questions in a calm manner. It sheds a lot of light how people think and act like this.

Ceoge : Damn seems like Clay really did lose it after Hannah died.

Drey Goss : How tf does this stuff find it's way in my Recommended???

larannar123 : So Clay said he picked them up in "Jimmy Swaggart town".. He's describing the abandoned University campus,founded by the Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart,who lost his ministry for SLEEPING WITH A PROSTITUTE!!! By the late 90s,this had become a denizen for addicts and prostitutes... He also said,he once killed two in one night,but the second was in Mississippi... Biloxi, Mississippi is less than 3hrs away,so this could easily have been true.. Just a thought... He said one of his parents was religious and he said he had no tattoos, he wouldn't do that to his body,(many fundamental Christians view tattoos as a sin), also Jimmy Swaggart lost his ministry and had to close the doors of the university because of his sin with a prostitute.... Perhaps Clay,was a former student and devoted follower of Swaggart,and blamed the prostitutes for what happened...😎 Let me just expound on this a little more... Stern asked him "What name do you want to go by?"..he paused and thought for a moment and said..."Clay"... In Genesis,God makes man from the dust of the earth,he is a vessel of "clay".. Also,clay is what a sculptor needs to fashion a vessel,and many sermons teach that God is the potter and we are the "clay"...😎 Did you also notice that he never used any vulgarity or profanity...😐 Calmest,most polite murderer I've ever listened to.. Oh,and the sound of him masturbating during the end of the video,just points to sexual repression common amongst religious zealots....🙄

Akecheta Lahpay : *This is why aliens won't talk to us*

Upside Down Australian Shill : I like how Howard tries to get him angry so he will spit out something in anger without thinking. Calling him fat, or calling him gay, etc to illicit a response that might get some vital clues out of him. It's amazing that he volunteered so much info, like he's white, large built, no tattoos, has a job, the area he takes his victims from, the number he's killed, it's brilliant.

miles ♕ : probably a hoax

dorian’pudzianowski : Love how they just keep roasting the killer.

Gimme Sheckle : Isn't this just the plot of an episode from of criminal minds. A guy kills prostitutes with hammers but his first kil was by choking her. Then he learns hammers are easier and less easy to track. Idk could be a coincidence.

hail Davis : This dudes beating it while he is talking .

Ali Al-rubiay : That's a real story,the man was arrested. This call was in 1997

enslaved1s : I'm guessing it's his ex wife he has anger toward. She probably took all his money and he wants to kill her but cant.

Jason Henderson : Why would YouTube recommended this for me??? Well, I did listen for the whole 22 minutes though.

Shoff 29 : When he said “No, I never said my name was Ed.” Gave me a chill.

Ralph Washburn : Trying to be an Art Bell caller. Art Bell woulda kicked this turd bag to the curb.

Jonas Antley : Its jerky the fifi mangler !!! Beat that hammer with his tiny prick lmao

Lars H : If this interview happened in the late 90’s, why is it only reaching the surface now??

Mr. Kanish : when I murder prostitutes I always eat a bowl of apple Jack's before...

GladShadd : I'm gonna warn you now that if you continue to read the comments you'll see that everybody is a profiler from Criminal Minds

Kelly Tees Tees : Wth am I doing here?? DAMN it YouTube !!$@##

Wes McGee : The FBI is probably studying this, but it is highly unlikely for a serial killer to call in to a radio program. Most of them enjoy it so much they do not want to get caught. I'm no expert but I was a cop for 25 years. The last thing they want to do is give a clue police can use. He's probably talking about Baton Rouge Louisiana. I'm not buying it.

Jennifer OBrien : Someone must recognize his voice...

Spencer West : Remember kids movies don’t make psychos, they just give them creative ideas

Aprylena&Greg Hardt : Itd be great if the woman who works with howard would learn to not talk over people so i could actually understand whats being said 😔 . super fkn annoying!!!!

19xfan 1 : Within the first 60 seconds he gave all the information to catch himself.

985shane : That dude story is BS I've never heard any of these stories happening in New Orleans

Archon Games : Has no one else realised this must be Joeysworldtour🤔

Le Pooter : they still haven't found me

Stu : Dude read American psycho a few too many times.

Deplorable Arab : Living in southern Louisiana myself this is freaky but I'm not a hooker, I carry and have a great aim. But even still knowing a killer is that close, just wow. A person has NO right to snuff another's light out. Many hookers have had a hard life and it sounds like the killer had a pretty good one so he wouldn't know what it's like to be abused. You should always put yourself in another person shoes before you judge them because you just never know what they've gone through. I hope you can stay on the right path, you certainly sound like you're mentally strong enough. I wish you luck in your efforts of self control.

Andy Mills : Some Psychologists are idiots! Howard Stern is also an idiot!

Swaggy P : Why was this recommended for me?

Realmodesty : It's like the real life Hotline Miami.

Snow Man : The caller was a guy named Paul Denino , he's still at large to this day, he even streams on YouTube under the channel "ice Poseidon "

Blake Growney : This dude wants to be Jack the Ripper lol