Why has Apple failed in India?

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Curious Elephant : Any Ideas on the situation of iPhone in India? I think it reflects something interesting about the smartphone market. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Area of Interest : Indians use Brain while purchasing Smartphone... ✌✌✌

Ashish Daharwal : Instead of buying apple i will prefer to buy one+6t

Shashank Gupta : Even if the cost of iPhone is same as android I will still buy android

Anuj Arya : We are waiting for patanjali herbal swadeshi phone 😂

Soma Electricals : Indians loves 3 navigation keys. they don;t like apple single navigation key

Jaqen H'ghar : Android is better, so many Custom ROMs are made by Indians...iPhone users don't even know what a custom ROM is!😂

Pratyay Dey : I am from India. The truth is Apple just sucks in India. Demerits of apple- 1. Worse customer service. 2. Hi- pricing. I mean, I can buy 10 phones with better features than I-phone, but still waste the same money. 3. Indians are more familiar with Google Services. • *One last thing, at present I am using a phone that costs $130-$150. It supports 4G and I am able to play games like PUBG without hangs... I am sorry, but... Hard luck Apple.

Yash Nagda : redmi note 5 pro which is very popular in india.. is 5 time less costly than iPhone XR and provides great value. for example - * 4000 mAh battery * 4 gb ram * snapdragon 636 *very good 1080p display *and awesome camera so why i will even consider buying iPhone when i can get better deal in 5 time less money. whyy?

jiang JR : I just recently bought my gf a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Honestly, it made me feel such an idiot for still using an iPhone in 2018

Prabhakar Jpm : It doesn't have dual SIM support 😂😂😎

Justin Y. : You can't scam the scammer.

Anu Mankar : Apple is same popular in india like other countries but Indian want more in their budget which iphone always failed to provide hence indians buys other brand phone same price of the iphone. We use brain !

YK D : Nokia is back, what is apple or Samsung. 😀

T&R Gaming with Gaurav : Iphones used to be unique and it is still unique in it's price tag😒. But most importantly Indians want features and Full control over there phones. Customer support of Apple in india is terrible.

David R. Reed : Very interesting report. I also believe that alternative Android devices will be on the rise in the US and elsewhere. Thus giving Apple much more competition than may now be expected. Like in India, this is going to be due to so many more smart-phone brands with great features at much more reasonable prices coming into the market GLOBALLY. While remaining a very good brand with a few fine products, Apple is simply faced with rapidly growing and diversifying consumer needs and wants that ARE being met by smart, aggressive competitors in an ever increasing international marketplace. Indeed, along with the rise of more smart-phone brands is the fast-paced growth of Google's Chromebooks for both businesses and retail consumers. Add to this, we now have the arrival of laptop/tablets - in all sizes and configurations - that are SIM-card or phone enabled coming into the mix. Plus a huge wave of AI-enabled technology and devices of all kinds is on the horizon. There are many more exciting and disruptive tech changes headed our way! Dave Reed

Anup Singh : iPhone is basically for bragging that you have an iPhone.. because of its high price... but in my opinion Apple it so so so overrated.... on the other side Samsung always offers a phone full of features..... But Apple.... always promoting their cameras.. (bcoz they don't have any other thing to offer) I live in New Delhi (India) and most of the apple customers are a business person or officials.. they just buy an iPhone to show other people that we are good in our business (I've asked them personally that... why iPhone & the answer was - iPhone is iPhone) Most of the owners of iPhone don't do anything other than... calling & receiving a call.... that's it ..... and they always - always & always complaint about iPhones battery life, I am a creative and productive person that's why I chose Galaxy Note8 - which is full of productive features..... which helps in so-so & so many professions to be smart and productive..... but Apple is like buying Nokia 3310 that's it............calling and receiving calls. Initially, Apple was something we all could look up to (new features....new this or new that) Apple actually has done so much amazing creative work but now in these days, Apple is trying to be in competition. Apple should thank Sir Steve Jobs for his work that the customers are still buying Apple.

ZULU Z : Respekt to indians, apple is a prison locked down

Ashok Yadav : The main thing what foreigners don't understand is........ When you getting gold Why go for tamba(silver)😂😂😂 And in this case.. Gold is more cheaper than silver..... So why anyone would go for silver just because it is a huge brand🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 how foolish is that😂😂😂😂

paul pinnock : No no no here's the reality most Indians are smart computer and Network also a hardware savvy very much so that's why most of the i-tech Outsourcing are done in India are around that Geographic region they know iPhones are pieces of crap for people that don't really know much about phones and specs people who just want to be groupies who just want a phone for other people that think they're cool trendy me too most people I know that use iPhones know absolutely nothing about the phone away from one or two features that use everyday or every minute of the day and they think it's the coolest thing usually it's something other manufacturer had for years Apple just knows how to the market to those idiots not saying everyone that uses iPhone or idiots of course but a very large percentage anyway very good informative video

Mandar Kumbhar : I am indian, I DONT USE CREDIT CARD. and all other points you mentioned were so true. you did your homework

Happy plants : iPhones are low in features and high in cost, I can buy an android phone that has lots and lots of features far superior to iPhone and it will be cheap also.n

Lu Xiang : iPhone failed in India because of following reasons: Very costly Charger less commonly available Single sim card slot Nonexpandable memory Low battery backup Less repairability due to costly spares and non-availability of spare parts. Less durability Very much delicate.

N Ninja : Im indian and think i phone is not giving what we want in that much price samsung is best

i am pasta : We don't buy apple phone's bc they are useless. Android phones are much better and faster

Siddharth Sharma : LOVE FROM INDIA <3 The thing is INDIANS value money over anything else. People outside INDIA generally don't factor the money point in the scenario until very later stages of the buying decisions. But people in INDIA will do whatever it takes to extract out every thing they can for the money they spend. So, even if apple breaks those barriers that you mentioned it won't make a huge difference as we will simply not buy the product due to low specs and features offered for the money. Generally people who do buy apple products are either very rich or just trying to show-off in INDIA. Any other average INDIAN thinks more about "bang for buck" rather than the brand name itself. Think it like this, We think about the 10-20bucks we spend on our tea, what makes apple think that we won't think about the hefty amount being spent on a damn smartphone!

Karan Patil : apple can never dominate indian market the way it is. their low end phones are also too pricey, and feel inferior to andriod variant at that same exact price. only people who use iphones are the ones in artist/business industry. few college student end up buying iphones just for status symbol. Also not to mention lot of people prefer using cracked apps, with iphone they can't install these things i assume.

Munish Kumar : I agree with you. Along with your information. I believe, Apple from always try to create a web of there products just like an eco-system. (where you buy one product and you have to buy another one for its optimum use). On the other hand, India is an incredibly flexible mobile phone market. Where Indian smart phone consumers don’t want to be in any kind of eco- system. We all love the freedom to choose our products rationally not under any kind of hidden commands. Thanks for asking.

Jijivisha : Our brains work like this : For the price of the latest iphone , I can buy 5 phones , use one for a year and then exchange it for a new one. We don't really care about "brand value" as long as the product has as much features , specs and value as we can get and the customer service is decent.

Rafat Shareef : Cause 90% of the population can't afford it

Alfredo nm : no headphone jack in India is the same as a stupid idea when so many phones have it.

Sonai : I'm frm India. Everything us true 100%.

rishabh raj : The main reason why I and I believe same goes for most Indian, as to why we don't like apole is that YES it is costly but even for that matter you are not getting a model that is worth your money. Why spend hefty money on a model which is not particularly unique i mean have some really specific features and even its battery life is hidden by no one. Comparing that to other Phones which are REALLY LOW COST as compared to iPhones and provide a lot more specs, one would certainly choose others over Apple.

Om Bhati : Apple Service is poor there are so many videos of YouTube which was made by indian apple user in India

JUV cr7 : using ios was the worst experience I've had in years, my first smartphone was iPhone 3g, of which I was very proud of, I had installed apps, movies, music which was not possible in a nokia or a Samsung phone in those days, but then came a day when i decided to update my iPhone via laptop, and shit hit the roof, tragedy struck, I lost every piece of data, may it be apps, movies or games, and also bookmarks, all is lost in matter of minutes, and since then I hate ios, on the other hand iphone specifications itself is mediocre when compared to high-end Android flagship devices, when Sony came up with 4k display iPhone had not even got a full HD display. I hate iPhones to a extent where I have rejected iPhone when a close relative decided to gift it to me.

AG. : I fully agree with your assessment, retailers do need good margins for them and their families to survive in this competitive and inflated world retailers are not companies servants they are their associates which help the company grow. Unlike western companies Chinese companies are helping retailers earn good margins at the cost of their own margins it's like east vs west, one needs to allow others also enjoy the fruit of labor as simple as that.

cafeta : iphone are for Hipsters that want to impress chicks!, and for people that dont understand technology but want to look cool!!

osx holunman : Most people think iphone is so expensive, it come with non stop system ios optimize update, it must last longer than any android on earth, however people in india know that these update are designed to slow down your iphone and age the battery, that means you need to pay $2000 along with those non stop subsciption app paidment every year for rest of life, that mean people buy into timcoc ecosystem will be poor forever to make timcock rich

Vijay Sharma : 2 years ago I bought my phone for $150. Specs: 4/64 gb RAM/ROM, 3500mAh, 13mp-rear (HDR), 8mp-front (Wide-angle selfie), Snapdragon 820,2.15 GHz, Dual core, Kryo + 1.59 GHz, Dual core, Kryo, Type-C cable, Headphone jack-"Yes", Home button gestures (x5), Video Recording-4k, 441ppi . The only thing my phone doesn't have is RadioFm.

Sashwat Mishra : We don't spend money on iphones which are too expensive with no specs or features useful to us....put 1/3of iPhone money and get one plus 6T and use the left money for other stuff.....we use brain and avoid cancer phones😂

Nalina Chandran : Why iPhone in india It's stupid phones stay the same no features change not even a fingerprint sensor or triple cam Other companies are better in doing these and they give at a cheaper price IPhone vs note 9 episode on ndtv Note 9 won ios is only in apple Android? Every where

The One : Iphones are VASTLY inferior to android devices in same price range in both specs and software. Unlike android, there is almost no customization available.Thew cost is also really high, and the apple ecosystem (chargers, ports etc) is just sophisticated scam. No wonder Indians prefer other manufacturers. If only others could see this instead if blindly following the brand. Apple was great in 2000s. It's not great in 2010's. Please stop being a fanboy.

GAMERS University : (From INDIA)I would definitely not pay 2000$(145000InR)approx on a Macbook Pro just for 8gb ram, 256gb storage and i5 8th gen...(laptop universe) pricey and not worth the premium and no proper customer support or service... Especially GST +TAX ..while buying...Forget about their phones they are some next level shit...

FA TH ER : iPhones are dumbphones.... These are only famoua in its logos. Not its working condition. Continues use of iphone may slow itself. But android is not.

avnish : Apple put 40% margin in its product which is most in this industry.

Far J : The real reason why Apple failed in India because Indians are generally cheap even among the rich ones. Go and ask Russell Peters if you don't believe me. Indians will not pay a high price for any items including smartphones.

salt pepper : I think same goes for Pakistani market. Samsung is so user friendly, practical and reasonably priced. iphone just for show off

Ping Pong : Those stupid who are trolling Indian for buying oppo and vivo listen The top brands in terms of selling in India are 1 Redmi 2 Samsung 3 Lenovo There are some people like from rural areas don't knows about features, they just decides by asking shopkeeper and some get influenced by advertisement. So don't comment if you don't know anything about the matter.

Gaurav Chatterjee : Redmi 5a=Apple iPhone se

Arty Dc : Mehenga + faltu = fail