Why has Apple failed in India?

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Curious Elephant : Any Ideas on the situation of iPhone in India? I think it reflects something interesting about the smartphone market. Would love to hear your thoughts!

akhil sankar : Few things: .300% evil profit .shrewd and closed policies .0% contribution to technology / community .unappriciating economy .too much first world sheeps

Happy plants : iPhones are low in features and high in cost, I can buy an android phone that has lots and lots of features far superior to iPhone and it will be cheap also.n

daya sagar : Yes,I agree with you,it is less matter for Indians about the brand Apple,we choose value for money phones like OnePlus and Xiomi

S K : Pixle, Note, one+ are better than Apple. Just because its price and features.

Rohan More : DUDE YOU ARE A GENIUS !!! I can imagine the number of hours you have put in to make this video 🙂 Thoroughly Researched and well presented, Hats Off 😎😎

IRT ECCENTRIC : Indian are little more smarter than world average, as they prefer reasonable price for anything they buy. Obviously iphone is not one of them.

AMG : The reason is simple. Brains over heart.

True Tube : अच्छा हुआ फेल हुआ । पहले ही इस कंपनी ने भारत से काफी पैसा खपा लिया है । जितना 10 mi बेचती है उतना तो ये bc एक एप्पल ही ले लेता है ।

Ashutosh Verma : Some major cons for us 1 single sim(we always want dual sim phone) 2 no SD card support 3 not flexible OS 4 highly expensive

Roman Wil : Totally true, Indian here

Sudarshan Patil : I an Indian guy and I have used I phones so below are my feedback 1. Apple doesn't provide anything better in terms of utility rather it's far behind of Android devices 2. Indians are smart enough not to spend unnecessary money on things which don't have any utility at the silliest price apple comes 3. Apple like to screw your pocket charging for their services which most of them are free on Android 4. Ridiculous battery capacity 5. Once you buy apple you become their slave buying their other products/services too that's where apple makes money from

NPM VFX MALAYALAM VFX TUTORIALS : According to indians Iphone is a jail. Android like heaven. But user interface of ios is stunning one mostly storage issues.. Icloud lock problems lack of service centres

S F : I can afford an Iphone easily . I'm Indian. But honestly , I look at specs, and usability, and Apple keeps making their phones fussier and fussier for some reason- Apples components are not available here, even the screen takes too much time to replace... Why buy it? totally not worth it. Samsung , One plus are preferable - easily available , if something breaks, they can be replaced easily at a local shop , you dont need to go to some specialized store. I don't really care about the Brand, but about the QUALITY+ SPECS of my device.

Kiri Sounds : I have to sell my kidney to buy an iPhone and i ain't doing that. I'm happy with my honor play :')

Arnav Sahay : Nice Analysis ... The tight Apple ecosystem and exorbitant price are the main reason for iPhone's failure, for around 100K Rupees you can get a decent bike or a gaming PC so why buy a phone which is so much restrictive and also with Android you get so much variety like today you own Oneplus next year you can get a Samsung, Xiaomi etc.

Sandeep Punia : You missed one point, Indians are smart.

Aayush Keshari : Watching this on an iPhone X in India, bought it from US, I also have an Apple Watch, but as bought from the US, the cellular doesn’t work due to some antennas. Also, I love to use my AirPods which seamlessly connect with my iPhone, iPad or Mac and even an Apple Watch. Apple Music is also cheap, only ₹120/$2 per month. Hence, I love Apple and the legacy of Steve Jobs ❤️🍎

MadeIn India : India is not an 🍏 Fandom. Almost every thing has better value for mo ey than apple. Another point you missed, in India people expect to get their phones repaired which not an issue for Android phones. I myself switched from Apple to one plus and not going back

Karan Patil : apple can never dominate indian market the way it is. their low end phones are also too pricey, and feel inferior to andriod variant at that same exact price. only people who use iphones are the ones in artist/business industry. few college student end up buying iphones just for status symbol. Also not to mention lot of people prefer using cracked apps, with iphone they can't install these things i assume.

Nishant Sadikale : Hey I am from India...Apple is not unpopular , it is just too costly. People love Apple here but very few buy it because of it's price tag. And hence I also got Galaxy S8+ last year instead of an iPhone 😂

Sangeeth Nandakumar : I'm an Indian and this is not the case. Indians generally prefer more in device specs than brand. Apple is a simple failure there. While Xiaomi & other brands offer 128Gb smartphones with 8GB of RAM, And Apple is releasing 32Gb phone with 4Gb RAM at a same or even higher cost, It sucks the Indian market. Everyone demands specs in India. Also Play store apps are almost free. Anything that works with a fee - troubles in India unless it found very attractive to Indians. You know Indian Telecom brand Jio Infocom was once provided 6 months of free 4G high speed connection to 1.3 Billion Indians to establish there market. That's the business logic in India

Sehaj Singh : Oneplus is ruling India

Electro LK : Cool video... Like from INDIA..❤️

cafeta : iphone are for Hipsters that want to impress chicks!, and for people that dont understand technology but want to look cool!!

Mike Messiah : You didnt factor in the cost of the phones. When Indians buy Samsung by the millions, they are buying the J series or A series phones. Only the wealthy buy S series phones. Xioami, and the Chinese trinity (Oppo/Vivo/OnePlus) provide smartphones at the low to mid price range. Trust me, a lot of Indians want to buy the iPhone, its just that it doesn't give value for money to them. Secondly, Indians want to have the latest product. Pushing iPhone 6s to Indians, even at a mid tier price point, is an insult to them. And finally, dont look at the amount of units sold, look at the amount of money made. The Chinese brands barely churn profits, while Apple makes good money even with 2.9% marketshare. There will be a time when the Chinese companies will be forces to sell at profit. Look at One Plus 6. One Plus can no longer sell their phones with minimal profit. If you remove the One Plus logo and paste a Vivo logo (both are same company), the price will drop considerably.

Muhammad Mahdin : Apple is in no way shape or form a great brand. It sells overpriced crappy phones with barely any extra features and good specs which no one in the South East Asia region wants to buy into. It's not worth the money one bit.

MAYURESH KULKARNI : Look we are Indian we mostly prefer phone between 10,000rs to 25,000rs whereas latest iPhone costs 1lakh rupees and above but at this price after adding more 50,000rs we can purchase a TATA nano car or Royal Enfield Bullet

Clash with Aldrin : iPhone is popular in India but the government charges high tax

natty_the_great : sorry world but we just dont like getting rammed like so many of you guys (edit: oh and the apple brand does mean something to us and its anti-consumer, inferior garbage)

Waseem Ahmad : I am from india Apple is popular in india , everyone's want this phone but due to high price (near about 50000 to 80000 ₹ indian rupee) people can't buy this phone. And the Chinese company providing modern features phones at cheap price between range ₹5000 to ₹20000.

viral clips : I would prefer Google pixel instead of using a crap iPhone 😂😂😂

Prince AmirAhmed Mallick : No iPhone is popular in india but they are expensive And me and my 20-25 friends has iPhones in whole college of 400 students 😅

Sangeeth Nandakumar : And this is wrong. Apple is very popular in India. The case is most Indians don't prefer it

Praveen neevarP : There are many people in my school who uses an iPhone, and most of them use iPhone 5s/5c/se/6 😐 this clearly show they own an iPhone just to have an iPhone, P.s. me actually an isheep

Mohit Kapoor : I can buy 4-5 honor plays flagship phone in the price of iphone x

Akash S : No point in spending our hard earned money on the piece of gadget. We can buy a flagship device for the half of its price and can download anything, do what we want without credit card. Easy to use factor comes first, Google is the best. From India

Shreyansh Rai : Bro you nailed it brother I think your assignment is absolutely right

Jinu Thomas : Yes you are totally right man....!!! Apple doesn't help us much more

Gagandeep Singh : Our Prime minister uses iphone 6😂

Srinivasan R : Micro SD card. One reason why I never considered iPhone.

Avijeet Ghosh : The other factor is Apple wants to use iPhone on their terms for example No way to install 3rd party apps or app sharing, lack of customization, high price and basically same old design and form factor. Android user can share files, games etc, have option for every budget range, innovative design ( opportunity find X, Mi mix, Samsung galaxy and note series), and the best thing is customization, availability of custom Rom. I think that would be enough.

Aaditya Tiwari : Another reason is that people in India are using Android for a long time and most people don't want switch to iOS. And then people can't understand iOS interface its like a bit difficult. I also use an iPhone and my dad was using iPhone but its started slowing down and battrey was like shit so my dad switched to Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9+.

The Boss Baby : i will never buy iPhone even if i have million dollar, because iPhone are just for showoff purpose, One plus and pixel are first choice for me

Raj Talreja : just make it simple apple products are overrated,low feature and too expensive that's it

Shivendra Pandey : All true, we get more value for money from other brands here in India.

Minato Namikaze : Because it's hard to scam people on iPhones.

Srinivasarao Kotipatruni : iOS is disgusting (lack of back button an example) compared to Android. Apple insists customers to use its won ecosystem software apps and hardware accessories which is biggest disgusting factor.

The One : Iphones are VASTLY inferior to android devices in same price range in both specs and software. Unlike android, there is almost no customization available.Thew cost is also really high, and the apple ecosystem (chargers, ports etc) is just sophisticated scam. No wonder Indians prefer other manufacturers. If only others could see this instead if blindly following the brand. Apple was great in 2000s. It's not great in 2010's. Please stop being a fanboy.

Gaurav Morol : We Indian folks like to spend our money wisely Android can do almost anything an iphone can... Android are getting better and better!