Why has Apple failed in India?

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Curious Elephant : Any Ideas on the situation of iPhone in India? I think it reflects something interesting about the smartphone market. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Area of Interest : Indians use Brain while purchasing Smartphone... ✌✌✌

Shyam prasad Reddy : Because most of Indians want to be a doctor and apple kept the doctor away. :-).

Emilia klimek : Indian people like multi SIM card supportable Mobiles that's why they use Android. They choose their mobile very precisely not just by brand name.

Pushpak mhaishale : Indians don't have credit cards because the they have money in the pocket

Shaik Arshad : It's BRICS not BRIC. Brazil, Russia, India, China and south africa..

Jaqen H'ghar : Android is better, so many Custom ROMs are made by Indians...iPhone users don't even know what a custom ROM is!😂

Dark Gamer : the answers simple we dont like overpriced shit and dowgraded hardware with terrible customer support

Subhash Kapil : Its not about Indians can afford iPhone or not, Its all about the better technologies if we are getting with Android smartphones on cheaper prices, then why waste money? It can be used in other works, because phone is not everything.

Himanshu Rajput : Because Indians want value for money product.

Anandakrishnan Pulimath : The new IPhone cost more than the entire price of my scooter 🚲 Replay your comments

Anup Singh : iPhone is basically for bragging that you have an iPhone.. because of its high price... but in my opinion Apple it so so so overrated.... on the other side Samsung always offers a phone full of features..... But Apple.... always promoting their cameras.. (bcoz they don't have any other thing to offer) I live in New Delhi (India) and most of the apple customers are a business person or officials.. they just buy an iPhone to show other people that we are good in our business (I've asked them personally that... why iPhone & the answer was - iPhone is iPhone) Most of the owners of iPhone don't do anything other than... calling & receiving a call.... that's it ..... and they always - always & always complaint about iPhones battery life, I am a creative and productive person that's why I chose Galaxy Note8 - which is full of productive features..... which helps in so-so & so many professions to be smart and productive..... but Apple is like buying Nokia 3310 that's it............calling and receiving calls. Initially, Apple was something we all could look up to (new features....new this or new that) Apple actually has done so much amazing creative work but now in these days, Apple is trying to be in competition. Apple should thank Sir Steve Jobs for his work that the customers are still buying Apple.

vikash kumar : I would rather use a flip phone just like Warner Buffet and buy some Apple shares instead of wasting it on a $1976.93 phone.

chelsea boy : Apple failed because Samsung Wins it 😉

elnino rosario : Indians think of smartphone as just any other commodity and thus hesitate to invest large sum in them ... Most of the smartphone market in india usually prefers trying cheaper phones at first and then upgrade themselves to more expensive ones ... But since cheap phone market is filled with Android .... The people upgrading to high end phones prefer to continue Android with all their contacts and photo data backed up on google drive! Apple UI is considered complicated in india ... Plus pirated apple applications are rarely available on internet ... Local apps like "m-indicator" for Mumbai has its android version smoother than apple version thus boosting Android Market.

Rakesh Mehra : One in every Three engineers who work at Apple are Indians! I.e.. Apple is not successful in India, but 1/3rd of the apples success is due to an Indian!

Happy plants : iPhones are low in features and high in cost, I can buy an android phone that has lots and lots of features far superior to iPhone and it will be cheap also.n

Little Heart : Indians don't care about money (we have people driving Aston Martin even in rural areas for crying out loud) but Indians prefers going for bang-for-buck purchases and it reflects on every sector of the country. Now about the apple, they are not creative. They release same phone every year with increased height-width ratio. Their smart devices are not that smart and Macbook looks same as the day it was introduced to the world. Most Indian hates apple product not because it's high-priced, because the software they provide are purely machine depended and can't be tinkered with. If they expect people buy a $1300 phone it should not be just a phone which explores only Apple universe. An apple gadget works only with another apple gadget not anything else neither old nor new gen. I think people can understand what I mean.

Raj Kamal Vdm : Indian prefer quantity and quality over over price and name sake

Geo Marian : I am from India! We cannot afford iPhone because average salary for most of the family is around 150-200$ monthly

Maina woo bin : B.R.I.C.S Brazil, Russia, India , China and SouthAfrica

Karan Patil : apple can never dominate indian market the way it is. their low end phones are also too pricey, and feel inferior to andriod variant at that same exact price. only people who use iphones are the ones in artist/business industry. few college student end up buying iphones just for status symbol. Also not to mention lot of people prefer using cracked apps, with iphone they can't install these things i assume.

Sundarraj N : I work in a place where people get paid enough to own an iphone. But, strangely i know no one who has iphone in my office. Some points you mentioned here are right. Though price point is a problem, its not the only one. People here like the versatility of android. You can have a memory card, dual sim, etc.. You have no idea how much dual sim phones are popular here. All the services like apple music means nothing here. imessage, most people wont even know what is it. People use whatsapp. Then, service centers, if your phone runs into trouble, u have to go to apple service center. That's not the case with most android phones. So, even well to do people hold android as it offers better services, performance tha iphones with at least 100% price lower than iphones.

Ratna Teja : In INDIA Each Person With a Smart Phone has two mobile number with a different plans from each of thier network providers but Iphone has ony single sim till Iphone xs series ; it also has a outrageous price

Rockylol : I think in upcoming years apple may fail in a few more LDCs if they continue with tht high price tags

General Pojesh : I agree to you. I'm from India. I am using a Xiaomi device but I love Apple devices because of it's UI. I like to buy an Apple device but it is over expensive in India.

Justin Y. : You can't scam the scammer.

Travel & joy : Xiaomi have 3 manufacturing plant in India .Samsung have world biggest manufacturing phone plant facility in india .make in India and what apple do just make toy phone in India .

Aman Bhagat : now note 9 costs is $999 for 512gb and iphone xs max costs $1450 for 64gb in india .

Maina woo bin : My first phn was Samsung , followed by Nokia , Motorola , Samsung , vivo and now xiaomi Android is best and very people friendly

Puneet Saxena : I AM INDIAN

akhil sankar : Few things: .300% evil profit .shrewd and closed policies .0% contribution to technology / community .unappriciating economy .too much first world sheeps

Sudeep Ambati : A relative of mine bought an iphone from usa for me. i sold it and bought two oneplus 6 phones and gave one to my mother. i got to tell, the phones were awesome. I'm not saying iphones are bad, but why pay 90k for a product when a 35k product works well enough. Can anyone please tell me WHY is iphone so high priced, what's apple's profit margin per phone ? I don't think apple is not popular in india, everyone wants one but nobody buys one because of price.

Zaori : tl;dr: people in India buy because of specs, not because of Apple Brand. love it, if humans have common sense...

Puneet Chandra : Most of your analysis is true. Apple for Indians is too expensive. Even if we consider the US price, the brand compares only to Samsung, Google Pixel & maybe a few others. But, most of the entry level phones are android. I bought one for my aunt, and to my surprise, the VIVO which i picked up was PRETTY GOOD. I have been an iPhone user since 5-6 years now, 4S being my first and presently I am using a 6S, i feel iPhone is much more robust as a unit. Though, in the very recent past i have seen iPhone users move away from Apple, just because of lack of innovation and lagging as compared to Android. Surprising !!

Allen mclore Putin : The only reason is Apple underestimating Indian Market.... The only solution is Manufacturing Iphone in India... To reduce the taxes...!!!

Sonai : I'm frm India. Everything us true 100%.

Aman Singh : Apple is considered a premium brand in India and everyone will love to buy one, but only person who has extra cash in hand will buy one, mostly because of the price and India like to pay cash front for most of it's purchase unlike other markets, so that's the reason we don’t have credit cards but we have debits cards, and these are people who are generally well informed about the new tech, so we compare, the latest Samsung flagships come with at least Rs.35000-Rs.50000 ($480-$680)approx. cheaper than iPhone and iPhone doesn’t provide that much more value for the price different, and phone like OnePlus and poco just make it worst for the iPhone.

Everything Doer : I don’t know about south India but as an North Indian. My city has a tone guys and girls spends 1500$ on iPhones. In 2018 also people buy iPhone 5s for that logo

ASLI HULK : Good explanation and its only u , man how can you just manage all this stuff single handed .... Great 🤩

Samprati Kulkarni : Apart from being too expensive, there are many things android launching phones do. These functions like sharing songs and videos are very easy in an andriod also using accessories other than that of Apple is a prohibition ..one can just not use another cheaper version of the same thing. All things purchased from the app store are gone once you change to another brand, here one has to again buy another IPhone. No or very little customization is available . It's not like I don't like it. But it seems to me that I am always happier than my Apple using friends when it comes to phones .

daya sagar : Yes,I agree with you,it is less matter for Indians about the brand Apple,we choose value for money phones like OnePlus and Xiomi

Gamer Guy : Can't hustle a hustler! Don't het triggered coz we Indians are smart at choosing phones. One plus is killing Apple in India

backspace 0 : Apple in India is way costlier than some of the other brands of smartphones available in this country while offering not so much more than those if at all. This is most likely why it failed in india.

Kartik Dobhal : Never going to use any Apple product it does not provide the ROI like Android, it does the same job in waayy less cost

charan rajasekaran : We in India don't buy iPhones 1.because they are very very expensive that we can buy a car itself instead of buying 5-6 iPhones 2.because majority use android and we can not share files using shareit and such apps 3.because in iPhones we can't use as sd cards and most here use normal chargers 4.because we have others offering the same specs for almost 1/5th the price 5.parents here on an average spend more on education such that only some is left and can't afford to buy such costly phones

The One : Iphones are VASTLY inferior to android devices in same price range in both specs and software. Unlike android, there is almost no customization available.Thew cost is also really high, and the apple ecosystem (chargers, ports etc) is just sophisticated scam. No wonder Indians prefer other manufacturers. If only others could see this instead if blindly following the brand. Apple was great in 2000s. It's not great in 2010's. Please stop being a fanboy.

Leo : Every one in my family except me use apple because i am not a fan of it

Blue eyed Eurasian : That's simple. Most can't afford

Veerla Balaji : Beware of the apple