4th Floor Becky a.k.a Hilary Brooke First Interview

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King Jae : No way can a resident follow another resident to their door to see if they live in the building. No way

marquis international : Lucky for him he had his phone recording. If not I'm pretty sure she would have accused him of trying to rape her.

Wrk Hrse : Racism is something you learn and knowingly choose to do. What she did was not accidental but intentional.

Katrina Williams : Why call the police after watching this man let himself in his condo?

Leslie Arthur : Lady you did a whole lot of wrong !!!! For one thing “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS “ like for real ! You ain’t his mama and u sure as hell ain’t his boss ! The only reason why you feel like your attacked is because you made a fool of your self and now everyone knows who and how you are, that’s why you feel attacked . You need grow up for real ! Whole world knows your raciest you did it to your self no one else did anything except you 👇🏻.

Bryan Calhoun : Scared woman Gets into elevator with man she's afraid of.. follows man to his apt.

soul_brother : Racism is alive and well people in 2018.

Barnaby ap Robert : He even mentions *TWO* of the building's supervisors...and she she still doesn't believe him!

SweetAzzPie W : She is full of the devil, trying to tempt that man to do something that would ruin his reputation, and take away everything he has worked hard for.. That's what the devil does, he comes to steal, kill, and destroy..HE IS A LIAR!!

KeroseneBbG : I will say that I have lived in buildings that do not allow anyone to follow a resident in.. so at the door.. I agree.. close the effing door and let him use his fob... you're crazy as hell for following him home if you're so damned scared however once he used his keys to let himself in HIS door.. cut the crazy and go the eff home.. I believe racism is learned.. it comes down family lines... my mom taught me better, my kids know better... hate comes in all colors.. ignorance, violence.. is not limited to race and I've seen a hell of lot more of that behavior in white people than I ever have in black.. Hell I lived in an apt complex when I was younger.. I was the only white female living alone there.. and yeah it was ghetto but it's what I could afford... every night when I got home from work I would walk around the complex to wind down and the dope dealer that sat on his porch every night would ask me how many laps I was walking and on my last lap he would walk me home.. if I didnt come by.. hed come looking for me to make sure I was ok.. He did what he did to support his family.. didnt make him a bad person.. and he watched our neighborhood better than any cops did.. He also beat the hell out of the WHITE guy who tried to attack me coming home from work one night..

Lashonay Wiley : She's a whole liar!!! She's not security...she wanted that d!!! That's how they get eff"d up harassing ppl. Where was security!!! HILLARY YOU ARE NOT SECURITY!!!!

Mpho Mmopi : So this apartment use white Women as security?? This is just crazy

Patric Bear : He should have asked her to come in for a drink just to see what she would say, my guess is, she would have gone in. She wanted some of that...

sharon cook : This heffa was IN HEAT. Why was she asking him personal info, And, so eager to tell him her apt #. She was hoping he would scratch her itch. But, the brother definitely wasn't interested.

Do not read my profile picture : This is such a huge problem in america. My friend and i got stopped by a cop for no reason at all. Well, there was one reason. My friend was black. Then the cop let us go because there was with a white dude in the backseat (me). I then explained to the cop that my friend was just driving me to the mall to get a new phone. The sad part is that my black friend already tried to explain it to that cop like 3 times. He let us go because i told the cop that what my friend's saying was true then he let us go with no citation. We were sooo pissed that time. I was as red as a tomato. The only thing that i regret was i couldn't record is because my phone was broken. I mean, the pig had to ask my friend 3 times and he still didn't believe it. But when i explained, he let us go with no second thought. I hope that bastard rots in hell. And yes, my parents did file a complaint. We still haven't heard from the police because this happened just a week ago.

Deborah M : If she was scared and worried about robberies she wouldn't have followed him and got in the elevator with him..

India Modest : So you guys telling me she knows all the tenants in the building.... neighborhood crime watcher...smh.

dee Summers : I'm so sorry everyone I feel so much sadness when watching this video I'm white my children are mexican and white my husband is Mexican and I personally go through racism every day some black women are racist against me and have bullied me some Mexican women have done the same and guess what some white women do it too there are two types of people in this world good and bad there are bad in every race and good in every race we all need to stand together and continue to strive for being one human race that is what we all are humans I'm rambaling but stay with me on this everyone has a story and it's wrong aka bad to be racist/judge anyone o e judge GOD spread love not hate good people keep spreading the good and the bad will want to come get abtatse of the good eventually lead by example especially for our children you dont get to choose the color of your skin people need to start seeing the beauty in humans like some women love makeup and wear different shades on their lips does the lipstick change who we are on the inside no it does not maybe confidence but why ....red known as a hot sexy color ...why ....hope you guys are staying with me on here people set stipulations and it takes the good people to change those stipulations...love the skin your in whether its purple black blue white yellow red pink clear etc that does not define who we are neither does a lipstick love you all

SweetAzzPie W : I wish someone would do this to me in my building..

leon earls,jr : Question. How many White people would trade places with Black(US) people ? None there's not one that would trade places with US

Hazman Noor : Racist people usually will spin around excuses of why they are not Racist. Action speaks louder than words. Black occupant already showed his keys. How come she cannot do the same with other white residents she hardly knew by checking their keys and follow all the way to their apartment? This is not the way getting to know a person.

Prince Vibranium : They'll risk anything to get a peice of us I guess 😆

Tristan Johnson : If it was a white man she wouldn’t have said I feel uncomfortable.

metasymplocos : She was thirsty....😂😂😂

Tina Colassard : Impressed with how the gentleman this happened to handled himself. Such restraint.

weed : Her face is so punchable lmao

Taryn Erickson : Did U have to mention Emmett Till? Every time I hear his name I wanna cry just like if I hear the sorrow in Billie's voice when she sings Stange Fruit. I love Billie Holiday and one day I told my Alexia to play songs by her and when strange fruit came on I stopped what I was doing and cried. My son asked me what was wrong and I told him to listen to the words. I saw his eyes water up and he yelled for Alexia to stop. He couldnt handle it. I told him its important he knows about it bc things are still bad and he needs to be able to stand up for what is right and if we dont listen history will repeat itself. Please know Not all are like her. I will always stand for what is right as long as Im breathing and I believe my son will too. I wish I could speak for all of us but I know I cant and that is a shame. Iv got to get off YouTube or I will end up crying all day.

bosco joseph : Guys did u just see what the media was trying to portray this damn hehe why didn't they call the brother too and play the video infront of them and interview them both.

Ash Ash : Sick of this! The lies! This has to stop!

Dee Wiler : She just wanted some black wood...he ain't get the hints... Come on now she didn't call the cops and followed him all the way on the elevator to his room

Rina Renee : Oh, let me hop in this elevator with the man I’m so deathly “afraid of” and follow him all the way to his damn door! Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️ Throw the whole girl away

Weyzendro Agertefa : She is foolish and nazi

Exploit Devo : She built like a higglytown hero

Jaffar Ahmad : Racism... as long as there is AMERICA..so sad...when will it end...

Devin Kline : Close the door dumb person! Racsicm is everywhere. Both u.s and canada are built from imigrants and people of all color. Guess what... we all bleed red. Get along world!

dj jordan : If he wasn’t recording,she would have a different story

Blackwolverine 31 : If I pay that much for rent I’m not answering those type of questions to no one but security. She needs to mind her fucking business and none of this would’ve happened

Loren Patterson : Her privelage doesn't require her to think...hmmm

Dee Luscious : He should have rally call the police when she was bothering him. It was a clear case of Harrement.

captain tardo PEA : She was racist cause she acked like he was seeing a friend as if he didnt have the money to rent

Dana Fidler : I'm white and I'm going to tell you she was straight up being racist! Clearly if he was going to be a threat to her, he wouldn't have been polite to her, kindly asking her to move aside so that he could go to his apartment! When I first had seen the video, I had to pick my chin up off of the floor and said to myself, this lady is going too far! I'm sorry but I was brought up in a home where I was taught to love one another and never in that sentence was no matter the skin color, it was to just love one another! What she did was wrong and she casted an image that white women are racist. Not all of us are racist. Please don't condemn all for the action of one. Have a blessed day!

Rain Bowens : She was so scared she got in a elevator with him by herself 😒😒😒

mary wellman : She’s a loon.

Pesi Kimoana : How bout 4th Floor Fiona, Felicia, etc? LMAOO

William Harvey : She's a drunk.get shot of her.they never admit there wrong.

Berserker 4 : She wanted some BBC but ended up on NBC!

LadyDi49 Diana : Why did you edit the interview video? You have at this point lost you’re creditability! Never edit the full video! Never ever!

Creolelady Red : Anther Becky ...

MS. ALL : Still hasn't learn; til she is begging a Black person for help, then they are good enough

Death Row : Dude you hella smart I love to see blacks like this