Mr.Clean Live and In Person

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Luka radojičić : "Mr. Clean"? More like Mr. Cleaner. He looks like Agent 47 with an earring!

juan prevost : here lady....let me scare the shit outta you by randomly dropping a bottle and fading into darkness with a unsettlingly demonic grin

Gaston Boucher : RIP Replaced by an unclean guy...

Macaroni Madness : Agent 47 advertising and selling a cleaning product while on a mission because being a hitman does not pay enough

raccoon681 : mr clean had many many victims over the years always left the place clean of any evidence.

GuyFromRedBank : Was that... Lex Luthor?

Gigatless : When you sniff mr. clean that guy appears in front of you.

duncan yourmate : thanks WW ,,

live4marilyn : blameitonjorge, anyone?

Pennywise : This is nothing.

SasquatchVideos : reminds me of disturbed lol

Alberto Mendez Arango : who else came here from blameitonjorge

MegaAstroFan18 : "For example, if you've just finished relieving someone from the stresses of life forever and need to clean up the blood, then use my cleaning product which I discovered after a particularly messy session."

GOD : what they didnt know was that mr.clean was really agent 47 this whole time

Allilang : Is it just me, or does he sound like George Takei?

raccoon681 : found out the actor is House Peters Jr he died in 2008 at 92

Bojack Caesar : mr clean??? more like mr clean up the blood after agent 47 commited a murder

Bojack Caesar : dat face tho 0_o 0:48

María Rodríguez : so ducking creepy

MISERAME : "Unbreakable PLASTIC container" bro.

Patrick Robinson : After filming this - she cleaned his pole, if you know what I mean.

Collins Darkwa : intriguing

Jason : I thought the title said "Mr. Clean live and in prison" lol

Kelvin Martinez : Agent 47 is that you???

Eddie Miller : My mom and dad used to go to Pensacola Christian College, and the man who played Mr. Clean in this commercial went to the same church as them. XD

CHUCK NORRIS : no no this is hitman of the 60 s

Pete Dizbon : Still better than the CGI animated ones now :-)

DraginMan P : forehead

raven22at : Agt47 is mr clean

killuminate peacefulness : mr clean stop poisoning us

Mr. Clean : Was that me? Daaamn, I look-I mean, that's me alright! I feel sooo oooolld.

Sir Jimmy : Now ordinarily, you'd just call the men in black or brush it under the refrigerator.

Cunt Sniffer : Seeing is believing! Rock on, Mr. Clean!

Morphius ZX : Nothing's unbreakable! It's only a matter of applying enough force & puncturing!


Cunt Sniffer : He's cool!

Chris Gabele : If Agent 47 was an ad actor.

crazystairs712 : I thought that was Yul Brenner at first

Ramshet Xu : That was scary

TheMostAwesomeMan242 : Blameitonjorge brought me here. Also, who directed this commercial? It looks like it was done by a good horror movie director who knows the concept of German expressionism like shadows and imagery.

Bg55 : apparently Mr. clean is a real one

Saul Jerez : Really creepy commercial...I love it!!! XD

flioink : i think Mr.Clean might be evil.

Hugo Danner : That was my nick name when I was in the Marines!

Insidious One : This is what Lex Luthor does in his spare time

Christheatheist1 : That's House Peters Jr.

Kamran Ahmad : He sounds a bit like J. Peterman from Seinfeld!

Hugo Danner : LOL never fear Hugo Danner is here!

SuperNormalMan : That baldness, largeness and single earring makes him look like a modern cleaning genie.

BBC600 : The way you talk about Mr.Clean you should be on YouTube! I think I have seen him on YouTube! Mr Clean Mr. Clean!