Mr.Clean Live and In Person

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Luka radojičić : "Mr. Clean"? More like Mr. Cleaner. He looks like Agent 47 with an earring!

Gaston Boucher : RIP Replaced by an unclean guy...

Macaroni Madness : Agent 47 advertising and selling a cleaning product while on a mission because being a hitman does not pay enough

raccoon681 : mr clean had many many victims over the years always left the place clean of any evidence.

GuyFromRedBank : Was that... Lex Luthor?

Gigatless : When you sniff mr. clean that guy appears in front of you.

live4marilyn : blameitonjorge, anyone?

duncan yourmate : thanks WW ,,

barnacle boy : This is nothing.

MegaAstroFan18 : "For example, if you've just finished relieving someone from the stresses of life forever and need to clean up the blood, then use my cleaning product which I discovered after a particularly messy session."

SasquatchVideos : reminds me of disturbed lol

Alberto Mendez Arango : who else came here from blameitonjorge

shrek : what they didnt know was that mr.clean was really agent 47 this whole time

Allilang : Is it just me, or does he sound like George Takei?

raccoon681 : found out the actor is House Peters Jr he died in 2008 at 92

Bojack Caesar : mr clean??? more like mr clean up the blood after agent 47 commited a murder

Bojack Caesar : dat face tho 0_o 0:48

María Rodríguez : so ducking creepy

MISERAME : "Unbreakable PLASTIC container" bro.

Collins Darkwa : intriguing

Patrick Robinson : After filming this - she cleaned his pole, if you know what I mean.

DwighttFrye : @aardvark9100 Sounds like a good idea.Dont forget the ear ring though.

killuminate peacefulness : mr clean stop poisoning us

Kamikaze Warrior Productions : Blameitonjorge brought me here. Also, who directed this commercial? It looks like it was done by a good horror movie director who knows the concept of German expressionism like shadows and imagery.

Jason : I thought the title said "Mr. Clean live and in prison" lol

Ramshet Xu : That was scary

Morphius ZX : Nothing's unbreakable! It's only a matter of applying enough force & puncturing!

Saul Jerez : Really creepy commercial...I love it!!! XD

raven22at : Agt47 is mr clean

elc1960 : Holy shit, it's Lex Luthor! Look out, Irish cleaning lady! He's gonna take over the world!

SuperNormalMan : That baldness, largeness and single earring makes him look like a modern cleaning genie.

aardvark9100 : I'm dressing up as Mr. clean for Halloween. Being 6'6", bald, and muscular is going to make it pretty interesting.

Sir Jimmy : Now ordinarily, you'd just call the men in black or brush it under the refrigerator.

Mr. Clean : Was that me? Daaamn, I look-I mean, that's me alright! I feel sooo oooolld.

Chris Gabele : If Agent 47 was an ad actor.

Slender Bot : @elc1960 WRONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!

Kamran Ahmad : He sounds a bit like J. Peterman from Seinfeld!

BBC600 : The way you talk about Mr.Clean you should be on YouTube! I think I have seen him on YouTube! Mr Clean Mr. Clean!

Bg55 : apparently Mr. clean is a real one

DraginMan P : forehead

Pete Dizbon : Still better than the CGI animated ones now :-)


CHUCK NORRIS : no no this is hitman of the 60 s

Christheatheist1 : That's House Peters Jr.

crazystairs712 : I thought that was Yul Brenner at first

Kelvin Martinez : Agent 47 is that you???

Eddie Miller : My mom and dad used to go to Pensacola Christian College, and the man who played Mr. Clean in this commercial went to the same church as them. XD

flioink : i think Mr.Clean might be evil.

tcaddone : The actor playing Mr. Clean in this commercial is Mark Dana. These live version Mr. Clean commercials were shot in Puerto Rico. Thomas Scott Cadden wrote, produced and directed this commerical.

Insidious One : This is what Lex Luthor does in his spare time