I only ate potatoes for two weeks

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Matt Nōmmé : Well this blew up... Follow me on insta if you're bored https://www.instagram.com/mattnomme/ Take care duuudes!

WillyMacShow : I've done this unironically in college

Mr Arecizoz : *British guy tries to become Irish*

MoonlightXXX : Who's sitting in bed looking for videos to watch and see this and said why TF but I'll watch this

Ege Uzan : easy challenge for Soviets

Jake Westenberger : he ate a candy bar so challenge epicly failed

Gabie Moret : There's a guy, from Australia I believe, who did a "potato diet thing" for a whole year. It wasn't like this though. He actually made dishes with the potatoes, they always had to be the MAIN thing. He ended up losing a ton of weight and got overall healthier. Probably not important but yeah, there you go.

Rens Gervers : I did a similair thing once. I only ate trout for almost 4 weeks. Mostly smoked and grilled, but occasionally raw or baked. Why? 'Cause I told someone that I fucking love trout and could eat it everyday. He said, nah mate, you'll get sick and tired of it. I didn't. Well... I did start taking some supplements cause it's of course not a healthy diet, but aside from that I ate every single trout with delight and taste. I did fidget around with my food a lot though; eating it really slowly, pluck the fish apart with my fingers and sort the pieces on size and then eat them, see how long I could keep bites in my mouth without chewing. It was a great experience and I still fucking love trout.

The Black Asian : Mr. Potatohead wants to know your location.

Kookie Stole My Heartu : *Gordon Ramsay left the chat due to you not seasoning potatoes…*

King Kosmic : Throw some seasoning on them and shit you might actually like them

MichelleandFamily : I don’t know why this was recommended but it’s amazing

toothgrinder : "only potatoes" *eats chocolate*

Michael Roberts : I don’t understand why you didn’t season any of the potatoes to give them more flavor. A lot of foods don’t taste the best without some sort of seasoning my guy

Free RealEstate 69 : Him: What if I only ate potatoes for two weeks? Me: Weird flex but ok

King Allmighty : This was a year ago and its in my recommendation

lauren : it’s 3am tuesday night watching this i love myself

Zzsmokeyzzx : I don’t think you cooked them right,

Sp3cial1st : Shoulda just cut em in boats and roasted them in the oven, makes them really good no matter what potato you use, id be fine eating those for weeks.

Berg Jun : 2:38 lost the challenge

Lay Bagas : Still easier than not fapping for 2 days

Ludwig Van Beethoven : The song in the beginning is from “Ode to Joy” Composed by Beethoven at the very end of his life (completely deaf)

Bandita : Overreacting here in Czech Vysočina we eat so much potatoes that we are making challenges like "No potatoes for entire day" and lose most of times

Grant Tran : legend says he never ate a potato again

Christopher Fradella : Your partner seems delightful.

AuburnFoxx : So this is what the Irish have to go through

Trump's Dingleberries : I can totally relate dude, I drank only milk for a few years and when I got like 3 years old I started diversifying.

paper2222 : to spice up things eat french fries aren't they made of potatoes

Kommentator : welcome in eastern europe

Bayden : once i only had enough money for a tub of peanut butter and 5kgs of drumsticks for 2 weeks food at university. the drumsticks had foul chemicals in them as preservatives and the meat was brown and full of cartilage, ill never buy drumsticks again

Potato Patata : *if i do this, it's like i'm eating my own kind*

William Cranke : I've already done this for 2 years. It's called being poor

Pyro! : then the next day, "honey we're having jacket potato for dinner" "WHERES THE BLEACH!"

robert hingston : Sweet potato is not a part of the potato family...

Rolf Harris : An Irish mans dream during the famine 😂😂 dirty fenians

oasisbeyond : Body takes a while to adapt, that said it's all mental we don't need all this food we eat every day we take for granted.

Jessica : *poh tae oh*

Matthew Hanson : He wrote the whole transcript in the description. Why??

IEat Donuts : All he need is a vacation to Ireland. Bam. Challenge done.

disstruth : Hey that's more than a little bit of a beer belly

leCenk : Sorry for the long Post here is a :

quintonis1 : The description... Jesus... How many times did you replay your own video?

Cragnok - : Took me 2 minutes to read the whole video instead

DuckLord : if you get the white sweet potatoes and bake them, then refrigerate them it's like caramel pudding :) the refrigeration changes the starches to sugars or something of the sort

My Dog Is Bae : That's a lot of starch

Sami Hamady : I eat baked sweet potatoes and like them, cut them and put them skin side up in a toaster oven for 40 minutes or so and eat them out of their skin, the texture is good especially if you brush them with olive oil ans salt

Mini Batman2.0 : The Irish are proud.

PapaPunCakes : "By the end I'm hoping to be some potato god "

SpodermanOrigins : why though?... Just... Why??

Aaron Alston : They call McDonald’s “fries”..... “Chips”