I only ate potatoes for two weeks

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Matt Nōmmé : Well this blew up... Follow me on insta if you're bored https://www.instagram.com/mattnomme/ Take care duuudes!

WillyMacShow : I've done this unironically in college

Trump's Dingleberries : I can totally relate dude, I drank only milk for a few years and when I got like 3 years old I started diversifying.

William Cranke : I've already done this for 2 years. It's called being poor

FUNERAL BILL II : Anybody else see the irony of him celebrating his last potato with a shot of vodka...which is made with POTATOES?! lol

Ludwig Van Beethoven : The song in the beginning is from “Ode to Joy” Composed by Beethoven at the very end of his life (completely deaf)

MichelleandFamily : I don’t know why this was recommended but it’s amazing


Krista Mehanikova : You mean *being latvian for two weeks*

Robin : I've been eating nothing but chicken for three weeks now. I can't sleep for longer than 2,5 hours at night, but I keep falling asleep during the day periodically (about 30 minutes every 2-3 hours).

Rick Claark : Not Ireland in 1846

Gabie Moret : There's a guy, from Australia I believe, who did a "potato diet thing" for a whole year. It wasn't like this though. He actually made dishes with the potatoes, they always had to be the MAIN thing. He ended up losing a ton of weight and got overall healthier. Probably not important but yeah, there you go.

Siemore : sweet potatoes are not nearly related to potatoes at all dude. They are more related to carrots than potatos. Its hella cheating.

Victor Popov : If you would prepare it differently everytime, add some salt or spices to it, would be much more enjoyable

HITMAN JJs : You are ready for the first manned mission to MARS

Herry Xi : Never go full potato.

lauren : it’s 3am tuesday night watching this i love myself

lukepyung 1 : Of course you're gonna get tired when you're barely cooking em. If you cooked them in enough ways you would have lasted significantly longer.

sadshortangstytoxicloser : For us american folk 14 stone = 196 lbs Or 14 x 14

Reed T : A true Irishmen

crackheadcarljr : Freshman year of high school Mentors: What’s you’re goal in life? Me: I want to become the potato god and be enlightened by potatoes.

Jessica : *poh tae oh*

Beerdy - Bruce Lee Central : You are a good example of an undisciplined, lazy couch potato looking for a quick fix. You go on a "diet" and after 2 weeks you go right back to your old habits. You learned nothing from those two weeks, complete waste of time and effort. Sadly, you represent the majority of people in the west.

void : Has u dieded

Hipster_ Ken_ : *Sasha from attack on titan is probably drooling at this video right now*

Nutellalover433 : The Matt Damon experiment

blah : "Only eating potatoes" Eats a candy bar on day 2 lol

Game Game : Fun fact: sweet potato isn't actually potato(just called like that, it's completely different plant), so you failed!

gaming sorcerer : potatoes are the best thing... you can fry them smash them boil them put em in a stew fry them bake them deep fry them just eat the potato raw like a man potato noodles isnt there a way to get potato oil? im running out of potato things uhh potato pie potato stir fry potato sushi potato potato bite sized potatoes potato potato potato potato potato

Wholesome Lad : Inspirational.

Rita scribbles : Watching this while eating a potato. Not a very good idea.

Alex : I did this and gained 20 pounds and spent a year losing the weight

LegendJim : That thumbnail screams: I dont feel so good.

Caetano Martins : Just make French Fries

CARLITO : It’s one of the requirements to become an Irish citizen.

fernand gauthier : fried potato whit vinegar or heinz ketchup for 6 month i can do this anytime .

Jan Kängsepp : You seem very Estonian, if yes then you're just eating a regular Estonian diet.

Jeffery Jefferson : Drinking game: take a shot every time he says potato

ButtCheekDavis : I Didn't Edit this Comment Edit: I edited this comment

Nick Benson : This is how Penn Gillette kick started his diet. Nothing but whole poe-tay-toes for two weeks.

PandaKiddo Plays : Who came here from a meme?

BigAsianDude : Here's the beauty of eating the same thing for a long period of time... Make something different with the same main Ingredient... Boiled and Baked are two ways to cook them. Why not cut them into slices and drizzle some salt, peeper and olive oil and bake them, boom, french fries. Deep-fry them in Vegetable Oil, tater tots, Mix them in with some condiments, virgin potato salad, etc. It was boring cause you just ate them boiled/baked, there wasn't any excitement, but if you "literally" spice it up, it'll change your thoughts drastically.

Barris 123 : The perfect video does not exi-

quintonis1 : The description... Jesus... How many times did you replay your own video?

indigo : Song at the end is Jerry by Boy Azooga

local9 : The Penn diet, its something, in his words, it made him enjoy things more and also not crave for other things. The guy is like on a full veg diet now as he has lost his taste for meet. Still has time, once every 2 weeks to eat something special with his kids.

Cass R : lol i just watched Pen Jillette talk about how he ate just potatoes for 2 weeks no butter or salt or anything and he said he also lost 14 pounds in that time and most interestingly though he talked about how his cravings resolved after 2 weeks of only eating boiled plain potatoes.

Pervert Otaku : Who said I couldn't have any variety? I would've made some Chilli Cheese Fries with a side of regular Fries and a dessert of a sweet potato.

Not my name : Why the hell don't you prepare them different, you complete monster Edit:800 likes woah, was a really good video tho

Steven Berisha : Most Irish video ever