EA Laughably Claims to Have Developed a "Moral Compass"
EA Laughably Claims to Have Developed a Moral Compass

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Critical Nobody : I wouldn’t want to be lost in the woods with EA’s compass.

Julz Bananz : EA: *breathes YongYea: *detects bullshit

Lord Dirt : EA probably has Yong’s name on some kind of list 😂

Soulrender95 : They only developed a moral compass so they can sell skins for it.

Nerobyrne : the moral compass of EA: East: Greed North: Pride West: Envy South: Sloth

TaurusOxford : I'm sure EA does have a moral compass - it's laying right next to all the dead studios.

rcblazer : Here's MY Moral Compass EA: I stopped buying from you nearly 20 years ago, and I have never regretted it or considered changing my mind about it.

Biggy Noob : People who support EA need to have their brain fixed.

ZenoDLC : Good guys don't usually say that they're good, they just do good

CrowMercury : The only compass EA has is the one that sells you the magnet separately for 10$....in loot boxes.

Party Pappy : I for one am happy that EA cares so much about player choice. It has made it so much easier to simply choose never to buy anything they publish ever again.

zim zum : cant spell "steal" without EA

westbrionage : Exploit human cattle, exploit human cattle, exploit human cattle. Only thing on EA's mind.

Sean Hanson : You cant have a moral compass if you dont know what morals are. Its like a robot trying to understand love, it knows the word but is not capable of understanding it.

Offensive Bias : SHADY FUCKS lol

Julia Shenandoah : Funny that all the huge US game companies (in cooperation with XBox and XBox Live) want to enforce the exactly same atrocity as the "new gaming era for all" with all their might and strenght: The complete removal and disappearance of all physical discs and physical game copies, getting rid of having games stored on discs and physical harddrives, getting rid of being able to start and play and save offline, and trying to get rid of and destroy BluRay as good as they can and declare all discs and harddrive data as "old, outdated media for idiots who live in the past". Making all games enforced server-streaming, everything just streaming and cloud-shit and smartphone-app-alike, and enforced monthly paid massive multiplayer only, does the trick perfectly. Funny how the most important thing for US companies since the Xbox360 has been released was ony ONE THING since release: Sneaky making everything online avaiable and online DRM startable only (the next step is "all oldie and retro games are no longer avaiable to buy anywhere, but can only be streamed from some strictly company-controlled library" and the final step of this enforced evolution will be "all consoles and computers with disc drives are soooo outdated and retro I mean look at Smartphones and Macs, and because of that MODERN CONSOLES 2021 won`t have any harddrive storage or disc-drives build in anymore, EVERYTHING, every single game is now under strictest DRM-servercontrol and streamed only and pay-per-view only, every imaginable content and data can no longer be stored and used and controlled in any way be the gamer, the player has zero control over nothing anymore, not patches, not game libraries, no singleplayer avaiable, no savegames, no nothing...." Getting rid of BluRays and used games, and kill all physical game releases and games launchable offline from harddisk as good as possible, is the most important thing since XBox Live 2010, and nowadays all US games seem to be "multiplayer only, unable to start and play and win offline, monthly payments to play, endless Lootboxes and microtransactions necessary to win, and permanent-online-DRM-only" (and as soon as the internet connection is lost or get`s too slow in the early evening hour, all games crash to desktop immediately, can no longer be launched anymore, as long as some shit server isn`t fast enough or the internet isn`t hyperfast enough you can sit in front of the console main menu, and wait till you are ALLOWED TO STREAM-PLAY again). This will be "the new era, the future of modern gaming" in 3-5 years. To ensure to have everything 100% under strictest control and enforce pay-per-view and 101% control over every gamer and their whole game libraries and usage of games. And not to give the "best game moral compass experience possible" :D It`s all about money power and control. Just money, control, and power, nothing else.

AnonymousCoward3000 : "EA Moral Compass" - top oxymoron of 2018

Kusariyaro : "For a faster and better Moral Compass™ - purchase the all exclusive Moral Boost™ from one of out special Moralboxes now on sale for just 9.99$!"

Mike Echo : EA Has Claims to Have Developed a "Money Compass"

jak jak : EA is that abusive boyfriend who keeps on telling you he’s changed, after you’ve given him multiple “second” chances. yeah.. no.. you’ve lost my trust.. and I can’t love you anymore.

dantheman .the nintendo fan : i don't know why people still support this company. EA needs to die already and have another company take it's place.

uriel005 : Here's how you can get EA and moral compass in the same sentence... "EA utterly lacks a moral compass and I don't buy their games anymore... period. boycotted. Full stop."

Penguin DT : EA's streaming future sounds a lot like hell. And not the fun DOOM kind.

Alexis : Whenever someone claims that you don't know what you want, that means _you_ have something _they_ want and they think they're entitled to _take it from you._ Don't let them.

Ivan McGann : Has this compass got a season pass?


RainbowNinjaofFabulous : They will break their neck. Just a matter of time till the casual gamer also considers hating EA-Games as mainstream

Frank Sobotka : Remember when I used to buy EA games? Pepperidge Farm might remember.

Danforth Paleontologist : Their moral compass is pointing south when it should be pointing north, 😂 EDIT: someone else said the same thing before I did... actually a lot of people beat me to it.

Account : "We don't want you to own the games, and we want to spy on you; this is the future of gaming" -EA

FJaypewpew : *yongyea uploads* *EA bloke sweating profusely* “Ha haa I-it’ll be fine guys, we really are making games FOR gamers BY gamers I swear!” *tucks gouging mtx plans back into his folder* “So it’s a strong maybe on loot boxes My people tell me. THEY’RE IN. SHIP IT FRANKIE, BEFORE THEY CAN REFUND”

White Light : The moral part of EA's compass will be DLC

Hoigwai : EA, the fertilizer factory extraordinaire. Also, I hear the music for Mission Impossible all of a sudden. They would need to re-work the entire internet, at least here in the US.

Bushido Brown : Everything about this thumbnail is great! 😆😂🤣💲

Irrapture x : You will need to pay $49.99 for part of the Moral Compass DLC.

Fig Jam : why is EAs moral compass pointing right at my wallet?

Jon Morrison : I’ll be the judge of that (after I download the next couple years of their cracked games).

sunscorpio81 : It's a shame, too bad EA doesn't realize they could be making so much more money (like God of War 4 money) by giving the people what they want, the type of games they want. But noooo, the quick buck is better.

Lex Mats : Hey YongYea. I think you're wrong about one thing. You CAN use EA and Moral Compass in one sentence EX: "EA has no moral compass"

Joe Diets : EA does have a ''moral compass'' and it points to all of our wallets.

timecrusade : ea probably made it so you have to pay $19.99 for the moral compass DLC

One Really Grumpy Jill : Yes, EA does give choice: doesn't mean that this choice is in any sense fair or good. Like, at this point, it feels like EA wants to be known as the worse company ever. I just feel really bad for Bioware.

Kimberly : Alot of good a moral compass will do when they're based in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle of deceit

Traze : Press "X" to doubt

Sebastian Muller : EA Laughably Claims to Have Developed a "Moral Compass Me: HAHAHAHAHAHHA HAHAHA wait you, Serious,

Trifecta : I can't believe nobody's defaced EA headquarters.

YesthisisBarta : Loot boxes aren't gambling? Hmmm.. Use real world money Hoping you increase/convert that money into something worth it. High chance of failure. Hmmm sounds like gamlbing

Ray Venkman : *Does a J Jonah Jameson laugh and slapping my thigh after hearing EA having a "Moral Compass"* You serious?

Gallium Games : EA's moral compass ₦-Never release a full game $- Shill public and private bodies to maximize profits. €- Eradicate and buyout competition ₩- Why innovate?