Andy Samberg Shares His Rejected Golden Globes Jokes

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Toastwig : as one DOES!

Renske Dunnewold : These guys love each other so much, it's great! ❤️

Aime's WearAbouts : the crazy rich asians one was gold

mushroomsauce00 : Petition for John Mulaney to guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Diane _ : The joke about Netflix starting the next movie in 5 seconds was perfect.

Mette de Brouwer : i love how this is just andy cracking up over his own jokes for 8 minutes

Shailik Sarkar : OMG! That John Mulaney impression was Flawless

Carly : Such a good John Mulaney impression lol

Yasemin BAHAR : The rich white ppl & ted danson jokes were funny.

2010mceric : Petition to have Amy Poehler to guest star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Governor Leslie Knope goes to New York and the Nine-Nine is assigned to protect her.

mintylife : how is he 40? gahdd he's so attractive.

harlequin : That was such a good Mulaney impression omg

Crimson FireCat : That John Mulaney impression was so on point lmao

dndkd djdkcndk : pls let john mulaney play jake's ex boyfriend in b99

Shanna S : Andy’s laugh right before the last joke is gold

Caitlin Laing : i like the crazy rich joke

bellaciao11 : Seth breaking into giggle fits before Andy even gets to the punchlines is everything <3

Mike Reda : Seth and Andy should host next year and just spend the entire show laughing at each other.

race smith : That mulaney impression was mf spot on

Lee Yung Hei : i counted 17 jokes, but i think the card reads 17 and Seth lied about 18. Samberg bursted out laughing REALLY hard when Seth said 18, and Seth gave a deadpan look instead of a friendly smile/laughter.

Tony J : Here because Andy Sandberg just shamed us for only watching closer look on YouTube.

chokinonashes61 : Andy Samberg is so hot! I really have a thing for him. Is it only me?

Claudia Juliane : John Mulaney impression @ 2:10 you're welcome!

Meggie Moo : Andy Samburg with Seth Meyers impersonating John Mulaney God bless

Deniz Balta : i counted 17 jokes, and im really curious about the one that got cut

Carfacts : how is Andy Samberg 40? Thats crazy

Evilpilli : Cool to see Joanna Newsoms husband get some attention too.


Aashish Khakha : Crazy Rich Asians nominated for 2 Golden Globes, Crazy White People are up for the rest 200 LMFAO! XD

Lidiane Peixoto : most of these are better than the freddie mercury joke

albino negro : Those jokes were better than all of the ones they actually chose hahaha.

Shashank Gupta : Came here after the actual monologue, I think they switched the rejected and selected jokes by mistake... They are much better

Lauren Erickson : Why is Andy's skin just like especially spectacular lately? What magic is this?

Kevin Street : I liked the Netflix jokes the best. "...and cried for a full five seconds before Netflix started blasting a new movie where Kurt Russel plays Santa Claus." And " it on the biggest phone you can find." LOL!

Mace B : This interview was so much better then Jimmy Fallon's but to be fair it's not hard to Jimmy Fallon's interviews

CocoPops : The need to get drunk together and film it, it would be amazing!

Patrick Egan : The audience didn't understand the smart jokes, but loved the obvious punchline jokes. That's why we have Will Farrell doing the shitty movies he's doing...

Alberte Solveig Bækgaard Mortensen : he was so good at that John Mulaney impression!

Ilma Zuberi : Andy Samberg is such a delight!

Jon Athan : Unexpected Mulaney

HeyItsReagan : all of those amazing jokes but they had to include one making fun of Freddie Mercury’s appearance AND talk about his dead body in front of his two closest friends and band mates. Nice. i love andy so much and i dont blame him at ALL; the writers just didn’t do too well this year ://

Adot Burr : The writers actually did a terrible job, made both him and Sandra Oh look terrible imo

pete275 : they have the exact same voice, they should get together and make the most confusing podcast ever

Aubrey Delafield : Comedians cracking each other up is always such gold

Lauryn Bell : should have taken out the freddie one and replaced it with one of these...

Rebecca Rominger : There are seventeen jokes for those who are wondering. Unless I am lying and I didn't count.

leHungry : Did anyone count how many jokes there were? 😂

Steve DeSantis : John Mulaney is a national treasure and we must protect him.


Floris Liu : the wheel of mulaney impression was beautiful