Dickens Cider

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Drummers Eve : Frederick von Dickens is an amazing name. I dont know why it makes me laugh so damn hard....

PARADIGM TV : Their next brand is "Cummin's Cider".

whtfsh765 : Just add some alcohol, and you'll have Hard Dickens Cider!

Avatar Korra : I saw a Dickens Cider shop in town, and I laughed for a good 5 minutes.

NoobUbisoft : Who else come here from smosh?

Adrienne Rayner : "before she knew it I surprised her with a Dicken's Cider! All men turn to your women folk and ask them, when was the last time you had a Dicken's Cider? Every time.. EVERY time this still cracks me up! It's a good laugh. Classic :)

Maheer Ahmed : what about a cummins cider?

Rob White : What about a Hard Dickens Cider?

Nathanael Ries : I didn't want to say anything earlier, but I think you should buy this round since your girlfriend took all my Dicken's Cider.

Wilhelmina Galvas : Grab your girl and put some Dixon Cider😂😂

DominickJ : It was funny until you got the kids involved! :O(

Gerald Pauschmann : Hey Quanuck, Firstly that would be 'AUSSIES' Secondly, try abstaining from the drugs for a while - Oh 'Abstaining' means to to refrain from something...thought you needed a bit of help.  

manstie : Did Bob and Tom perhaps watch some smosh?

Ian Peden : We got the joke early on, thanks. Why were children used in this?

EinarPlays : Did i hear Dick inside her?

hdmat101 : Dixon cider!

Cory Crowell : I like their bottles, but my girlfriend really likes the Dicken's Cider can.

Foolishpleazure : This is an old skit from "The Bob and Tom Show",who are originators,not Tommy and Rumble.

The Joker : Trolling Level: Gerald Pauschmann you sir, are a genius.

Svengali : The bloopers killed me

Jackie Hiya : at first I did not get it. lmao

Little Wolf Taima : All thoughts of Female Hysteria treatment aside, this had me crying with laughter.

PARADIGM TV : Holy Shit that is hilarious. I have to leave work now because my day will not get any better. My eyes are tearing up with laughter. In fact I may just quit my job. I may watch this video full time. Bloopers were funny too !

Shane Draper : I also like Cummings cider

Rick O'Shay : Is this drink for real, Yes or No?

Dianne Kneller- Weaver : Hilariously funny!   The laughter in the bloopers  was contagious! :) Guess the Ozzie sense of humour is similar to us kiwis , huh!  lol

NateGUYYY : is NO  ONE going to point out how funny it is that while it cuts back to him overtime, he's walking forward? haha that alone got me for some reason...

Mark Hall : I laughed til I hurt and nearly peed myself.

sylviajoyce76 : My!!  my sides are aching...such a laugh..what a tonic.. This video is such a good way to start any day

onlinecdjoenne : this is the best thing in my life right now

Dan Smith : Back in the early 90s Los Gatos (California) rugby sevens dominated the sport on the USA pacific coast.  We put the logos of all 15 or so of our sponsors on the back of our pull overs.  When they arrived, we noticed that some joker had added Dicken's Cider along with the rest.  Old joke, but good effort.  Thanks.

Philip Clover : The bloopers were the best...It's hard to get this Dickens Cider locally. For hardened guys only I guess. The girls managed to keep it straight though. Hey did you know there's a free guide they're giving away with each bottle? It's called "Things You Can Do With Your Dickens Cider" by Neil & Ben Dover. They also wrote another book called "Intrusion".......  Tee hee....!!!!

nirvana 8193 : Absolutely fantastic. I work in a pub, and couple of customers were talking about this. I had to check it out and I'm glad I did. Soooo... Funny!

VMA225 : I Can Dig It !!!

SuperHahaha1313 : Hilarious

Tony Merlocco : I really enjoyed that.  lol  Thanks Gerald.

StudSupreme : This guy talks funny...

Christian Rojas : Bloopers are the best!!!! Hahahahaha

Rob Pinter : So wrong but so right....very funny....OMG we have humor that is rude...and I don't feel offended and need a safe space......

Mike Rowegreshian : It was sick to feature children in this old gag. Who or what thinks that it is appropriate for children to participate in this?

Crash Overide : And when you go to the pub make sure to tell the bartender you want a large Dicken's Cidar

Mike H : I loved this so MUCH I am fixing to share a Dickens Cider with my wife AGAIN!! Great VID!!  Thanks!!  (now to go get that Dickens Cider!!)

Jeff Osborn : Oh man, I think I just pee'd myself a little... :DD

BrickToyTrains : My wife likes a good Dicken's cider every morning, she reckons it's the perfect pick-me-up :)

Steve Huntington : This is right up there (?!?) with the SNL sketches "Colonel Angus" and "Cork Soakers".  Too funny!

David Wells : LMAO!!!!!! Dickens Cider!!!!!

Beth-El Rawlings : You are so FUNNY.... I AM LAUGHING MY ASS OFF...... THANK YOU 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I was sad before. But now. I cant stop laughing your my guy.😂

Rengemaru : You are going to hell for making this video XD

Adam : The talent on the Gold Coast is outstanding.

NYColts18 : As noted at the beginning, this was ORGINALLY a Bob and Tom skit on the radio in Indianapolis...