The Perfect Soulless 4 Run... RUINED

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MackeeGH : hi my father really enjoys your videos i am gonna put him on now this is the father, don't tell my son but he's gay

Onemoredude : Karma for saying rush is overrated xdd

PAt imetro : 12:00 you can see the hand shaking. FeelsBadMen, you will get it at some point, i have fate on you! :) (sorry for my bad englando Kappa) This is not Twitchat, right? imgay

MusicalPhoenix : Did anyone notice that 2:09 was perfect follow timing hahaha

Daddy Mars : Hi Randy. I'd like to ask for help. I have difficulties in doing these continuing hammer-on-off-beat-strum thingies. For example in 1:38 - 1:53 . I've tried to get consistent at them for a long time, but the beginning to Soulless 3 at normal speed is pretty much the fastest I can do play them. I know the "idea" to doing it, but I'd like to ask you for a tip. A tip to "view" them correctly. Btw love your videos and streams. Thank you.

Sam : Randy, take comfort in the fact that you're so good now that even your chokes like this are on another level. :D

lordbloby : sick choke =3

Paul Lee : 12:08 :(

Ryan Smock : A freaking -80 on Soulless 4 and that was mostly the BS strumming parts. Dang son

FrostedGH : Micface w/randy's "no" remix when????

Loko 312 : Lanky White Dude Fails Button Mania

Snow : Nah u fr gotta fc this

ABestFriend : So Close my man keep it up :(

CJ Rodrick : Randy, if you see this please hear me out. This hurt soooooooooo much to watch live, but I want to encourage you to get those strum bar pieces replaced and keep going for 2.7 mil. Based on this video alone I beleive 2.7 is definitely possible for you. Keep trying. 🤘🤘🤘

Gator_411 : This guy must’ve done good in Destroy Dick December

detp derp : Rip, good luck for ur next run XD

Waseem : That advertisement is the one responsible for ruining the run

Robert Taylor : bro that part you were missing at's basically the bridge in Jordan - just don't strum so much you got that easy lol

Elliot Ps : do a duo feature with UKOGmonkey


Dustin Platt : But it really wasnt perfect? He still missed notes prior to the 12:00 miss? Or am I missing something?

Sum1stio : Press 1 if Randy should change his name to RandyMadMan.

EverestBlizzard : I know the feeling man. Dunno if anyone in the comments has ever played Osu, but a miss like than can wreck a run even WORSE than this, because the score multiplier stacks endlessly rather than to a certain point. I reckon you can get the 2.7 though, it's well within you capabilities, probably even better scores are within your capabilities too.

X5ync : I wanna see 90-95% speed FC attempt.

Alita 7w7 : Shit :(

Syn6661 : I hope I'm not the only one who hates every melody on this song

tankata2 : dude can read the chat while playing?

InfernuX : Wants cry xd

Mitch Games : rip

Justice Sugai : It’s because he didn’t know the way

scribblenauts11 : fc when????

Arthur Ericson : noice Photoshop i can tell because you face palming right when you hit a red and blue so yeah look at it if ya dont believe me leafgreen does the something sometimes

Stephen King : 3:27 look at chat

GChalkers123 : Pre updated audio lol

Zeratide : "Would you ever play on keyboard?" "Never"

Janine Gagnon : Miss you!

Kendall Cary : he also lost the combo at 11:20

Rathbuc : Nice eyebrows

Ashton Wolfe : You'll fc one day

Adam Gausmann : keyboard has had its revenge for 1:45

Miner Diner : how would this have been a perfect run...

Jando Valdez : It’s sodium chloride

KrU Fry : Amazing

Veggum : Awesome Choke!

Revolio Clockberg Jr. : How is he playing the notes without strumming (not the hammer ons) haven’t played GH in awhile

BobbyD : I M A G I N E T H E N E R V E S.

Kalivia : More focus next time

Doug : His tombstone will be a mile tall with this chart on it.

wethegamers870 : You know how there are people who mastered different parts of the song? What if the song wasn't meant to be beaten by just 1 person, but by everyone together doing what they're good at?

Ian Downing : I'd really love to see some kind of tutorial from you dude. Been watching you for a while now. Insane shit.