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The 54th Deadline - Nhan Pham : As someone who has seen a lot of Law & Order episodes, this skit is quite true. So many episodes follow this formula.

cloudgirl150 : That judge...

Kenpachi Ramasama : I wonder what the voice actors thought looking at the script for this skit?

Sigiles : They even bleeped out chicken profanity O_o

DontMindWrongPerson : K F C: Kentucky Federal Court

JoeHooker11 : The sad thing is, you have basically just witnessed the entire Law & Order series in those two minutes.

Cdub2k : 0:46 - 1:02 Thee ole Good Cock Bad Cock routine

Artliker1234 : I bet the only porn they watch is bukkake. Also I appreciate the 2 brown chickens diversity

Monkey Mutant Boss : Probably one of the most clever skits in the history of the show.

Toxic3610 : Understood that better than any law and order episode

Commander Shepherd : That judge was cool as ice

EgwOTheos013 : You know the lawyer was sad at the end because he was not paid....

Shir'o Khorshid : No subtitles? Unbelievable. Half of the time I have no idea what they are saying!

TheCrazyFereldan : Forget pot, the writing team are on shrooms.


steven smith : The real killer was a colonel from kentucky.

sonofaballer96 : Just imagine the voice actors in the booth doing this lol.

spitfire 01 : They need to do a CSI version. The inspectors arrive at the crime scene. There's a an electrocuted body in a chair. John Gresham chicken looks into the camera "Buk buk buka buk..." Puts on sunglasses. "Buk" YEAAAAAH.

Víctor Ortiz : This pretty much sumarizes most episodes. I love it.

t51b power : Just love it when the judge just sits there and goes blawk

IBitePrettyHardSH : Thanks for saving me time!  I just saw every Law & Order ever.

lofthouse23 : Hearing a bleeped chicken is probably one of the funniest things I have heard in a long time.

Get a forehead reduction. : This is the most accurate description and plot of any type of Law & Order episode, specifically SVU

Ricky I : I love how they bleep out the clucking.

Alison Zoccola : This video is Law & Order in an eggshell.

The Pittstop : I liked the part where they said 'bawk'.

Robert Jindra : If this was an actual series, I'd watch it. :D

Anthony Stark : Seth green let his Chris griffin voice out lmao

Squeaky McBeal : I could picture a voice over during the credits: (in chicken) "Stay tuned for another thrilling episode of 'Law & Order: KFC' followed by a brand new episode of 'Criminal Clucks' & and NCIS: Bangcock'."

Julian Torre : when u relise they are all roosters and no chickens

Riyadh Firdausy : am i the only one who think this is really happened in parallel universe?, like an intelligent chicken civilization..

JG Boac : The ending when the grey sweater chicken gets shot was sad, though....

PlebNC : I like to think this is how Jacket from Hotline Miami sees the world.

Lukas Kment : 0:40 event the poster says BUK BUK BUKKA .I love it

Jose Juan Andrade Flores : This is... one of the best things in the internet, ever

Deadeyeguy_45 : butt burger? butt butt butt butt burger? BUTT BUTT BURGER! AAAHHH.... BUTT BURGER!

hamstersofdoom : 1:38 Watch the reporter run across the screen.

xXxMartin96xXx : this is surprisingly accurate

Villiams 2613 : How the hell do you bleep out clucking lol 

edleedavis : I loved the Judge "...Ba"

Videogamer96 : "...And Seth Rogen as: The Judge."

The Goofy Gouf : I love how they bleep out some of the "dialogue".

ahmad the 1374 : The sad thing is, you have basically just witnessed the entire Law & Order series in those two minutes

Abcdede Flims Inc. : Why no Robot Chicken in it? :(

Kameron Tive : In a crimibak jusbak system the baks are represenbak by two equally imporbak baks, the baks who inbakstigate baks, and the Disbak attourbaks who baksicute the obaksers. These are their baks.

ninjawraith17 : The judge is the best part.

November : 1:03 anyone notice the ONE black chicken?

Kaila J : I just love the fact I know exactly what's going on and what they're saying.

TheAllSeeingEye : love how they bleep out some of the clucks

mikkelhaxer : Law and Order: Kentucky Federal Chicken? Is that what the KFC part stands for?