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Gus Johnson : Best meme 2k17

Grace Motley : Oh jeez

Kat Mechs : This is real comedy. Cheers to you and gus

ItsRyanA : Glad to see all of Matthew's astronaut training put into work here.

Michael : this video made me spit out my taco bell dollar menu cheesy bean and rice burrito with hot sauce in laughter

Damiën Smidt : These are too short man! I love your vids, i need more!!!

Merick Donahue : Your videos deserve way more views. Gotta pay the bills

Guids : Wow, this guy looks eerily similar to teen pop star Eddy Zurback

Nyla Kiriyuin : It tastes good but it's a little hot for me

Useless Toast : Edie Bhurbaq murr like edddydyeb balvhdwb emiteate lol get ffufucjnedd noub lol xd

Adrianna Solak : More.

Tyler The Uncreative : The start of a meme folks

Pyro Minic : Good Video 👏👏👏👏👏

Kastan Day : Damn too good

Connor Hough : haha, great stuff

EpicBanana64 : Yeet ed boy yeet

James Vignale II : 😂

Nathan : just found your channel today and i fucking love it, keep it up man

Galactic Puppet : Wacky

SuperWeird : I think I love you

Jordan McAlister : I'M DYING i love you omg

Duncan Robertson : Hey... hey Eddy. You wanna buy some mostaccioli?

Jeremy Bourque : This was frigging funny

Timbo Turnbomb : yes dude u take the cake funniest fine thanks (:

Sarah Mcgreevy : I live for your videos

TAYTAY MUA : eating hot cheetos rn

AdriCepa : Wtf is this, i trusted you Eddy.

davidautry : Make sure to favorite this to recieve a picture of a goat in a suit

luxxy : 1st :) Love ya eddy boy

David DiNenna : make some longer videos

Ayyy Thats pretty gud m9 : Your face is too big for your body

puffcheesis : Oo that’s hot, that’s real hot!

Andreas Stauner Scherlund : Eddy Mah dude, are you okay?