Street Food in Pakistan - ULTIMATE 16-HOUR PAKISTANI FOOD Tour in Lahore, Pakistan!

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Benjamin Parsley : As a US Navy service member I had the great opportunity to deploy to Pakistan and Afghanistan and I must say these two cultures and the people are some of the most amazing, hospitable, and kind on the face of this planet. From patrolling the streets and getting to taste some of the street foods myself, so delicious...I only hope that these two countries can be freed from the terrorists who put fear in the good people...I have made many good friends from my deployments there and I wish nothing but the best for them.

Berrak Yıldırım : Love Pakistan from Turkey

Brian Murimi : Love from Kenya. Pakistanis are really amazing pple

Aiman Yusri : congrates pakistani. the beauty of islam. salam from malaysia

The Zeest : I visited Pakistan last year and I am a Indian and Pakistanis are the most welcoming people in the whole world.. Not even Indians are so welcoming

Khamosh Koyal : My mother is watching this video with me and she's happy and smiling to see you in Pakistan mark... and she's giving lots of blessings and dua to you Thankuuuuuu markkk ...i can't express my feelings in words Thanks soooooooo much mark

Trini Cooking with Natasha : I love this, street food is the best food. Alot of the foods we have our own versions in Trinidad.

Gaurav Mehta : India loves Pakistan ☮️❤️

All In One : Pakistan looks like a great country but shown utterly disgusting via Media. Media sucks these days tbh. Love From India 😍

Kuldip Kumar : Even Indian Punjabis say Jihne Lahore ni dekhya kujh ni dekhya i.e. one who has not seen Lahore, has seen nothing.

Peter and Yen : Never thought I'd add Pakistan to my food bucket list until you showed me the way Mark! Thank you 👍

Mub Tip : I am missing pakistan and the street food over there.I am Moroccan I visited pakistan couple of times .people were friendly,food was marvelous and delicious ,I love shalwar kameez .Pakistan and Morocco brothers forever

Laura Haase : Omg I wanna eat all of this food. Never thought that Pakistani food is that good. 😍😍 I‘m exited to See more of your Pakistani Videos. Love from Germany. 🇵🇰🇩🇪🇩🇪❤️

Midhat Paragon : My beautiful country😍😍😍,we r blessed people Allahmdulilha.

Shahriar Shakil : I am from Bangladesh and I know Pakistani Foods Are one of the best in the world.and we have lots of pakistani restaurant here as well .if I have a chance I will definitely visit pakistan One day.

Yasmin's Cooking : Wow love you mark I can’t explain my feelings right now just love watching my pakistan in your video 😘😍❤️

mixyguy6 : Love and Respect for Pakistan...Without any doubt most diverse tourist Attraction...Greetings from Australia

Dubsmash Vlogs : I m from Tamilnadu,India I am Hindu but I always love muslims I have lots of Muslim friends they do anything for us just spread love and humanity fight is between the politicians and governments Not for the people’s My best friend is an muslim ❤️

Dr Nitin Vanjari : My goodness those people from Pakistan are so friendly! I am really amazed to see that hospitality. Love from India. After this I m literally planning a trip for Pakistan!

Mormet Nazim : Pakistani Cuisine is best of the World 🇵🇰 I have visited Pakistani Restaurants in Germany, all the Germans say Pakistani food is the best food what they ever eat😍😍 Peace from Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

Haq Ki Awaz : Love you Mark, For bringing the positive face of Pakistan in front of the world. ہم آپ کو تمام پاکستانیوں کی طرف سے خوش آمدید کہتے ہیں.

Hyrum Leuea : I'm from Australia but i wouldn't mind traveling to Pakistan food looks good people seem very nice

Glorius Ezra : I SHOULD GO TO PAKISTAN!!! Love from indonesia

Pankaj Molekhi : Mohd Iliyas is a true mehman-nawaz in Lahore's spirit . Look at his humble vend and modest clothing. Yet he refuses to accept money for his chaat to Wiens and group. Now, think of the leeches who wouldn;t think twice before fleecing tourists in the subcontinent. My salutes to Miyan Iliyaas. You deserve to be brand ambassador of Lohore Toursim body. Respect.

that_ happysou : I am from India and I want Pakistani people to know that not Indians hate Pakistan or there people we still believe in a peaceful friendship lots of love from Pakistan may both the countries Live in peace

Lord thranduil : Am an indian... And i know pakistani foods are also one of the best in the whole world.....

Balaji I : As a South Indian, I can say I've enjoyed every single second of this amazing video and beautiful country and these humane people. I can honestly say, I've never seen such kind and generous people in most parts of India I've visited. I wish you guys nothing but the best. However the only thing that bugs me is what is not in the video. Women. Although I'm happy to see Pakistan men it disturbs me not to see the other 50% of your country. The better 50% of any country. Hope to see our nations share the love our citizens share between them.

Alvin Hor : I am from Singapore and only a few minutes into your video, I just liked and subscribed because it was so awesome!

murah : Pakistan was not my list of Countries to visit but thanks to Mark, its just jumped to top 5 countries to visit next year.... Cheers

Himansu Panda : I want to roam in the streets of Lahooree.. Don't know if it's possible..M from India

knowledge for the life after علم ينتفع به : Cool 😍 Pakistan zindabad ✌ love from Sudan 💜.

Dilip BC : Love Pakistan from Nepal

kantesh patel : U all can see in the comments section how deeply people of India and Pakistan respect each other..its only the politics and geographical boundaries that separate us.. otherwise the people are all the same..👍👍kudos..👏👏🤝

PS azmi : I m unable to spot any terrorist in this video......Love to pakistan from india

Harsh John : Love from India to Pakistan. 2 sons of a mother gone apart because of British influence.

Divine Munchies : Wow, that dude singing at the end was amazing! I loved him

abilash abi : I cant belive this is how pakisthan look like .Our media and politicians try to make hatred between us.I didnt find any difference between life style in India and pakisthan .And why we are divided ?? Together we are strongest .Love from India .

Robby Gill : It was great to watch this episode, but the best part was ending it with a smooth Punjabi song.

Nandini Priya : I am an Indian .....I love Pakistan's really good and testy.....nd mark I love u.. And ur video.....god blessed u

Prince Rajput : Those dishes are forcing me to go to Pakistan..... In absolute love with Pakistani pre - concieved notion about Pakistan changed.... and the "khaab" song by akhil....was really good.... 💓 from India.....

GENIUS CLUB : I'm from India and my view of Pakistan changed....damn media they intentionally show bad thing about Pakistan to raise hatred and their TRP too...🤔🤔

Arun Bahadur : Sadness is a foreigner telling about food in Pakistan . damn , Why did we divided these all are part of our culture but divided through countries . Wish someday i can try all these Pakistani food . Luv from India

Aneela Arslan : I have seen many of your videos in other states but ur hapiness ur expressions in pak are quite different Love from pakistan

Ashish Rai : I lived with Pakistani friends for two years. They are so friendly for friends. I love their culture and food. We most of educated Indians loves Pakistani people. We are brothers. I hope everything will be patch up on going future.

Lousy Gamer : It's the people who stood out and such a great hospitality and love from the people of Pak. F U politicians and Media for painting the dark picture. I am from India and now I would love to make a trip to Pakistan with my family to enjoy the great food and greater people and hospitality.

TheFinalRevelation : One small step for Mark. One giant leap for an entire nation.

hemant chauhan : Awesome food Love from India 🇮🇳

bahdzie12 cyjirs12 : Wow, all i know about pakistan is full of terrorist base on watching movies haha.. but i was surprised they are good people, hospitable.. and im so curious of all those foods whats gonna be the taste i wanna eat all that.. i enjoy watching your vids..kudos

Amit Singh : Seriously, I really want to visit Pakistan. This is not just because of this, even I don't know why. Maybe it's very India type.

Abhijit Nag : In my life before I die I would like to visit this two country Bengladesh and Pakistan ..... Love from India to the peoples of both the country