Street Food in Pakistan - ULTIMATE 16-HOUR PAKISTANI FOOD Tour in Lahore, Pakistan!

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GENIUS CLUB : I'm from India and my view of Pakistan changed....damn media they intentionally show bad thing about Pakistan to raise hatred and their TRP too...🤔🤔

nazmul ahsan nayem : Pakistan is heaven for food lovers. Love from Bangladesh. ❤❤❤

azad hassan : Assalamuaikum Pakistan from Mauritius I like food Pakistan so much

Aiza Khan : Im from Lahore and this is THE BREAKFAST! Full of nostalgia and longing back. Love from Switzerland.

Yafai : In the Media Pakistan sounds so scary and in reality it’s beautiful.. this is the same story about my country YEMEN 🇾🇪

Peter and Yen : Never thought I'd add Pakistan to my food bucket list until you showed me the way Mark! Thank you 👍

Bala K : I am from sri lanka salam pakistan

Anne Corey : Look very good food nice place for food and lots of it even Mark,s wife Ying I think I forget her name she is very good sweet lady thank you for sharing your beautiful video thanks, 29–12–18–

Zoren Galo : who's still watching this January of 2019? :)

Esme Wilson : Love the facial expressions he makes when he Eats the food. My husband is Pakistani and when he would make me food I was just blown away everytime. So proud to married to him and his culture. ❤️

Lord thranduil : Am an indian... And i know pakistani foods are also one of the best in the whole world.....

Hã M : Assalam alaikum pakistanais brothers and sisters from Algeria

rashid ibrahimov : Love you Pakistan,it's people and culture!!!! Regards from Azerbaijan!!!!!

My Emerald Life : Pakistan is truly the land flowing with milk and honey. Everything looks so yum! 😋

Deka ismail : I'm Somali i really wanna marry Pakistan man 🇵🇰

Anantha Rengan : Hospitality of these people are unmatched especially the Cholewala, who gave free food for the crew. Wonderful people and awesome episode.

Dao Bloem : Mark! you are like a sewing machine that sewing all the nations together:) Thank you so much for each video showing food and people around the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Forte Astro : If I had to visit the middle East... Pakistan is looking like a great contender. Greetings from a Mexican/American. Tienes un bien dia.

shmuel gilet : I love Pakistan from israel...❤❤❤

Edwin Chu : I used to work in saudi, it reminds me my pakistani friends there, they are really nice

Divine Munchies : Wow, that dude singing at the end was amazing! I loved him

ali kaya : Pakistan 🤝 Türkei ☝️💪

Castlehill650 : We need more travel videos to Pakistan, aside from the usual taliban opium poppy blah blah blah heroin blah blah. I want to see more of this. More of the qualities of Pakistan instead of the usual media showing the BS status quo. Yes, bad things happen in Pakistan... Ive been robbed multiple times in my home state in America. Bad things happen no matter where you are. We need to look at the good things in life, instead of always focusing on the bad. Peace and love from America.

François : I always thought Pakistan is a dangerous country, until I saw your vlog today. This made me want to visit Pakistan one day. Thank you for showing us the good side of Pakistan and its people. Good job, Mark. 👍🏻

Nur Bella : I think pakistan more better than india..

Benjamin Parsley : As a US Navy service member I had the great opportunity to deploy to Pakistan and Afghanistan and I must say these two cultures and the people are some of the most amazing, hospitable, and kind on the face of this planet. From patrolling the streets and getting to taste some of the street foods myself, so delicious...I only hope that these two countries can be freed from the terrorists who put fear in the good people...I have made many good friends from my deployments there and I wish nothing but the best for them.

Daryll Jake Ico : Because of the media, I really got the wrong impression about the people in Pakistan. Those people on the video are big-hearted and very welcoming at the same time. Watching this video at midnight here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 made my stomach angry for those mouth-watering food u showed me. Much love!

pranjal singh : Geneius and extra ordinary place beyond the word Love from india Hope so some time i am in lahore

Amanawit Dc.D : Wooooow what a lovely people!!! I know and love Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰 food, lots of Love 💕 💕 from Ethiopia 🇪🇹 🇪🇹🇪🇹

Deepal Tennakoon : Pakistani food tastes so good. I'm Sri Lankan and my Pakistani friend took me to an authentic Pakistani restaurant in Melbourne, Australia once. It tasted so good.

Khamosh Koyal : My mother is watching this video with me and she's happy and smiling to see you in Pakistan mark... and she's giving lots of blessings and dua to you Thankuuuuuu markkk ...i can't express my feelings in words Thanks soooooooo much mark

K Türk : Amazing foods brothers. Loves from Turkey. 🇵🇰🇹🇷

Dunkelheit ist die Wahrheit : am a kurdish guy from Syria and i live in Germany for 4 years after a while i had the chance to meet a very nice persone from Pakistan ,his wife made one day chiken curry for us and since then i can't forget it's taste , lovely people and wundeful country really ... wish to visit it soon. just to mention something else.. kurdish and pakistanish have alot of similar words eather i think it is freaking amaizing . Mark i would love to invite you to syria one day when th war is over and i promise you it will be the best food you will ever eat and the most beautiful people and country you will ever been to .... i will be your guide (:

Khushi Nain : Pakistani people are so humble like others , I have many reasons to love that country. Why world media does't highlights these amazing cultural things ... From India

karthik Ilangovan : I'm indian.the behavior and approach of Pakistani people are very excited.the media creating wrong impression of them..

Debasish Patro : Today I knew that Pakistan peoples have a great heart and they possess kind and gentle behaviour towards people. I loved their food very much. For me the highlight would be the people of Pakistan than the food. They also speak better English than Indians especially that old man stunned me. The ending song made my day and made me so happy. Really they have latent talent. Loads of love from India.♥️ 🇮🇳

naeshb : वीडियो देख कर भूख लग गई सालों, इंडिया पाकिस्तान में उलझ रहे हो।। जैसे तो तुम ही कर लोगे फैसला।।। I wanna travel to Pakistan... A wish from my childhood...

Gustavo ́s Music : Such nice people and delicious food! i really enjoy the video. Really nice country Pakistan, hope i can visit it soon! Cheers from México.

K O : those pakistani people have been trough so much troubles the last decades, yet they totally surprised me how they welcomed this Mark every time. The food looked amazing, i can't believe i even just watched a 35minute video at a guy eating fantastic stuff and i enjoyed it ?! <3 love to pakistan

afghan hot girls : lahor people love you my phatan brothers #love from afg

Brenda Benoît Dudley : This was incredible indeed. Really, it has been the first time I have had the opportunity to learn about Pakistani food. All I saw was looking delicious, especially that chicken! Oh, and I loved the beautiful song at the end.

Ann Cetin : I see the Muslim people of Pakistan literally, eye smiling and positive...

Magadh Naresh : Frankly speaking, Pakistanis have a better understanding of sub continental taste than us Indians. They are refined in their tastes and we can learn something out of them.

Derya Gül : Thanks for this great film, Mark you really have a great energy that passes over to People watching your film. I liked that you show the real dayly life in Pakistan and not only some touristic or luxurious places. I really feel like going to Pakistan and have some of the delicious food.

Poop Unboxing : In India 😕 Guys here Looted foreigners by multiplying its actual cost ! Salute to Mohammad Ilias😘 Love from INDIA

Proud Muslim : Cool 😍 Pakistan zindabad ✌ love from Sudan 💜.

hokongda hasagei : love Pakistan from China

Rodney Saint : I was in Pakistan three years ago working with a team of doctors to set up a medical camp and I am from Chennai, India.I had an incredible experience there. Pakistan is no longer 1998, the way it's portrayed in Media, It is one of the developing countries in the world today.

JO.Vlogs official : Amazing foods and great hospitality brothers and sisters from Uzbekistan

Melissa Vargas : Pakistanis speak English really well! Their food and their hospitality are admirable.