How is Walmart Making Money by Pricing Below Cost?

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Quinn McTiernan : seems like you were trying to fit as many stock photos into a 3 minute video as possible @1:53

Pepe's bodega : When I turned 18 in Sweden Gilette sent me a full packed razor and like 2 packages of blades. I think they do this to all people who turn 18 which is an intresting business choice.

Milk Chai : Genuine feedback, is there any reason why you can't get rid of your lisp? Your narration is pretty good aside from the lisp.

peter11612 : that lisp made me stop watching

jawa64ify : Forgot to mention they basically steal from the tax payer to pay their employees.

RynouGaming : Nice lisp btw

Tony Music : What is the fastest liquid on earth??? Milk, because it's pasteurized before you see it

Blade BlazerLazer : Target is better

oobaka1967 : $4 for a gallon of milk? I wish. A gallon here goes for anywhere between 6 and 9 bucks depending on where you buy it (corner store or grocery store) I drink around a gallon a day so I know the prices all too well.

Srey : Great content

poptya : Lowes employee here, ours are lumber and concrete.

frostlion93 : milk is $1.88 always at our local walmart ...

Avengersoul : 5.57 for a gallon of milk good god O_O It's like 1.50 at my walmart

Oral Hygiene : I thought this was well written, very concise and explains just enough to keep you interested without getting boring

xDogsOfWar : Where the HELL is milk $4 a gallon?!?!? I get get 18 eggs and a gallon of milk for ~$1. At Walmart, obviously.