How is Walmart Making Money by Pricing Below Cost?

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Quinn McTiernan : seems like you were trying to fit as many stock photos into a 3 minute video as possible @1:53

Pepe's bodega : When I turned 18 in Sweden Gilette sent me a full packed razor and like 2 packages of blades. I think they do this to all people who turn 18 which is an intresting business choice.

Milk Chai : Genuine feedback, is there any reason why you can't get rid of your lisp? Your narration is pretty good aside from the lisp.

peter11612 : that lisp made me stop watching

jawa64ify : Forgot to mention they basically steal from the tax payer to pay their employees.

RynouGaming : Nice lisp btw

Blade BlazerLazer : Target is better

Tony Music : What is the fastest liquid on earth??? Milk, because it's pasteurized before you see it

poptya : Lowes employee here, ours are lumber and concrete.

oobaka1967 : $4 for a gallon of milk? I wish. A gallon here goes for anywhere between 6 and 9 bucks depending on where you buy it (corner store or grocery store) I drink around a gallon a day so I know the prices all too well.

Avengersoul : 5.57 for a gallon of milk good god O_O It's like 1.50 at my walmart

Oral Hygiene : I thought this was well written, very concise and explains just enough to keep you interested without getting boring

xDogsOfWar : Where the HELL is milk $4 a gallon?!?!? I get get 18 eggs and a gallon of milk for ~$1. At Walmart, obviously.

frostlion93 : milk is $1.88 always at our local walmart ...

Srey : Great content

Michael James Slattery : It goes way deeper the bigger the company. Unlimited bank loans, government subsidies and stock buy backs allow business to operate at a loss for years if they are really big. Big business today operates like communism. The only real capitalists are small fries these days. And this is cause at the end of every empire the #FreeShitArmy of the super rich and super poor bleed it dry.