If YouTube Does This It's Doomed
If YouTube Does This Its Doomed

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YouTube has announce that it has plans to "optimize" the subfeed, which means they will stop showing videos there in chronological order and instead show you in a "personalized order". My fear is this is the final step in removing any control users have over content they see which will ultimately lead to the ruin of the platform.


KoreanLovesBeauty Janie : YouTube needs a competitor 😩 they are getting ridiculous.. it’s becoming mainstream tv at this point

Roshid6 : YouTube; broadcast yourself... and maybe we’ll let people see it


leokimvideo : YouTube's new fancy term is 'experimenting'. Again producers here are just cage rats in their giant media experiment thats going horribly wrong. I can only assume that the word 'experiment' is used as a legal loop hole because it emplies the change is not permanent. The site is turning into an area where viewers are fed into the content Google want you to watch. The community who built the mass popularity of the site are just discarded. Lets hope this doesn't trigger anyone as we saw a few months back.

nihonium : I'm surprised this showed up in my subscriptions feed

Tyler : YouTube and EA are pretty much the same

DJ Baker : Save it for the home page Jesus. Leave the sub alone for people who actually benefit from it and actually have a following.

Mrs. Nemesis : I got recommended a Lele Pons video the other day...I'm highly offended YouTube.

Miss Starstruck : They should answer why I'm getting notifications from channels I didn't subscribe to

Gavin : Users Hate It! See How YouTube Lost Its Audience With One Simple Step!

HOUSE of FIVE : My last hope as a small creator is now out the window 😢

Randomizer : Ya know a lil... lil bit a bibbin... bibbin with babish

KeroseneMatch765 : “Don’t touch the sub feed” the final warning

Justin : YouTube hasn’t recommended your videos to me in months I though you were dead and I used to watch your videos every time you uploaded last year.

Courtney's Grotto : We need a new website.. this is ridiculous.

Rosalina Guru : Youtube really, *really* needs a competitor right now. Seriously, that's the reason that some of its users (especially the Youtubers left like Filthy Frank), it's been going like crap for years now. Since 2013, when they changed the layout it is the beginning of an end of this site. Why, it's because the comment section nowadays becomes a cesspool of hateful and cringy comments. When they put out the first nail, is the severely flawed Content ID system that ruined the subs of all youtubers and shoving us Google+ all over our faces. It's now 2018, from the new update after the Logan Paul incident. When you need 1000 subs & 4000 hours of watchtime. Choking all of the smaller channels out of the window, that they have so much potential in the site. Also, most youtubers i've watched last their membership because of that. I really hope someone out there that it can put an end of once respected and our entertainment site called YouTube to hell.

A Juice Box : I like that grateful dead shirt.

S MCcay : I noticed lately never find what im looking for in sub feed now i know why. You tube is becoming control tube or maybe censored tube but sure the hell aint the you tube i knew when i signed up. People need to wake up see the big picture this isnt a conspiracy theory its obvious its all about control from government to corporations to social media all about control, homogenized pop culture to control your mind

World of Retro Gameplay : All this censorship needs to STOP. And no, bell smashing isn’t enough. If it wasn’t for me seeing a clip of your Alex Jones Livestream being shutdown by Youtube, I wouldn’t have looked for your channel and discovered that my notifications for your content was turned ‘off’.

MrYorkieLover Fitness Entertainment : He is correct. I wish YT would stop "Improving" things that don't need to be fixed. Just making it worse for everyone but themselves.....

Headbanger's Kitchen : there is one thing to keep in mind, people subscribing to too many channels.

Mr. Waffles : How ironic how this video has been out for so long and I just now seen this video because I wasn't notified and was popping up in my related videos to watch

Jeremiah Vick : dude you look familiar as hell, i think ive seen you at a dead show

Rand0mTV : To be honest, subscription box is like 95% of how I use YouTube...of course I want to watch content that I subscribed to, those are my interests. Other 5% is probably 4.9% clicking on a related video since they are really great sometimes and that 0.1% is when I click on a video on homepage. Homepage is cancer. If they "optimize" the subscription box there will probably be videos that I will never see that are maybe uploaded like 12 hours ago because they will be showing me videos from 3 days ago for some reason and that more recent video will just somehow disappear. Facebook and instagram is like that where I see content from 2-3 days ago....

Leonardo Palmera : Youtube is trash and its getting worse but sadly there isnt any good alternative yet.

Novice Hammer : On mobile the sub feed is literally the most important feature

GUANO : They're literally handing your feed over to A.I. Adults will migrate to other platforms but the children will continue to be brainwashed by A.I.

Death Sadblue : I didn't know the SUBFEED even existed, been watching videos mostly from youtube's homepage. ... Have I been living under a rock this whole time, WTF?! XD

Tyler Padgett : Shadowbanning your subfeed... wow People need to leave Youtube ASAP and go to Bitchute

Said Filfil : #BoycottYoutubeAndUploadToPornhub

Slacker Engi 2 : YouTube has been changing itself for the worse for years

The World n Us : Well I just hit your sub button and smashed the notification bell. Let's see what happens?

Shannon Collins : Ethan, you should do a vid exposing diamond gate. Love your work, proud of you.

Alex T : Ok 1st, BEEBO. 2nd YouTube, just stop. Don’t. Just leave it. There’s no fixing it now. Just leave it!

Glam&Gore : I’m so glad you made this video. Thank you.

B00ty Goblin : It says your video was uploaded 1min ago WTF

standart user : Лол, так есть же кнопка "рекомендуемые" на главной странице теперь будет две вкладки: и рекомендованные, и подписки (в скобках: рекомендуемые) ЧЕЗА xDD

Nisco Racing : WTF "You can now share videos with friends on YouTube!" WTF Who sees this on the op of the screen next to the bell? it says 2 seconds ago for me!!! WTF

Jonathan Monaghan : Woah hey that was my tweet 😳 (Sorry my profile picture isn’t Brendon Urie anymore 😂)

Flick Connection : I'm sooooo tired of seeing $2 Fries vs $200 Fries thumbnails. I NEVER watch those videos YouTube! STAAAHHHP! I also never watch late night shows on YouTube but every day I see rows of Colbert, Kimmel, Conan, Fallon, and Meyers. WHY!?!

James Lucke : guys..head on over to Bitchute

Kushal Malla : 0:07 the guys avatar in brendon urie #panic at the disco

kelyaum : Youtube has become a place just for the likes and thats it. (🤮)

TenTickles : #TimeForANewVideoSite. I loved having YouTube red, but I completely stopped paying dor it because of what it's doing to itself. I'm not gonna pay for them to tell me what to watch.

Private Michael J. Caboose : I’m already pissed I didn’t get this notification

Weaponoise : #DontTouchTheSubFeed

Some dumb cunt : *YouTube update* "Awe heck yes this is just what I wanted" - no one (Also nice Grateful Dead shirt)

Lenadidas : I like how subscribing is not enough to know when a knew a video comes out from a channel I like.

Clint Pot : It's all about managing the perspective of the user. Soft core censorship of free speech.