If YouTube Does This It's Doomed

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THEAETIK : "If it's not broken, break it." - Youtube

813Productions : YouTube seems hell bent on destroying itself these days.

CaptainSauce : I get the feeling YouTube is doing this because they see that more and more people aren't using the sub feed. Only like ~15% of views on YT are through that service. What they don't realize is that changing the order doesn't matter when the majority of people on the site don't know that the home page isn't the sub feed.

KoreanLovesBeauty : YouTube needs a competitor 😩 they are getting ridiculous.. it’s becoming mainstream tv at this point

HOUSE of FIVE : My last hope as a small creator is now out the window 😢

Captain Tate : #DontTouchTheSubFeed

Anikin Rodriguez : Aye leave babish out of this!!!!!!! Hes been Bibben since day one!!!

FoolyLiving : I'd really like to meet you if you come back to Israel. My husband is in the IDF and we're family vloggers. All you speak about is true. It's going the way of the celebrity right now, instead of normal people.

DJ Baker : Save it for the home page Jesus. Leave the sub alone for people who actually benefit from it and actually have a following.

leokimvideo : YouTube's new fancy term is 'experimenting'. Again producers here are just cage rats in their giant media experiment thats going horribly wrong. I can only assume that the word 'experiment' is used as a legal loop hole because it emplies the change is not permanent. The site is turning into an area where viewers are fed into the content Google want you to watch. The community who built the mass popularity of the site are just discarded. Lets hope this doesn't trigger anyone as we saw a few months back.

CHM Tech : #DontTouchTheSubFeed

FinalFrontier : I'd never even heard of the sub feed...am I late to the party?

Broducts : So.. you just have to have a lame, kid-friendly, 10:01-video channel to show anymore :I that really sucks. (Our channel is like the worst match-up :D)

Tyler : YouTube and EA are pretty much the same

Tall Order : Chronological order is the only way i ever liked social media feeds. And it's why I left Facebook years ago, and why I just stopped using instagram. I don't like some automated bot telling me what I'm interested in. Not only because it's hardly ever right, but because it feels big brother-ish. LET ME DECIDE THAT SHIT FOR MYSELF!

Matches Malone : TheirTube™ gone wrong.

KiKiKiera : I think what made YouTube so special were the people, the personalities. That’s why I hate buzzfeed and those types because they’re terribly lacking in personality. So not letting us see the content we want by Ethan/Hila, and other awesome creators, well it takes away what I loved about this site. Anyway thanks for coming to my tedtalk🤙

BeardedDragonBornGaming : I just smashed your bell

Riva5 Gaming : Hey h3h3 production I am a youtuber with currently 103 subs and I was wondering if you could give me tips on how to be a good youtuber like you

Hyuna The Hyena : "I can excuse racism, but I draw the line at getting demonetized and SJWs."

Gavin : Users Hate It! See How YouTube Lost Its Audience With One Simple Step!

colin yeats : some times I like to like my own comment just to get things movin

Hibi Chika : Going dirrectly to your subbed channels won't last long either. Next time they will sort, fiddle with and hide the content on your subscirbed channel pages itself, to tailor to your likes in such a way that entire videos and playlists will be unordered lol. Well played failtube well played.

Un Mestizo Blanco : I like that grateful dead shirt.

ʃɪʀəΫ ɪɔə : I got recommended a Lele Pons video the other day...I'm highly offended YouTube.

Flick Connection : I'm sooooo tired of seeing $2 Fries vs $200 Fries thumbnails. I NEVER watch those videos YouTube! STAAAHHHP! I also never watch late night shows on YouTube but every day I see rows of Colbert, Kimmel, Conan, Fallon, and Meyers. WHY!?!

Jacob Clifford : this didnt show up in my sub feed...

Guy Who Ruins the Joke by Explaining It : My parents smashed for nothing.

Victor Popov : Huh. Since the content became shit on youtube the only place i ever visited was my sub feed, i guess im even lucky to find this video right here to even know about the news. They dont even notify you. Its like living in a dictatorship. You dont even get to know the news

Fuzzy Dunlop : Youtube's not gonna die dawg but it's still an annoying change. Also I liked when your commentary was less ham-fisted.

nihonium : I'm surprised this showed up in my subscriptions feed

KeroseneMatch765 : “Don’t touch the sub feed” the final warning

Caitlyn Webb : You know what’s interesting. I was watching pewdiepie’s latest “Pew news” video where he mentions this tweet. So I scroll down to where this video SHOULD BE had my feed been in chronological order and this video is nowhere to be found.... HMMMMMMMMM???🧐

Ioub Ioub : No wonder this video didn't show up on my sub feed

Subscribe Button : IMA like(╯︵╰,) 🦍I understand harambe

mostworst : hey youtube why don't you optimize these nuts

Peter Griffin : YouTube is valuing the possibility of higher profits and the optimization of watch time over the sanity and happiness of their creators and their ability to properly speak to their fans.

wrgt4 rb5t4wesy45r : Just posting to say I unsubbed. All you had to do is not post a defense of a person calling black women apes Ethan. But you just couldn't help yourself.

Shit poster : (((youtube)))

StrikeZone84 - Baseball/Wiffleball : Have you seen Filthy Frank (George) lately. I'm wondering if there's a chance he'll come back to youtube or if you is just doing ok.

Liam Owen : How is it possible YouTube doesn’t know that people hated this on instagram, and they will hate it here

kip123 : Wtf ive been subbed for atleast 16 months but somehow it has been removed


Netanel Revivo : גאוווה ישראלית!!!!!! Israel proud!!!!!!! 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

SccYbeaR : If you and Hila have a child it will be the luckiest child ever

Abbreviated Reviews : Do not ask for whom the bell tolls; it doesn't toll for thee.

C C : don't worry Ethan, while I wasn't shown this video in my sub feed, I am such a dedicated h3 fan that I check for new videos on my own accord.

GhostlyGoo : my sub feed was broken for the past 2 years. I havent used it since. I just click the three lines button next to the youtube icon and scroll down the youtubers im subbed to, if i see a (1) next to the names i know they uploaded a new video i havent seen yet and i watch them like that lol.

Joey Pak : what even does the sub button do?????????????????

Tom l : tricking people into clicking ads for stuff they dont need ( and the companies making money) is more important to youtube than creating a good product. same for facebook.