CRAZY LETHWEI HEADBUTTS !!! Thway Thit Aung Vs Yan Naing Aung
Brutal new way of fighting MMA

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Follow #lethwei #daveleduc #Diesellek #มวยไทย #LethweiWorld The clinch game changes completely when you add the 9th limb. You better master the inside game in Lethwei or you will get cut. Bloody fight by Thway Thit Aung (🔵) Vs Yan Naing Aung (🔴) Subscribe to Lethwei World for more! and follow us on instagram @lethweiworld we post everyday!


IETCHX69 : OOOHHH! Head butts . I'm listening . Fastening mah seat belt .

Wade Stoss : Let war show the beauty of its bloody face!

MikeyDo : Tough as all hell

Aristotelezz : This is pretty brutal! It seems to me that concussions or terrible headaches must be very common after after such fights. Or am I mistaken?

Martin Holland Films : Men who see no consequences.

psychological channel : Mike tyson must be fight here

twan eva : Headbutts good. Cause severe damage under preferable conditions. Must be careful with strike placement and variation. I sounded if there are names given to the head tut under this art. The thing I noticed most was the emphasis on headbutts and short arm punches in the clinch. Inferior to 8limbs. Yes you’ve gained an extra limb but at the cost of 2 and a vital practical execution of the clinch. Basically with Lethwei you gain another limb but the focus is shifted to such limb that the others are neglected.

Neil Haran : I hope they eventually get rid of headbutts. This is not safe.