Tom Cruise Scream Supercut (The Mummy 2017)

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David Curry : The Wilhelm Scream's services are no longer needed

sleepofgiants : As soon as I saw that t. rex, I knew my life would never be the same..

Leprechaunproduction : I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Zarcon : this is the new Wilhelm scream. this needs to be a thing.

barbaro267 : Tom Cruise as the t-rex was epic.

LuieB : This video is a scream

Strike U : This is greatest thing in existence!

Knox Gibson : That one dislike was Tom Cruise

CyanBlue : The Jurrasic Park one killed me lol

Esther : Never thought I'd laugh so hard at Mufasa's death scene 😂😂😂

Dexterity AdairJ : Definitely the T-rex best match! lol

Stephen Nesbit : The Ace Ventura one wins. HAHA!

HUR3•GINGERZMATTER : The darth Vader one was perfect because of the way it stopped mid scream

Mether : Man of steel edit was great

Zhuka : OMG I'm on the floor lmfao

Dekead : The Woody one really got me! 😂😂

Reginald Mizer : Glad to know I wasn't the only one who saw The Mummy trailer and thought, "What human screams like that?"

Sam Groll : The Lion King is very fitting for that scream

Zidan Lintang_45 : The spiderman and the sound proof glass caught me off guard 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Burbin7995 : I love this.

Tyler Birdman : LMAO Ace Ventura

Steve : Sounds like Charlie Day

Henry A : 1:46 so good

Aaron Obyonek : hhhhhuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhggggggggghhhhaaaaahhhhhhuuuuuuah!!!!!!

Eagle's wings : great

SirTyJensen : Good trailer man, I discovered this by chance.

Lenny Chilcott : its wednesday my dudes

John Blake : damn that was hilarious..i laughed so much im crying.

Zyhir Harris : 1:08 my good friend rexy

P.A. Productions : Jurassic Park though lol

Brad BradBradBrad : I love you, internet. Huuuaaaaahhhaaaah!

Andrew Swanson Films : lmao

Kristopher Victorian : That was literally the best part of the Mummy 😂😂

Wings of Prophecy : I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. Whoever you are, you won the internet.

AtticWarrior1994 : This is the swiss army knife of screams


Gerasimos Rico : Tobey and Jim Carey got me bad ☠️😂

Paul Majano : When you find out Xenu isn’t real yet you spend millions of dollars on its cult 😂

The Foxhound Unit : 1:00 and after is the best.

Poundland Value Memes : That Spider-Man one at the start was perfect

Chief Rage : Lol back to the future should've had 2 screams

Jason Bond : Where's part two? 😂

21st Century Hooman : *Pure Gold*

Neolithika : MORE!

ChaoticGAMES : i came for laughs......but i was just so annoyed with his fucking scream, that i couldnt laugh to these well placed scenes. :(

Thomasthe chancey : HUAAAAGH

paasadani Animation : You are great

The Person : am I the only one who thinks Tom Cruise yelling in that trailer sounds like the English dub Eren Yeager yelling

2muchwhit1 : That scream sounds like someone was bit on the d***.

Phillip Dove : This is hilarious! XD oml I love it! Thank you XD