The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes! English Subs

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Julie Hoops : This was about 26 years ago, and still nothing has changed...why is this still true to us? Why do we still relate to all the Things she is talking about? Because we only opened our eyes for 8 minutes. We love to close our eyes, to turn away...because it’s easier. When we have the balls to break our world, why don’t we have the balls to fix it?

Stuart Davidson : Her words, obviously fell on deaf ears 24 years ago.

SkyLabyrinth : How I wish the adults did everything she said....

Troy's Health Tips : Damn this was in 1992, we've only gotten worse.

Paris Texas : She is brave !!! And talented ! I am agree with her ! She is a great person !

LidihMaryenn Elizalde : I can't believe a 12-13 year old teen had said that! That's dang powerful and it could make someone so freaking speechless. I had goosebumps, I almost cried with her speech. You're a fvcking great person that deserves every peace in the world. I salute you, Ma'am.

Bonnie Hamilton : OMG  and this was 25 years ago!

WarSquirtoise : Am i the only one here who did this for homework?

jazlyn Sellem : the speech hit me like a brick

Legionary Wing : My future is her wish..

Phương Trần : She must be a great person now :)

OliviaDoesArt : Grown adults thought nothing of this they probably just said "next" after she was finished i hope in life people will take action and save the forest, I hope people will fix what this, fix what humanity broke...

somebody who fucks : I look at all this comments and i see that you want to do something, i want to do something i did i made one organization that do good things help people and you dont know, i am just 16 and i did something, so you can do too.

Paul Benensky : what she said has had an impact. I began my work in industry in the late 80's and support plants today from a lab. I see that Environment is an integral part of most all company's visions today. The changes I have seen, the chemicals that are no longer used, the safety put in place for workers and environment show how these type of speeches meant something. We, in industry in the U.S. must consider environmental impact when putting in the simplest machinery in our production facilities. Controls in place ensure better safety for those in our labs, our plants and our neighborhoods and world. the ozone hole is still there, but it is not growing. We can do better, and we continue to strive towards more, we are doing something and we are making a difference because of conferences like this and people like Severn and her friends.

Octoblox : Now it's 2018 and still "the adults haven't changed their ways" and I think, like the children on the streets begging for help and care, these powerful words and cries go unheard. I know this speech was presented over two decades ago and I feel like this video or this speech-or this problem, altogether, will never find a solution. I'm not a sentimental pessimist. I just want to say, if you do not take part and listen to this 13-year-old, you will never understand how to find composure of yourself or our already ruined planet. If you read this and agreed to everything said, then you can show it by genuinely listening. I'm just an individual, like you, like Severn Cullis Suzuki, like everyone else, but this really goes ignored. Being an individual trying to find a solution never works. In fact, if everyone truly pays attention to this and decides to take action, then THIS IS LIFE AT IT TRUEST, PUREST, AND MOST CRUCIAL.

Get Rekt, M8 : Governments spend their money on weapons and powers just to make themselves stronger than others. Please care about the needy, not something that u think could empower you.

zaf zaf : I keep seeing people say "Yeah YOU should do it, I hope SOMEONE does it, ADULTS should do it, blabla" but you know? its "I should start doing it, I will start with the helping hand and after that you can make people do it too by showing them. But FIRST "I" and after "YOU"

hat_pick_ 13579 : why can't any one be like her

Mabrek Dounia : can somene as tell me why ? why why we stand and star? our mothet"planet blue" is in dangerous please, i beg every one to protect this world 🐐🐑🐰🐇🐏🐔🐣🐃🐂🐭🐤🐁🐀🐈🐢🐶🐥🐹🐕🗽⛪🏩🏰🏧🏩

Lemon : And? After 24 Years? What happened? Did anything changed? NO! We are like the fat guy who is watching fitness videos and complaining about still beeing fat! People are still starving and since the day she spoke everything got worse... There is no future we can hope for... The only thing which will stop burning focile fuel is when it is non existend anymore. But we will never be able to cure all hunger in the world. We could If we want to but the sad truth is that nobody wants it badly. Me eigther. When we reache the point where every single person on the world would die just to help some stranger on the otherside of the earth. Only in such a situation we will truley cure hunger.

PikaPika : What she said almost made tears fall from my eyes. It's all too real and she's very much right in what she's saying. And the saddening reality is the title of this video. It says "The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes!" For those five minutes, we did stay quiet, but after that showed peoples' true colors. Someone puts out the truth and the mess keeps continuing. And the other thing that's saddening too is the fact that the amount of the money that circulates around this globe is more than tremendous. In fact, it could cure poverty. No one should be living out in the street, wondering when they'll be able to get food or a new piece of clothing. Being greedy is being a bitch! Being selfish is being a bitch! And not giving a single fuck and not at least having the decency to think about what's being said is beyond trifling. We as humans, all together, no matter ethnicity or skin color need to step it up!

Pineapple Pal : I remember the first time I watched this (on New Years last year)video for the first time it made me cry like a baby

Bob Billy : Her speech was the most powerful one I've ever heard! I wouldn't have ever said something with such bravery and passion, but I strongly agree with her

Peter Choyce : So sorry honey, but we are still arguing over who gets the land in Palestine

Rick Corel : Severn Cullis-Suzuki (born November 30, 1979 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian environmental activist, speaker, television host and author. She has spoken around the world about environmental issues, urging listeners to define their values, act with the future in mind, and take individual responsibility. She is the daughter of Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki.

QWERTY 123 : The world is now even MORE sh*t. However, the absolute poverty rate HAS fallen dramatically. Good and bad, I suppose.

The Real Bleach : She is 39 now!

knowitsome nobile : I am sure Donald Drumpf was fantasizing how to grab know where

Crazey Cakes : It breaks my heart to think that after these kind of speeches there has been no good differences. It’s like these people don’t understand the goods and if they can’t make anything better let this girl do their job. I’m only a child and yet I understand what to do. I cry at night to think of all this. It’s just so horrible to live in a world like this. I want to make a difference in the world one day

The lords Of cash : She made me cry

Metal Princess : go vegan!🌱🌱🌱

Hitch Medberg : Where are these kids today?

wyatt91274 : Hi

Your Ignorance is their Power . : The ones who heard this , and did " nothing " are liberal Democrats.

Sergey Darbinyan : Who came here from Ms. Castillo's test?!

Stephen Greenslade : The empty seats representing some countries is such a shame

Chloe Choi : 25 years ago she made that speech. HOW COME THE PROBLEMS ARE STILL HERE???? It has gotten worse! Government didn't fix in that 25 years ?

iamalongusername : "Aaah, what a lovely child, she's so intelligent, and wise... Ok, now where were we, let's get back to business."

Margaret Anango : How i wish these leaders would feel...about all that

Quinton Crawford : Speaker is on charge of an international environment organization similar to the one she is a part of here. Don't know about the others at the moment.

Maja Bresslauer : I love this speech !!!!! How can we be so greedy. That breaks my heart when I see people on the street still smiling at us when u walk next to them!! That's so sad when a child wants to share and we don't

Rolo Baffi : right speech front of a wrong audience. they dont care about us.

Batman Not Bruce Wayne : That’s a big OOOF

Muniba Mohamed : wow really she is talented and smart lady

Margaret Anango : This is so inspiring....... We have same thoughts

•-•Mondkind•-• : And we still didn‘t learn anything...

Mary G : “if you don’t know how to fix it, then please stop breaking it”

Joseph : 5:49 my boy from nz

Gabriel Wong : Said everything in my mind

Truston Leong The Drift Pro : Before that i am very ignorant about this, but this girl's speech really affected me