Holy Grail - Killer Bunny
Monty Python amp The Holy Grail Killer Bunny

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A clip from Monty Python's 'The Holy Grail' Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DUV7kZQcBo&feature=watch_response


argoth83 : "What's he do, nibble your bum?"  Priceless.

Wicked Gaze : 1:20 the best "JAEEESSSUSS CHRIST" in history 

shockraid1 : JEEEZUS CHROIST

NATHAN SKEENS : "Bring out the Holy Hand Grenade!"

Kyle : 'Look at the bones!'

BlackLotusZro : Probably one of the most ferocious beast in cinema history.

Philz H : Every time I see a white rabbit I automatically say to anyone around, "That rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide!" or my personal favorite, "LOOK AT THE BONES!!"

Timothy Campbell : 1:17 - the most terrifying moment in cinematography history

Chuck Lee : I wish this rabbit was in Game of Thrones. I would have loved to see Joffrey get torn to pieces by that little bunny.

Patrick Gogan : Chapman's Jaysus Christ! Gets me everytime Lmao

Juan David Pabon : Zootopia the rising

Come Flag with Me : This movie will never get old.

MrThischarmingman2 : Look at the bones!

E-roke Kenedi : Ha! "What's he do, nibble your bum?"

RikuSage : Just pet its head, I'm sure it'd stop.

Jeronimo McArthur : 1:20 Lol!! That's what they all say when you warn them and they don't listen King: JESUS CHRIST! Old Man: I warned you. Knight: I done it again Old Man: I warned you! But did you listen to me? Oh no you don't. Didn't ya? Oh it's just a harmless little bunny isn't it.

Merve :d : Leyla ile Mecnun'dan geldim sa

Fatrick Stare : This is my rabbit. Her name is Sofie and she was a demon. She would bite if you touched her and she'd claw at you and box you until you were bleeding. Then one day she got sick of us and ran away. She's most likely dead now, because we have hawks and foxes and coyotes.

ScribeDehkan : "It is the rabbit" Everyone slowly looks at him lol best part lol

WookySnacky666 : Every time I watch this movie, I still remember how scared I was, 4 or 5 years old, that rabbit flying straight at the throat of the knight, biting the head clean off, accompanied by a horrifying stinger that got me all worked up! It's a comedic parody of those tense and terrifying stingers in movies, but that's super effective on a kid of a much more simple mind!

Adam Powell : I find myself quoting Arthur's "JESUS CHRIST" on a regular basis in response to random everyday things. 

Nefhith : 'tis but a flesh wound

Taçsız Kral : LMden gelen var mı :D

Denis Borisov : Run away!

İbrahim Rehimzade : leyla ile mecnun 😂😂

galipblj06 : JEEEESUS CHROIST!!!

Cenk Esen : insan bi levha koyar dikkat tavşan çıkabilir diye bu ne mk!!

Kien D. Nguyen : Carrot vs Luffy

Umut Oğuz : Leyla ile mecnunda ki tavşan korkusunun sebebidir bu sahne

Arþur D : Altaïr's only pet.

Kadir : leyla ile mecnundan gelenler

Rabia Nur Yılmaz : L&M Tavşanından gelenler

cyril80l : Now in Minecraft !

Emİn OyuNda : leyla ile mecnun ?

SomewhatScottish : Could've been a remake of the legend of Zelda, if it was replaced by a chicken.

Dick howery : Aw, what a cute little rabbit. :)

Sezgin Karapinar : leyla ile mecnun

KittenZombi : I need that rabit at school..

Deniz İhsanoğlu : leyla ile mecnundan geldim

Karmaşık Videolar : Leyla ile mecnun dan gelenler

Sinan yıldırım : bune saçma şey mkkk

BlackhawkX02 : -Templar appears -Rabbit used bite -Templar died -Whoa! a horde of templars appeared! -Rabbit used agility -Templars used Sword attack but it failed -Rabbit used bite -More templars died -Wild templars fled.... Rabbit level up!

Patricia Munoz : Ahhahahah *snorts* Always funny every time I watch this movie! xD

Müslümcü Ali : L&M xd

Olcay Öksüz : leyla ile mecnundan geldim desem

BlueWaterTiger : A bow with an arrow from a far distance is recommended

Ultra Instinct Goku Black : With the new Minecraft snapshot this clip just became a whole lot more relevant.

Christopher Martin : The Holy Hand -Grenade!

Ahmet Mücahit Temiz : leyla ile mecnuncdan geliyorum. bitbax yapıcam