Side of Smooth - "Morning Walk"

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Jake James : I've been watching this shit twice a day for like a week and I'm okay.

OOUKFunkyOO : only song i want played at my funeral

rafi susi : I also really like that there are 75 people who gave this a thumbs down. I just imagine them all disgruntled, thinking "Oh this is no good".

ironchefolivia : hey everyone asking for the lyrics - i did some transcribing: CHRIS Alright Zip bam zippity fly Zipalepadepa dee boo bing bong by Doo-bee-doo Zip zep ze zoo zippity doo Flippity rip bip skippity rip bip Za-bip-boo-ba-da-boo-do-da-doopaty-dee Daga-flip-baga-sam-bonga bing bong beem Zip bap da dap ra roo rap pa pap Baka dika lika chiko laka maka daka dee Zip rap flam zig-a bam-a-dam Ram bam cham cham scam-a-lam-a-dam Pam pam cham sam-a-jam baga ham-a-jam bab bam-a-jam Bada boom beem rappata ting Balgata lingata bing bong bing bong bing Ba-bing-ba boom pa pa roo pa pa  A-rigatata boo ba lee gup skee! NATHAN Zip bop zippity bop doo bee doo zip zop za zoo zippity bop Oo bop bop boo zippity dop zippity mm-bop ba boop zippity zop Eee bop a-zippity zoo be-de Beep bop boop bop zippity zoo-a Beep do a-bippity boo bop boo bop boo bop zippity doo  Bop-zippity bop bop da doo bop bop  Zippity bop boop ba-boop pop pop O-zippity doo, zip-a-dee a-zip bop boo pop doopity dee Oo doo be dee doo be dee doo be dee  (etc) flop chop! Zippity zop bop boo ba bop-a Doopity doo boo-doo boop-bop chop INTERLUDE TOGETHER  Zippaty zang (I ran out of time... sorry)

Rich Wachtel : Guy in the tan coat is a baller...

Anansi : The song is supposedly about a hacker that has to destroy an asteroid to save the planet

Justyna J : They just don't make music like this anymore...

notanatom : Absolutely stunning and beautiful lyrical content. This song changed my life. My grandpa was dying in the hospital and I told him to listen to this song just to experience one last joy in life, and a day later, his cancer's going into remission. Without the beauty and elegance of this song, my grandfather would have died. Thank you Side of Smooth.

vinni3c : Canadian is a weird language..

Aaron Mann : i was born in the wrong generation

HipHopAus : I love the symbolism and incredible metaphors in the lyrics - really thought provoking

AdventureKatz : Is this on itunes?

Alex Lockwood : World's best ring tone.

Stephen Kraus : Still can't believe this song is really about meth

Cenotaff : Literally crying. Fantastic.

Evs Bristol Brewing : I especially liked the part where they said zippity

Steven Edison : You should go against Iggy,

Gay2TheMaxStudios : I feel like I've looked destiny in the face and she's smiling.

626bigSGV : oh man... this is hard

Nextup2012 : So emotional

Mike Strider : The greatest story ever told.

Robert Gillan : From the motion picture soundtrack for 'The Web'

Mike Custer : The lyrics speak to me.

Mindspring Yahoo : more intelligent than pretty much anything on modern r&b stations!

Chuck Morris : This is so much better than "What Does The Fox Say?"

I Will Only Use : I'm not sure what I can comment here. Bye.

Sandesh van't Veen : Oh boy it's like anything Nathan has done is hilarious!

algc19 : Anybody knows where can i find the lyrics or the lyric video?

localTeen : This is one of my favorite comedy vids ever.

alfalfa fonzo : what language is that?

David Hill : Did he say "Whippidee WhooP" ?!?  Damnnnn!

Comrade Dyngus : I'm going to watch this every morning

rafi susi : Nathan, I really wish I knew you in person.

Hadrwraer : Zip, bop, zippity bop badooba zip zap zop zo zippity bop Amazing play on words, Nathan is truly a poetic genius

Lukutis C: : Truly Nathan is.

supergirljadg : at first i was like, WTF? then i saw nathan in the back. how old is this guy? What do his parents say is his profession? haha

David Steadman : This is the best Shooby Taylor cover I've ever heard.

plasticvideo : Nathan, you know you're a genius right?

smeeeb : How has this only been watched 6000 times??? This is absolute genius

Buttery Weiner : Lyric in URL

Sultan Grimoire : fire

Willatron : Hope you don't mind, but I converted the audio to make an mp3 of this song to upload to grooveshark. It was just too awesome to not add to my playlists!

Robert Robert : So fucking drunk right now

Romario Ayala : This really speaks out to me on a deeper level. It drowns my mind in nostalgia of simpler times with a never aging message. Za-bip-boo-ba-da-boo-do-da-doopaty-dee my friends... Za-bip-boo-ba-da-boo-do-da-doopaty-dee...

Perry : So this is where big shaq got his inspiration from

SAFA GAW : fire.


Wayne deWho : Hipity happy morning rap. I wish I can rap this smooth

April Orange : The comments reassure me that this is a safe place.

Isabelle : I'm gonna walk down the aisle to this