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Comments from Youtube

OfficeHanchoBoxing : LMAO you really got to appreciate the detail this guy put in the character design of Hank his hat has the molecular structure of Propane on it XD

NPC 1785237 : I sell pokeballs and pokeball accessories.

Spoky : Dang ol' Charzard go up 'n do yer flame spin go on 'n ge-ge-ge-get.

Propane : This was years back. I'm a pretty sailor now.

xristo702 : A [fire-type] is the perfect choice against a [bug-type]....Boomhauer knows his shit. EDIT NOTE: There you go guys, I corrected it.

David Benally : The sentimental guitar at the end completes it lol

StarDaBoi : I sell rare candy and rare candy accessories

No Name Available : "Most emotional moment in anime." -IGN

NeoSeraphi : Hank is still younger than Ash Ketchum's true age.


Loweegee 33 : Pokemon go in the South be like

MysteryAC : Cotton: Leave it to my Sissy boy Hank Catchem to raise a little sissy pokemon. Why, back in my day I was training Onyx and Gyarados alike. Why, I even fought with Surge, Fatty, and Stinky in the war. I killed fitty pokemen, till a hyper beam blew mah shins clean off.

Erik Young : I love King of the Hill... I love Pokemon... But this... yeah That's enough internet for today.

sgt.pandawamble undercover cop : I'm okay deeeeeeaaaaad

Derik NA : Who the hell dislikes this?

TheSugarDealers : His cap has a molecule of propane.

Rory Snow : His hat has the molecular structure of propane on it

Tony : I sell TM's and HM accessories.

D0NTST4RT : Dale used Pocket Sand! It's super effective!

Sean McDowall : dang ole Porky's Butthole, man.

TheFearRaiser - Animated Comedy, Awkward Stories. : See..the plot twist here is that Ash imagined Pokemon but refused to grow up. Now here he is having battles with people on the streets and tossing his son at them who is in fact a butterfree.

MCStapleton : Those are some of the hardest voices to imitate and they where all on point.

Sergeant Succ : Dang ol' charizard

Shona McCarthy : That Butterfree aint right. 

Retro Nartz : I catch Pokemon with Propane and Propane Accessories 

Kabooblaschwa : This is where ash's butterfree went


Mr.Fancybag : This doesn't make sense. Bobby is too fat to fly.

Jason Carpenter : I really wish there were more episodes of this.

NebNab : this is the greatest thing I've ever seen

RyNsWoRLD : dangol'charizardgoupan'doyerflamespingoongitgitigitgit goonan'torch'isbuttholeman

SuperShrooms : Is this part of an actual episode or is it fan made?

Jordie The darkie : That was the best king of the hill episode ever

SomeFluffer1964 : Dale used pocket sand! It's super effective!

Vedji : Bobby-free


Griggity : I like how his hat is a propane molecule XD

Pokemon Master Smiley : Wish it was longer lmfao

Not So Melancholy : I'm okay daaaaaayaad

Christian Lies : Saw a gif of this, figure I'll watch the actual video, which I'm glad I did

DaBlackStar : I sell pokemon and pokemon accessories, and that butterfree aint right

Umbra : In Pokémon Moon I nicknamed my Butterfree "Bwahtterfree"

Just Brutus : anyone else notice his shirt turn white when he runs for Bobbyfree

joshua frazier : Well I don't reckon that Hank would ever use a Weezing on the count it uses a bastard gas.

Overlord Vera : That butterfree aint right.

foney2000 : oh for.....Bobby's face makes me sick....

Shane C : I really hope El Cid makes another Poké-King-of-the-Mon-Hill!

StanishStudios : I sell Pokémon and Pokémon accessories.

Snowy Fox : I would whatch an entire series of this.