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Caio Santos : It's been a while. I'm glad to hear you playing again! 😁😁

HAL NOVEMILA : I'm always enchanted by your instruments, please never stop making videos!

Joe Spoopy : Whenever you upload, it makes my day better already!

Patrick Fedo : Yep, this is the best part of my day.

Niels Van Roy : Oh man, I love our little visits to your world. Thanks for popping up every now and then!

lzeph : Yep. I was pretty enamored with this song too when it came out. Still love it, and REALLY enjoyed your rendition. Many thanks.

Layne Orr : I love your videos! Thanks so much for the song!

Tony Rod : Great song choice!

Fernand9 Sanchez Delgado : Like si viniste de un poco de todo

TheGabo_YT Channel : Un Poco de Todo

TODO EN UNO : like si viniste de un poco de todo

Godfro BANES : Thank you for the song! Really brightened my day!

Arsa : Oh love it :D

Martin Pardo : Un poco de todo

valeforedark : Your content always gives me a smile.

707 : Vengó por parte de un poco de todo y sin duda este es buen contenido!

Ryan Lincon : Great cover of looking glass. Love it

cactus citrico : Genial benimos de parte de otro youtuber es como una flauta

SYissel46 : It's a beautiful song, right now it's the song that I love 💕

Propoganda Pat : brings tears to my eyes.

Vash Venture : You look so happy doing this! Sounded so good! Thank you for sharing!

TheHaappyT7 : UP DT

wilson riggs : ah jeeze.... this is the greatest

Firefreaken 122 : Amazing!!!

Holian Team gibus : UP DT

Sad Trash : UP DT

Estrafalario : You know, and I'm not sure if they're available already somewhere, but I don't believe I'm alone in wishing you had a recorded volume of your pieces. Really love these one-of-a-kind sounds. A few other Youtube folks, like Pomplamoose, have put up mp3s of their covers for download. Something to consider. In any case, thank you for the beautiful music. An online treasure.

Kaneya Das : que hermoso.gracias caballero

Loco Hugo : UP DT?😉😉😉

spooky.margaret : I love it, Mr. Bellowphone!!!

cactus citrico : 👍👍👍👍👌 ameizig

Mauricio Calderón Ramirez : #UnPocoDeTodo

paul best : Some people say there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Other people say: what line?

Mawecho : UPDT

Carmen González : Like si venís de parte de un poco de todo

Angel Sebastian Panchalo santos : Esto es un poco de todo :’)

Paladin Ben : The Lo-Fi community needs to get their hands on this ASAP and make a beat. FANTASTIC RENDITION, BELLOWPHONE!

Mark King : you just can't stop smiling and feeling happy while he plays this,just great..

hugeshows : We're through the Looking Glass here, people

mo thompson : This is now officially my favorite version of this song. :)

Lemongrab : I love your instruments :D

Nicholas-Rage : Beautiful

AceMcCrank : How have I not come across this channel before? You play all of your music on homemade instruments, and it comes out so amazing. I only came across this by recommendation by someone on Reddit.

Little Jonathorn : Brings me back to my childhood! Nice one!

slathas : that was so beautiful :)

Robert : You are the best! Never stop.

Chi ZHANG : Didn’t know the song but just loved this tune.