Hard 'N Phirm "Pi" Dir: Keith Schofield

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Pi HQ Dir: Keith Schofield

Comments from Youtube

Barrie Jones : Today is 3.14th. HAPPY PI DAY!

LaurenceTristan : I've been coming back to this for years and years. Absolute quality.

Paxtez : Oh wow, I've had the MP3 of the robot singing forever, I didn't know there was a rest of a song... Including a confusing rap sequence...

Brett Cropley : This video has been around for so long, all the kids in it are dead now - of old age

breakingcontact : Today is the day.

Sampson Ray Simon : Why did they feel the need to clone Weird Al Yankovich twice to cast the antagonists of this story?

Giants Fan : Back for yet another pi day. No Steeeve, not PIE, PI!

Aaron Hertzer : Anyone see the YTP of this?, it's freaking hilarious and I can't find it now

Noxx55 : So many YTMND's came from this.

viperstrike0 : i lost it when the asian chick started crip walkin.

Fuegos Artificiales : One of my personal favorites.

ShaneTheRat :3 : Why y'all so mean to Steve wtf XD

prosthesis_ : this song got me into doom metal

bphirm : the original!

MrHeavyXD : 4 years ago i saw this video, now i found it back i understand pi again! 3.14159265359.....

Storageheater : i've never been educated so hard in my life

iwaslikepfffft : can you say "y'all know this pi shit backwards and forwards" on a kids' show?

PacmanTrinity : Steve you fat fuck, SHUT UP!

William Garcia : Happy Pi Day!

MRxPifko : Fuck Steve

GeneralMetalz : What the fuck did I just watch.

Adam19822000 : ey liek pi

twitchMAC17 : @Nudiford i was gon' respond wit sum witty shit n show off my brains n shit, but then i remembered that rather than LOOKING like a pretentious asshole, i could just BE a pretentious asshole. then i posted this, defeating the whole point.

SnatchKing : thats exactly what i was thinking

Peter : Damn liberals with their Pi

tomtom108 : No Steve, PI!

rockbigmoney2 : TOKEN BLACK GUY FTW!


FMNikoyo : ....What

barimaphone : wat the fack

C067 : What the heck did I just watch!?

spiritual proteins : false

themaltman : hee hee

Callimo : lol

ConeThrower : Jessica? I'd hit it like a ton of bricks in a large burlap sack.

Zoidberg227 : What's with the coneheads? They scare me.

Sorcha Dagenais : LOL This is makng my brain fuse. :D

no1jailbreak : Nigga couldn't say circumference.

IsaacWolf : 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097494459

MagikGimp : that was awesome, shutup 4chon

Marcuccio : FUCK. Susan is ugly.

LiberiusX : wat

Paumonsu : excuse me, wtf is this¿

Huw : My penis size is a lot like PI. Meaning that it's 3.142 inches long.

Linear : @_@ wut...

Yared Wolde-Mariam : wat.

Aaron : It's a parody of the kid's show "ZOOM".

Powkeemawnz : I just wonder what the circumference of this record is!

pickassoreborn : Great tune, great video. Thank you, writer of The IT Crowd, for posting this on your lovely blog :)