Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival Cover)

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Jaysingsforsmiles : Damn. That's all I've got to say. Speechless.


Eryc Mathyl : Power full and strong voice Best Cover ever

eric lovelace : The interpretation of this song was spot on. Well done.

Colin Flaherty : Three things: Thing 1) I love your style. Thing 2) That wall behind you is interesting. Thing 3) You've got a new fan in San Francisco. :)

Gammy Leg Buffalo : Best cover on the internets, congrats. I'm a big fan.

joedog158 : I host a page on facebook called Acoustic Revisioning. It highlights amazing and incredible acoustic covers of popular songs. I am proud to tell you, This video just made the Acoustic Revisioning page. Keep up the amazing work.  JoeDog


APRENDA VIOLAO : your voice is very beautiful, congratulations. It is very gratifying to hear you singing feel the clouds

RealestRealist : Wow her voice is adorable.. she should call me in about ten years from now that's for sure

illuminating9 : I first watched your Fleetwood Mac cover over a year ago and Idk why it took me this long to check out your other stuff bc damn, you rock 

Brandon : Goosebumps..I'm speechless. I will be watching this over and over. ('':

GoGo Disco : Holy-Cow, you brought tears to my eyes. Never quit rockin' rollin'.

Wewe Gombell : Great singing. Love you

Giselho Silva : sinto muito nao sou nehum pouquinho cantor nem serei mais canto melhor de que voce disculpa

Dean of Mean Keith Jardine : Chloe got soul

Lily White : Marry me <3

steve elliot : You're a kool Kat.

Jagdish7 Jagdish : p

Николай Мельников : Coool!!!

choochootrayn : Damn awesome...keep it up!!

Syllables Gonzalez : Wow... I grew up listening to this shit... Ur style is amazing... And this coming from an underground rapper... Keep it moving

sammantha rich : Amazing!

Skinsylah : My 4 year nephew was inspired to learn how to sing this song by listening to your cover. Thanks for that! You're awesome

andrew herenandez : Loved it ceep it up (:

Dre Buchanan : Awesome cover, awesome Bad Brains shirt

Axel Politz : love your raunchy voice and earthy guitar playing

Mohammad Nor Ashraf : NIce voice.

SweetNLowe75 : I have that Jimi Hendrix poster haha! I hope you make it big someday! You definitely have the talent & looks to do so.

Nicky Schneider : badass shirt. i love it

Daniel Thamrongsut : Nice!

Charly Jacobs : You sound a little like amy winehouse :) great cover

1Jisom : Dig it out from the heart!!

DOOR19 : Me gusto me gusto

UkyYanni : and jimi hendrix :P

tyrannosaurus_x : lefty guitar player, like Kurt Cobain ^^

oldpupika : You are amazing! A little unique, but i very like!

anuj bajracharya : woahh gweneth paltrow can sing badass...

BluewberryCheesecake : YOU ARE LITERALLY AMAZING

Ted Dancin : i have such a girl crush on you

Michael 마익흘 Aronson : Your singing is badass.

Terry Harrison : WOW, WHAT A SURPRISE. I didn't really expect much when I clicked on this video. I don't think I have ever seen a teenage girl do much justice to a CCR song. You certainly surprised me young lady. You really did the song justice. Now I will definately have to check out some of your other songs. You keep up the good music and always remember the classics, like this one, and you should go far. Best of luck to you.....Terry

Victor Oliveira : kkk! very cool! :)

JamesMatthewHiggs : This is greatness.

jamie popp : this is fantastic!!!!!

Eric Frostic : That´s soooo awesome!!

search the pines : Hey Chole, I've been listening to you for about 6 months now, I first saw you're dont think twice cover. To be honest, I love you. I'm waiting for the day you're album drops. I will buy 20 copies. I swear. You're amazing. Keep it going. You're fan, - David

southBAYstruts : fuck yeahh! loved it

bellers : wow....just wow!

Nick Lyon : Wow Chloe, really incredible.