Fox News and Black English - Ebonics

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LaenPvP : I wish there were more guys like this trying to teach our youth. Sadly, I'm glad that this guy is black himself, simply because if it were a white guy trying to teach black students proper grammar, he or she would be heavily criticized and possibly deemed a racist. It's not necessarily a race thing, It's more of a poverty problem with the lack of quality education. I'm Mexican and i grew up in the ghetto, very few Mexican, black, or white trailer kids spoke properly. I commend this man.

1wldnczyguy : Here's a guy willing to fight the good fight. But, does he receive any notoriety or support from mainstream media? (That was rhetorical.) And then there's this priceless exchange;  "Why do you think no one's corrected you?" "Cause dey nobody know it dey self." P.S. While McClendon concentrates on his demographic, (where he teaches), this horrible language usage is universally spread, among all racial and ethnic groups, throughout this "dumb downed" nation.

Garrard McClendon : Higher Learning. Think. Adapt. Focus. Code-Switch.

dinnerandashow : Almost every single intelligent and successful black has been disappointed at how defensive and selfish the black community is when they try to help them.

kc9cra : That having been said, ebonics personally annoys me when it is used too much especially in rap music. Most, not all, rap music is the most ignorant, empty trash I have heard in my life. It greatly upsets me that ebonics is given such special treatment. At UC Berkeley, there are classes. You can even major in it for crying outloud! Southern people are still told to annunciate. I remember this guy on some talk show. He was some kind of therapist. He was there to help a lady with a severe facial deformity adjust to "normal life". The first thing he did was make fun of her southern accent. If she had used ebonics, the man would'vebeen labeled a racist, and his career would literally be over. He might even be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars by the fcc or inprisoned. People from the south who speak with a twang, are called "stupid", but it's fine for a black person to use the word "her" meaning the stuff that grows from your head. In some parts of the south, not the anti bellum high class south, but the lower class good ol boy south, folks say it the same way. People, who are perfectly able to understand these folks, will say, "I can't understand you," or "I don't know what you're saying." Those same people wouldn't dream of saying such things to a black person who walked up and said, "Whata do gir, I keepin it one hunnit, like always, you know. So gir, you wanna go back to my crib. You know, I think you got a real pretty mouf."

Michael Berg : @moucon Actually, as an 'expert' (having a masters degree in Applied Linguistics), African American Vernacular English (AAVE) is NOT thought of as 'uneducated', it IS relatively standardized (not as codified as Standard English (SE), but that's just because white people write dictionaries), and there are rules. Maybe multi-dialectal offices don't run as smoothly, but that doesn't make SE better than AAVE. Im sure you're a good boss, but I hope you can learn to be a bit more tolerant.

SquiggsMitchell : Great Idea! Let's make minorities drop their language, culture & identity to adapt to a standard dialect which is spoken by the people who are in power.

Garrard McClendon : Great comments... keep them coming.

arxdeath : Who cares if ebonics is a real variety of English? The important thing is to notice how some people want the world to adapt to themselves instead of them adapting to the world. "Ok, ebonics is a variety, good. Now just start speaking standard English like everyone else."

Michael Berg : Language change is a natural process. Typically African American "mistakes" such as /th/ pronounced as /f/, and double negation etc. IS the way the English language is moving. Teaching Black students pronunciation is degrading and a waste of time. Instead, tolerance for a variety of dialects is what should be taught.

spideraxis : It's good to see a Black person take responsibility instead of blaming all their failures on Whites.

High Spirits : Awesome👍

Ja Z : Gerrard is what the black community need.

gabi123agirman : Lol this shit is priceless

Stanley Kinzinger : i love this. real education.

TheWakeOfRedemption : Props to this man!

Marie-Soleil : @ManofManyPasswords As an employer, I'd suggest you to strongly encourage your Ebonics speaking future employees to learn standard english, because they would have much more chances to work normally in your company. But really, like, don't take what Fox News says for granted. It's the least accurate TV channel out there, and I'd suggest you to inform yourself about Ebonics before you make any jugdment on your employees based on their language.

RugbyDemon6789 : "Ebonics" is just an older form of English , that was spoken by isolated populations in the deep south and passed on to there offspring .... this is nothing unique black French speakers in Louisiana speak Creole which for the most part is just an architect dialect of French that modern French Speakers would find incorrect - they said during slavery times to teach the slave the "kings English" so they taught them speech patterns imitating the Aristocratic class of England - Funny in so many of these old southern Accents i hear a posh timbre reminiscent of the way Prince Charles and other Royals speak ... that subdued lisp and everything hahah

Robert DeVito : How is it that these blacks can go all through high school and still not speak proper English?

1BrotherMack : Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't George Bush illiterate ? The man was elected president of the united states, yet he couldn't put a proper sentence together, so it shows you just how good it is to be white. These black kids can and should speak proper English, but that doesn't mean they will get a fair shake at a high paying job, and if they do get a good job, it doesn't mean they will get equal pay, so while my young brothers and sisters get educated , white America needs to work on it's racist policies that deliberately keep blacks from earning a equal and fair wage like our white counterparts !

Οδυσσεας Καρυπιδης : as someone that has learned English as his third language it astounds me to see, that there are countries having it is their formal language have so many people not being able to speak properly, if educational system in the US is so bad then no wonder people consider US citizens as dumb

fragilez : i think the appropriate strategy is to teach black children how to speak standard american english as a separate variety. this can be done by enforcing it in the classrooms but they are free to use afro american vernacular english at thier homes and neighbourhoods. in my country, we have the same problems. we have two varieties of english, singlish and standard singapore english.

boxofslavery1 : It bothered me when the guy interviewed at the end called AAVE "poor language skills." They're not poor or inferior. They're just as rule-driven as Standard English. Do you teach this to your students? Do they know AAVE is not bad language, but rather just different from what professionals want to hear? Do they know how complex code-switching is? I think if they knew, it'd both lower the shame they feel for speaking AAVE, and raise their confidence as they master Standard English.

Michael Haas : Mr. McClendon, task you are undertaking deserves a more positive response from the black community than you are receiving. Whether or not the dialect is accepted and understood, it is undeniable that poor vocabularies and enunciation only portray one in a negative light in the professional world. However, these dialects and grammatical dialects are nothing compared to the damage text messaging has done to the English language! Keep up the good work, sir!

Clio Santangelo : This makes totaly sense in my opinion. I live in Europe and speak German, Italian, English and some French. And all four languages have a standard version which is taught at school (so this is pretty normal). This doesn't diminish the value and meaning of the dialects present (in a great variety) in those countries though. It just gives people a common ground in comunication. So any educated person (in most of Europe) will know how to speak both his regional/personal dialect (which he'll probably use with friends and family) and the "proper" or standerd form of his language (which he'll use in a professional context or when he meets somone who hasn't learned his dialect, because it ensures they'll understand each other better). As a result, not knowing the standerd form of your language means (or at least makes you look like) you are uneducated and/or unprofessional. And that we'll bring you A LOOOOOT of disadvantages – not only careerwise! So having and learning a standard version of your language is very important and hasn't anything to do with wanting to bully somone, being racist or the like. This is something ment to help you! Now, how the standart form of your language has become the standard is a whole different discussion which has to do with linguistic development and history, which therefore might eventually mean that there is a historical involvement of racism in its developement. But that doesn't mean someone is racist just because he says, you have to learn today's standard version of your language (which by the way is constantly evolving.) So this is no arguement against learning it, but eventually for reforming it. Having a common language form in your country is important and should be teached to every single citizen. Not doing so is irresponsible, negligent and harmful not only for the indiviual, but also for your whole socity. And someone who isn't willing to learn it is basicly fighting his own chances of a better future.

hdb80 : Nothing bothers me more than when I hear AX come out of someone's mouth.

crusader68 : This borderlines a SNL or Mad TV parody: "Tired of getting turned down for jobs...well now you can learn how to speak English correctly....." This is shocking and dismally pathetic. Teaching teenagers to construct a proper sentence, is an abomination and failure of our education system.

hittingtax26 : AAVE is not intrinsically improper.

JRLM : a peoples accent is only an issue when its black people.. but country people can have their accents and white brooklyn people can have their accents... and its nothing.    

oyinbo peppe : The Blacks in Britain can't say "ASK" either, it must be Genetic.

Sinjinator : Yo, you wrong! Ax sum1 who noes! :)

DukeStarbuckle : Wow...The previous comment made no sense to me whatsoever. But it's true that how you speak and how you dress will determine how people think of you and what their first impression will be. Right or wrong, it's very important.

Charles Sagigi : you know who i is, its what i does

Questions for Science : @kikiCARIBBEANGirl true however, it is far more common in the african american community than white.

Matt : properly* ;)

mowriter : This man is a hero, and a human rights activist. That anyone would consider him controversial reveals the traitors within the black race, intent on destroying their own people.

DBproductions : ALL for this. i hope he opens up his own study and begins to train thousands of people to carry his message. all hail education.

ukstevey : you better axe somebody

theknightlynews : Perhaps black kids should have their own black math. You know, 2 + 2 = 4 1/2. Liberal teachers already allowed them to have their own version of history, and their own twisted version of English. How far away can black math be? That's no joke. It's a black thing.

Leo Natan : @BigChampDaddy So what are you saying? If there is some community that speaks a different language, say French, it is bad to expect them to speak the language of the country they live in? Americans who speak that bad English don't live in Britain or Germany, they live in their own country. And before you say "it's different with 'ax'", let me tell you it is not. It is an awful distortion of the language, that is beyond comprehension.

Valkyrie Ziege : The fear of correcting the verbal rhetoric, and written grammar, is based on the fear of being sued for being a 'racist'. The 'God-bless-you' isn't needed. Valkyrie Ziege Mourne

Brilliantbeing : Thank for your much speaking Wisethot, but you miss the point of Professor McClendon here. Dialect is not a MEASURE of intelligence. However, when one does not speak standard American English he might be discriminated against (albeit unfairly) and dismissed out of hand; intelligence notwithstanding. McClendon's point speaks to perception.

Brilliantbeing : Absolutely. But that is not the norm. Case and point: A rapper or talented music producer can operate at a high level of productivity and efficiency without speaking proper English, but you better believe the ancillary personnel that run the music companies (the "suits") most certainly do.

Brilliantbeing : There currently are no Black opinion based talk shows on major television. Networks should proactively change all of that in light of the Imus firing - and hire some capable Black talk show hosts. McClendon would be outstanding. He can hold his own with Hannity, O'Reilly and the rest. This would make the airwaves more "fair and balanced."

Brilliantbeing : I say Professor Garrard McClendon should be the replacement for Imus.

Brilliantbeing : Reading some of these comments I see that Imus wasn't created in a vacuum.

Garrard McClendon : Great comments everyone...

Garrard McClendon : Code-switching is the key.

Garrard McClendon : You are correct. But many are judged by the superficial depending upon race, ethnicity , and class. Sad, but true.

Garrard McClendon : Appreciate your comments...thanks a million.