The TRUTH Behind Led Zeppelin: When The Levee Breaks
Long time professional producer turned youtuber takes on the internet echo chamber on a Zeppelin songs drum sound When The Levee Breaks

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Demystifying John Bonham's drum sound on "When The Levee Breaks". THE BEATO CLUB → BUY THE BEATO BOOK HERE → Follow my Instagram - **Advanced Harmonic Concepts for Composition and Improvisation Video Course** → SUBSCRIBE HERE → BEATO MUSIC FORUM → —————————————————————————————————————— My Links to Follow: YouTube - Personal Facebook - Follow On Twitter - @rickbeato —————————————————————————————— Special Thanks to My Supporters: Brett Bottomley Christian Abuan Zack Kirkorian Orion Letizi Andrew Boyd Mike Voloshen Ashley Thompson Matt Pauley Nickola Pazderic jonathan taylor Peter Pillitteri Chris Defendorf Peter Moore Jeremy Hickerson Alex Paclin Travis Ahrenholtz Sam Slotnick Harry Watson Eric Bourassa John Null Neil LaHurd Morgan King Steve Greenberg Scott Tyburski Chris Mitchell Kenny Jaworski Michael Seim Todd Geisler Charles Bull Roger Frankham Dave Hawkey Terrance Bessey Jesse West Eric Waisman Craig Sayer Michael Akraka Scott Rance Mansel Ismay Blayne Brocious Paul Noonan Frederick Humphrey JP Rosato Otabek Salamov Jean Belanger Eddie Garcia Mayank Sanganeria Maydad Meiri Philip Lobb Dennis Tomlinson Terry Morin Ray Rossetti Dan Sullivan Marc Alan David Dodini David Horvath Ghostly Beard Ryan Sullivan Phantomas Trehr Jason Hendricks Rip Winkler Andrew Boyd Will Elrics


David Ryder : You're encouraging people not to just repeat stuff they hear on social media, but rather go out and research first to ensure accuracy? The internet would implode, dude.

Doggy : The microphones dipped in unicorn tears sounds way more plausible to me. You are wrong Rick Beato!

Robert Frias : Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. - Plato

DingbatToast : So everyone went to the pub and Bonzo stayed behind. Sounds less likely than the unicorn tears

Pat Flanigan : Rick you just invited a new series! I'd watch hours of you demystifying music industry myths of all sorts!

edthejester : I don't get why people stop thinking when they hear of these wild claims. The speed of sound is 343 m/s which means that a delay of 225 ms needs the sound source to be 77,4 m away from the mic. That's a tall stairway. Almost halfway to heaven probably.

Steven Gordon : In other words, social media is an "echo chamber"!

Bigsurjay : Yeah, but the mics were definitely dipped in unicorn tears.

trev dowson : Best drum sound ever, the legend of the myth continues.

Desiree Hall : I was 13 in 1974 when I got to experience led zepplin 4,, one great timeless album....

Jesse Richard : Now can we talk about the squeaky pedal in Since I've Been Loving You / ruin the song for everyone?

Alex Geisel : Thanx for explaining the drum sound on the Beastie boys track.

mysticx0 : i guess when you just steal the lyrics you have more time to create cool sounds... zeppelin. the greatest cover band ever.

FreddysFrets : Also, just the fact that the echo is about 225 ms would mean if it was a natural time delay in a room the mics would have to be about 250 feet from the source.

Joe 30 pack : I heard Shelia E was backing him up with a Ludwig kit bought on Craigslist and was just a tick behind, thus the echo.

ze : Naw, I was there! They got all that compression, reverb, and delay by recording inside an actual lead zeppelin suspended in the hull of the Titanic w the drums placed strategically on a life boat. Bonham had to use an oxygen tank, but it was that infamous crazy orange life jacket that helped him innovate the ghost strokes. Pink Floyd later stole the idea, but instead used a giant inflatable pig...

natgator : I don’t even care, although I knew how the echo was achieved. I don’t care because no matter what, it is one of the greatest drum sounds in rock history. Great video.

Neil H : I heard that the squeaks in "Since I've been loving you" are not the drum kit but paranormal beings summoned by Page from the underworld. 🤯

BD : And on this episode of MythBusters...

Alex Olvera : should explain politics.....heck, the meaning of life.....j/k...good job

John Stitt : Sorry Rick, mics dipped in Unicorn tears I says.....lolol

Phil Fogle : in 225ms (the delay length) sound travels around 250ft. So the stairwell would have to be over 100ft high to get that echo...

toddvandell85 : Kinda like the urban legend regarding Bonzo's drums on "D'yer Maker" which appeared in several rock magazines and various interviews with sound engineers who claimed they set up John's kit in a cave with this really lovely echo and a few mics and away he went. Just based on this video, I imagine it was the Binson Echoec (which sure looks an awful lot like the old Echoplex tape repeat echo) in reality yet again. Maybe it isn't an urban legend after all. Maybe they did crawl into a cave and set the drums up in there and record them in there. But in reality? It was probably a lot more mundane location than a cave. That Binson sure does make things sound like a cave. Even though it probably was not.

|Jake|C| : A game of telephone put to rest, really interesting video.

BUUDA BEATZ : It is truly ironic that these people who are living in their forum based ECHO chambers, are arguing that these drums did not have ECHO on them. ECHO-CO-Co-co.

Finn Bjerke : This is great stuff... also it shows us how memory works, its not to be trusted.

Jeffrey Graves : No, I think Jimmy Page dipped the microphones in the Devil's piss while they where having a drink, that's why the drums sound so good.

A Smith : Wait--you mean internet commenters don't always know all the details?

Max D : Correction Rick. It's a little known fact, but Bonham's drums on When The Levee Breaks were actually recorded on the Moon with the mics set up in the fourth and fifth dimensions to create that famous sound. At least that's what my buddy's stoner cousin's uncle's cat said.

Morten Birkeland Nielsen : This is all wrong. Everybody knows that Led Zeppelin sampled the drums from the Beastie Boys song «Ryhmin & Stealin» ;-)

Mike Flanders : Rick beato for the win! You armchair producers can be silent now.

MrByaeger : I believe you . But as either William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan said " Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."

Odie Sotomayor : Why do people even think the drummer somehow magically made the drum sound to have effects & not consider the skill and experience of the sound engineer? That just blows my mind.

Robert Houtsch : Wait... no unicorn tears? I signed up for unicorn tears, damnit :(

Dean Mongerio : Practically anyone who (also) does virtual orchestral production knows a good rule of thumb is that sound travels *about* 1 foot per millisecond (needed for early reflections, sound source distance, etc). Which means at 250 milliseconds of delay you'd need a LOT more than a stairwell in a manor to create that. The mics were clearly used for ambiance and a huge "room" sound, NOT the delay. Great stuff Rick, love the channel!

thedeadonmusic1 : I'ma tell one thing that is not in dispute...'"Beat-O can't be Beat-O!"

pantheryou : you still can't replicate bonzo's sound (you sound good playing drums though) which means the mics quite clearly were, in fact, dipped in unicorn tears...booyahhhh! beat that!

John Underwood : You are spot on. Keep up the good work, maybe do a Genesis song “ dance on a volcano!! Just sayin

Good Comment Man : This is what you call a “mic drop” moment by Rick. :) Great stuff as usual.

The Mighty 'V' : I have to admit I was one of the 'natural echo' believers too, after watching 'It Might Get Loud'! Thank you for this video, Rick! :-)

Jason Schultz : Bonham must of had the same effect on Kashmir to then. I believe you, Rick. Now, where can I obtain these unicorn tears?...

mrytb : Another little known fact is that the original recording was played faster....It was slowed down a whole tone, From G down to F. Notice the open G slide guitar tuning is now F. The "C" harmonica played blues cross-style for G is now Bb for F. This has a powerful effect on the groove. You can speed it up to its original key and listen to it.... It will sound strange.

Bruno Sílvio Martins : Rick you should start Mythbusting all kinds of music industry/recording/etc. stuff! Man, I'd watch that all day long!

Charlie Zxi : Okay, Rick, fair enough. Could you please tell us, though- Where’s that confounded bridge?

Harrow Pal : Thanks for the info mate,curious always on how this song was recorded and the Bonzos drum sound,cheers.

Brett Bagley : It all sounds reasonable to me, Rick! Great video as always.

Mike Meengs : Just saw a Binson Echorec 2 on EBay...$4000.00! Yikes!

keith mayberry : they also said that Dryer Maker was don in about the same way acording to Plant

MJ Snosk8er : First video in the MixBusters series! More plz...